Meanwhile, back by the museum, the adults were waiting.  O'Neil, Teal'c and Hammond were in a huddle, trying to figure out some way to get into the building.  The rest of the SG teams and Jaffa had dispersed, surrounding the building. 

            "You have `10 minutes!" A jaffa boomed from the museum window.

            "That does it, sir." O'Neil said.  "We have to go in-- I'll set it for eight minutes from now."

            "Hold on!"  Baloo said, "Maybe they're bluffing!"

            "Jaffa do not bluff." Teal'c said.  "They will kill the hostages, for if we do not give them what they want, they will realize that they are doomed as well."

            "Oh man…."  Baloo moaned.

            Molly and Kit were in one of the heating ducts.   Molly was scrambling through easily…but Kit on the other hand…

            "Hmph!"  He grunted trying to force his way through.

            "Kit, SHHH!" Molly hissed, "Do you want them to find out?"

            "I'm trying, Molly, but this is a tight fit!"

            "It didn't used to be."

            "I'm bigger now."  Kit said,

            "I know--" Molly glared back, "You said that when you told me I couldn't go to the movie with you… you had a date." She continued, singsonging the last word. Kit sighed.

            "And the date went…poorly."  The fourteen year old said. "Besides, you have friends at school…why don't."  Molly looked back at him.

            "I'm that much of a bother?"  She asked, abruptly loosing her annoyance and sounding much younger, and more afraid.  She spoke again, "Some of the other mom's don't like it when their kids play with me-- they don't like mom because she works and she doesn't have daddy."  Kit winced.  Mommy had become "mom", but Molly would never refer to her father as anything other than "daddy."  Molly kept moving, but softly spoke, almost like she was talking to herself.

            "It's not mom's fault…and everyone acts like it was, somehow."

            "Baloo doesn't."  Kit said, "Neither do Wildcat or Louie, or me…"  Molly sighed.

            "I know…" She said, "But mom… doesn't always. She gets lonely."  The nine-year old looked back with uncommon perception, "that's why she keeps falling for people like Covington!"

            Kit winced again. Covington had been the worst, but not the only one.  Becky just didn't seem to realize how many men she dated had their eyes fixed on Higher For Hire and it's bank accounts. At least none of them had been able to fool Molly, and Becky's feelings for her daughter were plain-- nobody who didn't like Molly need apply to give Rebecca a gold ring.

            "I don't know, Molly." Kit said, truthfully, "Becky has to figure that it for herself…but no, you're not that much of a bother…" He paused, "But…"  Molly didn't say anything. 

            Oh Lord…I've hurt her- she started talking.

            "But you don't want anyone to tell where you were trying to grab during the monster scene?"

            "Molly!"  Kit gasped out, barely remembering to keep quiet, "You were there?"

            "Yeah."  Molly shrugged, "I had a ticket, remember?"  Kit groaned.

            "You're…not going to tell, are you?"  He asked.

            "No… why tell Baloo that Mr. I-almost-have-a-pilots-license crashed and burned.  Really burned."  Kit was happy that she didn't have the flashlight on his face.  HE was burning himself right now.



            "Karryann was really dumb to drop you."

            "Ah…thanks."  Then, "Shh….I think we're getting close to the museum-- I can hear voices…"

            Meanwhile, out in the city, Becky had noticed something.  Molly and Kit were gone. She'd expected to have to rein her daughter in at least once a minute, but now…nothing it was as if they'd just sat quietly in a corner.  Her mother sense kicked off.  "Quiet" and Molly didn't mix, and neither did quiet and Kit. 

            "Where are the children?"  Rebecca asked.

            "I don't know."  Baloo answered. Suddenly, a Jaffa came running up to Bra'tac.

            "Master Bra'tac-- several Zats and shock grenades are missing from the ship~!"

            "I believe I know where your children have gone…" Bra'tac said, looking at the museum.  O'Neil, consulting with Hammond looked up.

            "What was that, Bra'tac?"

            "Molly Cunningham and Kit Cloudkicker have vanished."  Bra'tac said, "So have weapons from the lander.  I believe they may be attempting to enter the museum."

            "I should have tied them both up." O'Neil groaned.

            "Pigtails and Kit?" Baloo said in horror, "in there?"

            "OK."  "O'Neil said.  "We don't know where they are, but they haven't walked across the lawn.  Carter!"


            "Take some of the locals and check any of the buildings-- the kid may try to use that…flying Frisbee."  

            "Airboard sir."

            "Whatever, to glide across."

            "I do not believe so."  Teal'c said.  "Both of the youths are very intelligent…and…cunning."

            "I agree," Bra'tac said. 

            "Maybe Kit took Molly home…" Becky said, "Yes, that's it, she got over excited and he took her home…"

            "With a bunch of zat's to play with?"  O'Neil said, sarcastically.

            "Well it could be true!"  Becky said.   Behind her, Hammond, Khan, and Katy were having a.... discussion.

            "No!" The vixen shouted, "You can't destroy the museum, even if you get the people out, there are artifacts in there that.."

            "Will be destroyed should the Ga'ould secure the gate, Ms. Dodd."  Hammond said, handling talking with a walking, talking, fox in a pirate coat much better than he would have wagered that morning.

            "Be at ease, Doctor."  Khan said, "The damage to the museum will be repaired, and as for the artifacts, while they cannot be replaced, I think that you will find funding much easier to come by after this…" Katy growled, but nodded.

            Several Jaffa marched through the hallway. In the wall, a pair of eyes glinted.

            "Kit…" Molly whispered, "This is it."

            "Good." Kit said, trying to avoid coughing from all the dust that had been kicked up.   "Do you see where Dr. Jackson and Myra are being held?"

            "Not in this one…maybe the next one down."  Molly said, "I didn't come in this way the first time, remember?"

            "Well hurry!" Kit said, urgently, he had a feeling they were going to run out of time quickly.

            "Wait…here it is." Molly said, wiggling along, it behind her.  She looked out the grille and gasped.

            Dr. Jackson was there, but he was bleeding heavily from a cut on his lip, and Myra was next to him, one eye black.  The other prisoners were still sitting, but the two doctors were being held by a pair of Jaffa.  Another one stood in front of them, with a knife in his hand.

            "The forces outside are not taking us seriously."

            "Yeah, well, Jack  has a problem taking life seriously." Daniel said, then doubled over as the Jaffa kicked him.

            "Well, Apothis wants you intact…but this one."  He said, looking at Myra and running the blade along her chin.  The vixen glared at him, but couldn't repress a shudder, "This one will do nicely.  I will cut a finger off and send it out, as a token of how serious I am…" 

            Molly gasped, and before she had a chance to think about it, pulled out the zat, opened it like she'd seen Bra'Tac do it, and fired at the man, though the grate.

            "Molly!"  Kit squalled. Molly hit the Jaffa, who dropped. Daniel didn't waste time being surprised. Demonstrating that the had learned from Teal'c and O'Neal  he flipped the Jaffa holding him into the other one holding Myra sending all three into an untidy heap, before diving for the staff weapon they'd left lying by the door.  Molly pushed the grill out and started firing wildly, hitting one of the other two Jaffa, even as Jackson knocked the other one out. 

            "Molly, WHAT are you doing here?"  He said,

            "Kit and I are saving you!" Molly commented, grinning, as she started tossing Zat's and flashbombs out the grill. Jackson paled and caught the flashbombs, while Myra started to tie up the Jaffa.  Jackson quickly started untying the other prisoners, and handing them zats.

            "Well, that's nice-- where are the others?"

            "They couldn't fit into the ducts," Kit said, "And there's no way to get in here without getting shot unless you use the ducts."

            "Ah, ha…and you got permission to do this?"

            "Not exactly…" Molly said, "but we didn't tell Mom, General Hammond, or Master Bra'tac about it. So they couldn't say no."

            "You got them all?  Good girl!" Jackson said, "We can hold the Jaffa off, but there's something you need to do."

            "What!" Kit said.

            "Get your butts out of this place, back through the ducts, and out of danger."
            "But-" Molly started,

            "Now, Molly."  Daniel said, brooking no argument.  "You've done a lot-- but this isn't a place for either a nine year old or fourteen year old." Molly sighed, but turned to go, as Kit finished handing him the rest of the weapons.

            "Keep a pair of zats for yourself, Kit." Myra said, "Just in case."

            "OK, Dr. Foxworthy."  Kit said as he quickly wriggled back, pulling Molly with him.

            Suddently, the door opened, and a pair of Jaffa stood in it. Jackson stunned one, and quickly rolled a flashbomb into the corridor, diving behind the wall as it detonated.

            "Everyone!" He shouted, "I need you to push those tables up against the door-- we need a barricade."  A single bash opened the small window in the door, and Jackson fired through it, sending a Jaffa diving for cover. 

            "I hope Jack heard that…" He muttered.

            Jack had.

            "What was that?" Baloo asked.

            "Flashbomb." O'Neil replied.  "OK-- Molly didn't go home to play with dolls."  He turned to Bra'tac and the other SG team commander.  "We have to go now, but we need cover-- smoke grenades on the lawn."

            "Yes sir!"  With that, grenades arched over and hit the lawn in front of the museum, filling the air with a thick, chemical smoke.

            "My baby…" Rebecca said, in a whisper, "Molly…"

            "She'll be ok, Beckers…" Baloo said, as he moved out to follow O'Neil.

            "Where are you going?" O'Neil asked.

            "To find Molly and Kit!"  Baloo answered. O'Neil looked at Baloo, and decided to not bother arguing him out of it.  He tossed a zat to the bear. 

            "There's the trigger-- shoot someone once you stun them, twice and they die.  Try not to shoot yourself by accident."

            "Thanks!" Baloo said, even though he looked at the zat dubiously. 

            "Don't thank me-" The sound of a fullisade of staff weapons came from inside the museum.

            "Let's go!"  O'Neil finished, and the SG teams and Jaffa took off, heading for the various doors and windows.

            The staff weapons had not been aimed at Jackson.  Evidently, the Jaffa had figured out how Molly had gotten to the doctor.  As the two kids were crawling along, an explosion of vaporized and molten metal nearly caught Molly in the face as a staff weapons blast punched into the vent.  With a scream of fear and surprise, she tumbled through the gap, and hit the ground.  Molly looked up, just in time to see a Jaffa point his staff at her, but a zap from Kit crumpled him to the ground.    Kit hit the ground beside her.

            "Molly, RUN!" He shouted, pulling her with him as he fired the gun as fast as it would trigger. Molly shook off her fear and did the same. They didn't hit anyone, he didn't think, but they kept their heads down until they got into the corridor.  Then, Kit saw more Jaffa…and they turned and ran.

            Into the center of the museum, towards the gate room, and away from help.

            O'Neil tossed a grenade into the open window, counted to three, then dove in just after the blast shattered the glass of every window in the corridor.   The single Jaffa in the room was laying down, stunned.  

            "This way, everyone!" He shouted, as they moved into the museum. Quickly, O'Neil came on a corridor with several Jaffa, firing their staff weapons at a closed, but rapidly fragmenting door.

            A short firefight later, O'Neil called, out. 


            "Jack?" The door opened partially, revealing Daniel and Myra.

            "Thank god, Baloo!" Myra actually threw herself into Baloo's arms, a good indication of how hard the day had been on her. Baloo looked at her blacked eye and grinned.  

            "I'd hate to see the other guy!"

            "Thanks…" Myra said, smiling. Then Baloo got serious.

            "Where are Kit and Molly?"

            "They didn't go back?"  Daniel said. "They gave us the weapons through the vent-- I told them to use the vents and get out of here."

            "No…but maybe they're on their way.":  The sound of a staff weapon echoed through the chamber.  O'Neil spun around, but the only ones in the corridor were his men, Carter, and Teal'c.  The Jaffa listened, then turned. 

            "That came from deeper in the building-- where none of our soldiers are."

            "Molly.  Kit."  O'Neil said, then. "Damn."

            In the Hall of Mirrors Through History, Kit and Molly were backing up, shooting at the Jaffa. A staff blast hit the mirror behind them, shattering it into burning fragments.

            "You cannot escape!"  One boomed, as several fired their weapons, entering the hall under cover of their fellows.

            "Kit…" Molly said,

            "I don't know, Molly." Kit said, as he looked back at the wall that had no door in it. "There isn't any other way out…"

            "There is no way out for you!"  A Jaffa shouted.

 Molly glared and suddenly looked up and grinned. Aiming her zat carefully, she discharged it…into the silver mirror mounted on the far wall, where it ricocheted down and struck the Jaffa on the head.  Molly laughed, and then ducked as the Jaffa destroyed the  mirror with their staff weapons, raining shards of hot glass and silver onto the carpet.  The heat triggered the sprinklers, adding to the chaos.

            "Molly!" Kit shouted, "I'll distract them, and you run!" He charged across the room, firing the zat barely avoiding being hit by the far more dangerous staff weapons-- at least the fires they were kindling as they blew holes in the far wall were put out by the sprinklers.

            "Kit, I can't-"  Molly broke off as a round object rolled into the room, then screamed as the flashgrenade went off.   She and Kit were flung into the far wall, where they sagged, stunned. Molly looked up just in time to see a very, very angry Jaffa stand in front of her, his staff leveled.

            "Your distraction has let the soldiers into this building. We have failed Apthothis." Molly grinned at that, but then…

            The Jaffa pointed the staff directly at Molly's face. 

            "You will not live to see us defeated."  Molly looked to both sides…there was no place to hide, no place to run. She tried to shove herself back through the wall, but it didn't give…and then the staff weapon was sparking, preparing to fire. She gave a terrified squeak, and closed her eyes….

            And Baloo hit the Jaffa, low and dirty, from the side, While O'Neil charged in, zatting every Jaffa in sight.  The one Baloo had hit impacted the wall, stuck between the immovable object and the very irresistible result of Louie's cooking.   Groaning, he sagged to the ground.

            O'Neil checked for any other Jaffa as other SG soldiers came in, some a little the worse for wear-- evidently other Jaffa hadn't gone down so easily.

            "Baloo…." O'Neil said, "Remember, I gave you a gun, for shooting people at a distance?"

            "I was afraid I'd miss…" Baloo said, and then gave his belly a pat. "I just pretended he was between me an a plate of Louie's 2 pound hamburgers."

            "OK…great…"  O'Neil said, as they moved over to Kit and Molly.  Carter was kneeling by Molly, flicking a penlight in her eye.

            "I'm ok…" Molly said, shaking her head.

            "Maybe, but I think we'd better make certain you don't have a concussion."  Carter responded.  Teal'c was helping Kit up.  Baloo had somehow teleported the distance between him, Molly and Kit, and had Kit by the other harm, giving him a hand.

            "The young warrior is unhurt."  He said.  Kit grinned.

            "Not for long."  O'Neil said.  "So, which one of you had this brilliant idea?"  Kit and Molly looked at each other, as the rain finally stopped-- Myra had arrived to turn off the sprinklers. 

            "It was my idea, all the way."  Kit said.

            "Uh-huh…you forced her to show you where the zats were."  O'Neil said, "Right  Molly?"

            "No! I mean, it was sort of both of our ideas…"

            "Molly!"  Kit hissed, "I'm trying to keep you out of trouble!"  Baloo looked at him sorrowfully.

            "It's too late for that, Kit."  The bear said,

            "Much too late." Teal'c added.  "You disobeyed your mother, General Hammond and Master Bra'tac, to name a few individuals.

            "And stole weapons that weren't yours." Carter said,

            "Well,  she gave most of them to me, so that could be… put in the 'borrow' category."  Daniel added. 



            "Don't encourage the mutineers."  Jack paused, "And… Good to see you made it-- and let me guess," He continued, looking at the cut on Daniel's lip. "You forgot to duck again."

            "No…I ducked, but he punched low, so I ducked into it."

            "Good enough."  He turned back to the kids. "In any case, you don't have to worry about keeping anyone out of trouble-- there's more than enough trouble for both of you, and we'd better go meet it…"  Jack O'Neil was not about to let anyone else into the museum until they checked it for boobytraps. No indeed. Quite enough had gone wrong for ONE lifetime already.  They left, with Molly and Kit both looking like they were reconsidering their course of action…

            Out on the lawn, the last of the smoke had dissipated, showing the holes blown in the lawn, cars, buildings, the street… some of the Jaffa were being removed from the building, while others were being carried.  O'Neil listened over his earpiece, and sighed, when it came back that all SG team members and Bra'Tac's Jaffa were accounted for and none had been seriously injured.  He looked over at Molly and Kit, and started to speak-

            "MOLLY ELIZABETH CUNNINGHAM!"  O'Neil winced. That was loud, as a short bundle of Ursine fury marched across the lawn. Now Molly did look panicked.  Her panic grew as she saw marching beside her, General Hammond, and Master Bra'tac.  Neither one looked particularly happy. On the other side came Shere Khan.   He looked…mildly amused.

            "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!"  Becky  shouted at her daughter.  Kit opened his mouth-

            "Not now, Kit, I'll talk to you later."  Rebecca said, still pale with anger and fear.  Kit closed his mouth. 

            "I-" Molly opened her mouth.

            "Disobeyed my direct order." Hammond said, "And don't try to say I didn't tell you not to do this.  You're intelligent enough to know what I meant."

            "And had you been a Jaffa under my command, I would have you beaten for this." Bra'tac said calmly.  Molly gulped, and suddenly worked very hard to keep the quaver that wanted to enter her voice out of it.

            "But…we won…"  She whispered.

            "There is that, Sir, Ma'am," Daniel said.  He and Myra had joined the group.  "The Jaffa were just about to start cutting body parts off of people-- and they had been given orders to kill all of us, if you attacked the building. If it hadn't been for Molly and  Kit, we would be dead."

            "And what do you have to say, Kit?"  Becky glared at Kit.  Kit gulped. He hadn't seen her this angry since the sea monster affair.

            "I… agree with Molly."  Kit said, and then started getting stronger.  "You all said there was no way into the museum without getting either the hostages killed or a bunch of other people, and you also said that this…Apothis would destroy the world if he came here." Kit paused, "So Molly and I weren't in any more danger then we would have been in if we hadn't of done anything, because there was no way you could have done this!" Kit stopped breathing heavily.  He'd forgotten how much he hated being treated like this.  He looked up at Rebecca's face and suppressed a twinge of fear.  He'd also forgotten how happy he was to have a family…and this might just have broken that bond.

            "Well…"  Becky said.

            "Beckers.." Baloo said, to be cut off by a short gesture. 

            "You may be right Kit." Becky said softly.  "But do you know what it would do to me to lose you, to lose Molly?" Now there was an unexpected glimmering in her eyes, and Kit realized that there were some punishments far worse than getting yelled at.

            "Mom…" Molly said, quavering.  "I'm..sorry…"

            "Molly!" Rebecca snapped, then, "Kit..Molly…come here."  She gave them both a bonecrushing hug, leaning down to her daughter.

            "I suppose it's my fault… I taught you to do the right thing…even if other people didn't think it was…"  She let them go, "But if you EVER scare me like this again…"  The consequences were obviously too dire for her to continue.

            "But that does leave me, Young Lady." General Hammond said.

            Molly gulped again. Hammond probably didn't have the bonds of motherly affection that had just saved her.

            "You technically, weren't under my command."  He said, "correct Jack?"

            "Yes sir."

            "But that doesn't excuse you for lying."

            "Not at all sir…may I suggest keelhauling?"  Molly gulped, that didn't sound pleasant.

            "Or maybe… cleaning the museum…by hand?"  Daniel added from where he stood.

            "But, in this case…just this once, mind you, I'm inclined to be forgiving."  Hammond said.  "Especially since you were the first one from this world who went through the gate…which might be important in the future."

            "Future?"  Molly said, stupidly.

            "Important?"  Kit added.

            "Well, I assume that at some point you will need your own Stargate Teams…and there's nothing like experience."


            "After you get older…"  Rebecca said, "And finish school…"


            "Ah Beckers, you and school?"  Baloo said, "Let Molly have some fun…"

            "Well, you need to know what you're doing." Daniel said, "don't want to drop dead eating the wrong plant…"  Jack cut him off.

            "But Molly."

            "Yes sir?" Molly asked the Colonel.

            "Don't get too educated-- you can always have a science nerd like Daniel along to compensate for your overwhelming coolness factor."

            "Hey!" Daniel said in protest. Carter grinned, and Teal'c looked satisfied.  Hammond nodded to them all.

            "If you don't mind, I'll have to speak to Shere Khan about handling the gate--"

            "Count your fingers after you shake hands with Khannie."  Baloo said.  Hammond looked over at the Tiger and nodded.

            "I'll do that, Mister…ah.. Baloo."

            "I wonder when we'll be able to use the stargate." Kit said.

            "After you're 18, at the least." Becky said, with a no nonsense tone to her voice.  "Let other people have fun, for now."  She said, smiling.

            "Hey Beckers… I didn't get any lunch…do you suppose…"

            "Oh, Alright."  Becky said, "We have to take Louie back…so ok…"


            Things did get back to normal…well for the most part.

            "What's the problem, Sam."  O'Neil said, looking into the laboratory, where Dr. Carter was looking… well, he'd never seen that look on her face. The Naqqada reactor was humming along, fact.

            "Hey, You finally got that working!"  O'Neil said. 

            "Well, no sir, not exactly…"

            "??"  Carter sighed at his expression.

            "Remember Cape Suzzette?"

            "How could I forget?"  Carter sighed.

            "Well, we did get some Naqqada ore from them--it's tremendously wealthy in it-- but I had problems with this reactor."


            "A friend of Baloo's fixed it." She paused, "Wildcat."

            "And the problem is?"  Carter leaned back so O'Neil could see the reactor…and the three rubber bands placed apparently at random on the circuit board.

            "What is that?"  He asked.

            "It's what he used to fix it."

            "And you have no idea of how it works."

            "Not a clue."


            "Either he's crazy, or a genius…and I'm going to go crazy if I can't figure it out."  Jack looked down and suddenly realized that the placement of the rubber bands made a horrible kind of sense.

            "Well, I'd better let you concentrate on the…rubber band placement." He said, before fleeing-- right into the corridor where General Hammond was.

            "Oh Jack!"  Hammond called.


            "We have the new head of Cape Suzzettes Star Gate Program in conference room two."

            "That's…nice, sir."

            "And he'll be coordinating with you."

            "That's…horrible, sir."

            "Don't worry Jack, he's big enough to take anything you can dish out."  Jack gave up, saluted, and left.  On the way, he ran into Teal'c.

            "Hello O'Neil."

            "Hi Teal'c-- have you seen the big mucky muck from the Cape?"

            "Indeed, I was in the Stargate chamber when he arrived."

            "Oh good… he wasn't Baloo, was he?"

            "No, but I have heard that all… are intimidated by his size."  Jack winced.  What was it, a Mammoth?

            "Ok, fine…" He said, so Teal'c was going to be difficult…

            Jack entered conference room two. There was nobody in it, although someone had tossed a gaudy officers cap at the other end of the conference.


            "Down here!" An irritated, whiny voice shouted.  Jack blinked, and looked down, then down again.  The cap started to move around the table, and he realized that it was still being worn.  It was connected to a short, ridiculous looking warthog in an incredibly gaudy uniform. 

            "I am the Tyrant of Tinabula, the Destroyer of Darkburg…"

            If I shoot him with a zat, I can be through the stargate before anyone notices. Go to a nice place and fish.  Yes, fish.  That's a good idea….  However Jack remained rooted to the ground.

            "The Terror of Turkistan…Colonel Spigot!"  He waited, then, "Perhaps you've heard of me?"

            There was only one thing to say.

            "No…but I bet I am going to here from you…"  Jack sighed.