Chapter 1: Mystery in Kalamazoo

Dean's POV

Sam was passed out in the passenger seat of the Impala and I was listening to Back in Black when I heard my phone ring. I had the stereo up already but Sam lurched awake when it rang. I chuckled looking at his disheveled appearance before turning my attention to the phone.


"Dean! It's Bobby!"

"Yeah what's up?" Sam looked over so I mouthed 'Bobby' to him and he nodded.

"You're never going to believe what I found!" I perked up at the sound of Bobby's voice. He sounded really excited and it was a little weird. Sam looked at me and raised his eyebrows asking what was going on.

"Come on Bobby spit it out. What's the big deal?"

"Dean put me on speaker, Sam's going to want to hear this too." Now I was really confused.

"Bobby, what is all the fuss about? Is there a massive demon on the loose? Another apocalypse?" Sam asked his eyes full of confusion as we continued to drive.

"No! Nothing like that! Actually, I have good news! Well maybe." If Bobby wasn't going to tell us soon I was going to kill him myself.

"And what is it Bobby?" I said through clenched teeth.

"You have a brother."

"WHAT?" I slammed on the breaks so hard Sam damn near hit his forehead on the dash.

"You ok there boys?" Bobby sounded a bit worried. He must have heard the screeching of the tires.

"Yeah we're fine. Bobby, did you say brother?" Sam asked dismissively. Boy, was I glad he was calm because this had to be the worst prank Bobby ever pulled on us.

"Well, half brother actually. His name is Tyler Winchester." Bobby didn't get to say anymore.

"Tell me this is a prank Bobby." I said as I started driving again.

"No, John must have uh, found someone on one of his hunts. Look all I know is that he's under the radar. Has been for years. He's almost four years younger than you Sam." Bobby seemed to be holding something back.

"Wait, you're telling me that we have a younger brother?" Sam looked at me, that puppy dog look in his eyes. "Bobby you aren't pranking us are you?"

"Hell no! But there's some massive rumors going around about him. Apparently-"

"Bobby where is he?" I interrupted him.

"And what does he look like? How do we find him?" Sam and I were both excited now and Bobby could tell.

"Woah! Slow down there! Look, all I have is a name and the last place he was. It's not much to go on, but you idjits have found more with less." Bobby said sounding rather tired.

"Come on Bobby! Don't screw with us anymore!" I looked at Sam in surprise. I guess having one older brother wasn't enough for him. Now he wanted younger one. He probably already felt protective.

"Sam, I swear I'm not. His name is Tyler Winchester. Look see if you can find him. His last known location was Kalamazoo, Michigan a few days ago. And Sam, the only description I got was slim and about five foot nine. Good luck boys." Bobby was still somewhat excited but now he seemed to realize what kind of a situation we were in.

"Thanks Bobby." Sam said and hung up. I turned and headed towards Michigan. Almost an hour later Sam broke the silence. "Do you think it's possible?"

"What? That Dad fooled around a little and we ended up with a half brother that, this time, Dad never knew about?" Sam nodded at me. "Yeah Sammy, I do. That must have been one short chick though for our bro to only be five nine." I chuckled. Both Sam and I were over six foot and it kinda made me happy to know I wasn't the shortest one in the family anymore.

"You think we have a chance of finding him?" Sam asked me.

"Well, if he's been off radar this whole time and he's still alive then I'd say probably not. But that means he's good Sam!" I couldn't help but smile. "That means he's got a real shot at helping us and staying alive at the same time." Sam grinned along with me.

Sam's POV

I couldn't believe it! I might have a younger brother! Now I know how Dean feels all the time. I mean, I haven't even met him yet and I feel like we need to find him because I'm worried about him! If Dean knew he would never let me hear the end of it though.

"Sam, we're here." Dean's voice made me jump as I saw a sign. 'Welcome to Kalamazoo Michigan! We hope you stay with us!' I almost wish there was more to go on. "What in God's name was he doing here?" Dean asked as we drove on one of the streets and took a look around. I got on my lap top and looked up Kalamazoo Michigan. If we weren't in this situation I would have found the name hilarious. Then a few articles caught my attention.

"Dean, I think he was here for a case." I kept scrolling, sickness was running rampant in Michigan. In fact, whatever it was happened to be hitting anybody from teens up to their sixties. A lot of men ranging from forty to sixty who were married were sick as well.

"What makes you say that Sammy?" Dean asked as he pulled into a motel. We both got out to check in.

"I'll fill you in when we get into the room." Dean just nodded. Carrying our bags in I plopped one on a bed and sat down leaning against the head board and opening my laptop to do more research. "So for the past month there's been an above average amount of people getting sick in this area. None of the doctors know why, and they aren't exactly old or sickly."

"What do you mean?" Dean asks from his bed, not really paying attention.

"I mean, that a shit load of hormonal teenagers are sick, dying or dead and and quite a few older folks seem to be sick. It looks like they all have the same symptoms but I can't find anything in common with them and the doctors don't know what to do. The first death was a week ago. Since then half a dozen more people have died." There were quite a few people sick and close to dying.

"Sam, it's probably just a virus making it's rounds. We're here to search for Tyler." Dean got up and looked out the window. "It's time to see if we can find anything on him. Come on Sammy!" I hate it when he calls me Sammy.