Here is a back story for the prologue. It was brought to my attention that I hadn't mentioned a few key things in the prologue, so here it is. Enjoy.

November 1979

"Sev, could we talk?" Lily asked as she walked into the living room after she put dinner away. "About what, love?" Severus asked as he set his book down next to him and turned to face her. "About the fact that it's only a matter of time before You Know Who marks you and...Sev...Albus is the only one who knows that we are married aside from Minerva and my sister." Lily told him as she sat across from him on the sofa. "Lily, what are you saying?" Severus asked her, his face almost expressionless but didn't quite hide the worry from his voice. "Sev, I think that for both our lives, we dissolve our marriage. That way, we both are safe from You Know Who." Lily said, looking at him while occluding her mind from him for if he knew what she did, he would fight tooth and nail for her to stay and to be able to see them when the time came. "There's got to be more, Lily. You could never keep a secret from me, love." Severus said as he laid one of his hands on top of hers and looked her imploringly. "I...If I tell you, I'll have to Oblivate you, honey. Please, this is best. You'll know the truth one day, Sev. I promise you." Lily told him before she gently kissed me as she slipped off her wedding ring, putting it in his hand before she turned to the front door. "Lils, please don't do this...we can work something out." Severus said as he grabbed his wife's arm, but she simply moved it off her. "Severus, there is a very good reason why I'm doing this but I won't tell you until Voldemort is gone..I love you darling...remember that." Lily told him just before she left. Severus stood there, holding the ring in his hand. while tears steamed down his face as he watched his one love walk away from him and disapparate before his eyes. " I love you too Lils." He whispered before he walked away from the front door to the bedroom to put her ring back in the box so he could out back in the Prince Family Vault..