Title: Prince of Arendelle Returning Home


A/N: This takes place way before the movie, and in the summer of sixth and seventh year. But this is not your ordinary crossover, in this story, Draco Malfoy is the Prince of Arendelle, but he is not a Malfoy, nor is he a dark wizard like the Malfoys, and he isn't Draco Malfoy, his real name is David Prince of Arendelle and heir to the throne of Arendelle. He was born to rule Arendelle after his father, he was born with the power of fire, and he had to be taken away from his family just to be safe. Now, back in Arendelle, Elsa and Anna don't know about the young Prince, nor dose Draco know about his family. But during the holidays, when the Prince is home back in Malfoy Manor, his birth parents, the king and queen, return to take him back to Arendelle. While there, he meets his sisters, he learns a little bit more about how to keep his powers safe and hidden from everyone, including his family members. When he returns to Hogwarts after the holidays, he takes his knowledge of hiding his powers, and puts all of that to the test. Thankfully it works.

Summary: Draco Malfoy, son of two death eaters… or is he? What happens when he has dreams about a royal couple? What have his parent's hid from him? Why does his parents make him ware long dark red gloves? But then what happens when one summer break, the Malfoy family has some guests, how do they know each other? And what secret are they hiding from him? Draco finds out who he really is, what he really is, and what kind of power he has. How will he reacted to when he finds out that he's the royal prince of Arendelle, when he discovers that he has sisters, and when he discovers that he has the power of fire.

Chapter One

Arendelle, one of the most wonderful kingdoms in Europe, was as far the most respected kingdom around, with its wonderful people, its glorious shops, and what made it so respectful was the towering castle, where the royal family had once lived peacefully and happily.

Inside the castle though, it was nothing compared to the outside world, the queen had given birth to a child, who was with bright orange hair, bright red eyes, and was also born with a curse.

The power of fire.

The queen decided to name the child, for it was a little boy, she named him David, but one night, while young prince David was in his crib asleep when the king had decided that the young child should not be seeing, for if anyone knew of the child's existent, then they would have to tell the town's people the entire truth, and also to hid the fact that young prince David had also been born with the power of fire.

So one night, while Prince David was sleeping in his mother's arms, the king and queen went out back, there they both met up with a young couple, who were dressed in black robes with their faces covered, who had just gotten married, when they both had reached them, the woman asked, "Who—"

The man cut in and said, "There's no time for none of that. Well, we would like to stay and talk, but we, Narcissa and I, have something to take care of here. Don't we Narcissa?"

The woman named Narcissa said, "Yes, now is that the young child you said that needed to be hiding out somewhere?"

The queen said, "Yes, this is the prince of Arendelle. But he needs to hide from the kingdom of Arendelle."

Narcissa said, "And why is that?"

The king said, "He has a powerful gift, and I'm afraid that if we shall keep him here, then our kingdom would someday go down into flames."

Narcissa said, "What do you think, Lucius?"

Lucius said, "I say we take him in, but what shall we name him?"

Narcissa said, "Draco Malfoy?"

Lucius said, "Yes, Draco Lucius Malfoy."

The queen took one last long look at Prince David, she brushed a lack of bright orange hair from his tiny forehead, and she placed a soft kiss on his forehead.

She whispered, "Prince David, you must be strong, like your father. You must be kind. You're the next hair to the throne of Arendelle. Remember, David, you're a prince no matter what happens. We will always love you, and we shall be waiting for the day when you shall return home, back to Arendelle. Conceal, don't feel, and don't let it show. You were born to rule after your father. I love you, young Prince of Arendelle."

She looked at her husband, he whispered, "Be strong, Prince David, be strong. And you'll be safe."

And so the queen handed her sleeping young boy over to Narcissa, who said, "I promise that I shall take good care of him."

The queen said, "Thank you."

After that night, the queen and king never saw their young Prince David again.

But then after a few years, the queen had given birth to a young girl who was named Elsa, she was a happy girl, and she loved snow, and ice was her gift.

After a few years, the queen had given birth to another baby girl. Unlike Elsa, the young girl had brown hair, she had green eyes, and she was just normal, but she loved playing with her sister as a baby, and she was named Anna.

But what the two young princesses didn't know was that their parents also had a secret, and it was a big one, they both knew nothing of another royal member of the family, and they knew nothing of a prince in the family, and knew nothing of a boy who was going to rule the kingdom after their father.

But then one night, when everyone was asleep, in the girl's room, Anna decided to go play with her sister in the ball room, she dragged her sister down to the ball room, and they started to play.

Not long into their fun, when Anna had decided to jump from one mountain of snow to the other, when she was going too fast, Elsa slipped, she shot her younger sister in the face with her powers, and her sister went down.

Elsa cried, "Mama! Papa!"

The ice that was on the floor had frozen up, but then a few minutes after, the king and queen had to burst through the door, because it was frozen.

The king and queen rushed over to their two daughters, the king said, "Elsa, what have you done? This is gone out of control."

Elsa said, "I'm sorry…"

The queen took young princess Anna into her arms, she only had to keep in control of herself, for she had a flashback to when she was holding the sleeping Prince David in her arms, but she knew better then to show emotion in front of her children.

So the royal family went into the mountains, when they all got there, the king said, "Please, it's my daughter. Please, we need help."

The trolls rolled themselves over to the family, then they all appeared, the eldest troll went in front of the family, and he said, "I'm glad that it was only her head, just be thankful that it wasn't the heart, for if it was the heart, then she would sure freeze to death… I'm going to take away all magic, even memories of magic, for only hiding them will be safe."

Elsa said, "So she won't know that I have powers?"

The troll took Elsa's hand, and said, "Listen Elsa, your magic has great beauty in it, but it also has great danger, for only fear will be your enemy."

But then the elder troll looked at the queen, he lean in to whisper to both the king and queen, "You will see him once again, my Queen. He will become an even greater ruler then both of you combined together. Don't worry, you shall claim what has now been lost to both of you. He's safe now…"

The queen whispered, "Thank you."

So the royal family went home, but then behind closed doors, while their children where in bed, within the safe comfort of their room, the king knew of his wife's break downs, but tonight was different.

The queen usually held onto her husband for this kind of thing, but tonight, the queen took out a family picture, the photo was of the king and queen, and in the queen's arms a child covered in dark red, she carefully put the picture into a small frame, and she set the framed photo on her table.

The king watched as his wife silently broke into tears, he knew of the young prince, they both hadn't seen or heard from him after that night, but to see his wife in tears, he gently took her into his arms, he knew that every year on this very night, the queen would break down into tears and cry for their young prince of Arendelle to return home.

And it wasn't long before the couple were asleep on their bed.