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The main gate, the entrance to Erebor. It stood tall and proud before Arriah, as though unaware of the turmoil it had once suffered. Two giant dwarven warriors made of stone kept silent vigil as they guarded the once mighty dwarven kingdom, as did a small moat-like body of water.

Well there's no way anyone's getting in this way.

Turning Arriah headed east around the base of the mountain. Looking around she spotted a small outlook poking out from a cluster of trees.


Pushing against the ground Arriah began to climb the rock covered slope of the mountain. Reaching the base of the outlook she heaved herself up and sauntered over to the edge.

Okay, now all I have to do is find the company.

Arriah's gaze drifted towards Laketown. But my pack, all my weapons, my mothers knife, they're all back in Laketown. How am I to retrieve them? The heirloom of my mothers bloodline...I promised her I wouldn't loose it.

The skin changer shook her head, her ear's flopping around as she did. Tensing the muscles in her back legs she coiled up and sprung off the edge of the outlook onto a rock below. From rock to rock she jumped until she had reached the base of the mountain, where a small opening in the mountain caught her attention.

Fili had felt many emotions over the course of his life, and could readily identify most of them, but this...this, he had no words to describe. Loss, pain, hurt-the emotional kind-, anger. But there must be a word that people used when all these emotions were combined. Resentment? Well certainly. After arriving at the Masters house after getting caught trying to steal weapons, after Thorin had revealed who he was, they were invited into the Masters house where he had found Arriah's pack. No, perhaps not resentment. Pure, unbridled rage- to begin with anyways. Then, concern. Where was Arriah? What had happened to her? Had she been hurt? Upon voicing his concerns to the company the Master had come forward to accuse her of 'unfounded murder'. The company had immediately risen in anger to defend her, but the Master had brushed off their outcry and had plainly stated that he would not retract his accusation, and that if he would have it his way, she would be brought before a hearing, at the very least.

Thorin had pulled him away and told him to calm down and that he would look into what had happened personally, but for now they needed to avoid unnecessary confrontation. Fili had of course answered to Thorin's wishes and had rejoined the company with a sounder mind, though he kept a heated gaze on the Master for the rest of the night.

When morning came and the company prepared to set out Fili could help but fell as though he were abandoning Arriah. He had no idea where she was, but what if she returned to Laketown? What would the Master do to her?

Kili's hand firmly gripped his elder brothers shoulder. "It's very likely that she's made her way to the mountain."

Fili nodded and turned to get on the boat. He really hoped that that was the case.

Arriah balanced back on her hind legs and pulled away the final rock. Gazing into the cave before her Arriah couldn't help but feel a certain bit of pride. Just a few steps forward, and she would be the first to enter the Lonely Mountain in sixty years. Flattening her ears Arriah slowly stepped into the cave, into the Lonely Mountain.

Weaving her way through some stalagmites Arriah found herself on a worn path leading deeper into the mountain. Another step, a sniff, and a final adjust to the poor lighting had Arriah step back in terror. The pathway was littered with bodies. Men, women and children. Solders, bakers, and toy makers. Arriah's eyes widened in horror as her gaze traveled over the hollow faces before her. Slowly she stepped forward. Most, it would seem, had suffocated, but others, further along, as the tunnel widened into a large cavern, were scorched. Nothing was left of them but burnt bones that still conveyed the terror of their last moments.

Arriah's eyes slowly fell out of focus.

They all burned. To death. To...death. Just like these poor souls. They had no where to go. No where to hide. They were doomed the moment that Smaug's eye fell upon the mountain. They had no chance.

Arriah hesitantly continued on. Pass the masses of bodies and towards the sound of running water.

Maybe if I had just gone with her. She wouldn't have come looking for me. She wouldn't have been with me when-

The skin changer let out a soft whine and immediately broke her chain of thoughts. Now's not the time. I should see if I can find a way to get further up into the mountain.

Continuing on Arriah couldn't help but feel a shiver travel up her spine. Smaug. He's...he's alive. I just know it. And he's the one responsible for all this...

Arriah's mouth opened in a yawn to reveal rows of impressive teeth. It's been a long day.

The huntress continued to saunter on until she found a small concave in the cave wall. She circled the area twice before settling down and curling in on herself. She'd continue on after a nap.

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