Chapter 19: Now You See Me

Dean's POV

"Why didn't you just tell us?" I asked her. "Why not just tell us instead of running away to god only knows where for five years?"

"I told you-"

"No you told us that you walked out to protect us. You never told us why you couldn't protect us while you were with us." Sam said cutting her off. One darker blond eyebrow raised slowly to take Sam in again.

"Fine I had errands to run. Stuff that needed doing and you boys couldn't know about it. And before you ask I don't think I'm ready to tell you that just yet." Tyler said leaving no room for arguments.

"The angel you met. What was his name?" Cas asked her. Tyler looked at him and studied him.

"I'm not sure it would be the best course of action to tell you that Castiel." Tyler said looking at him cautiously.

"Was his name Metatron?" Cas asked her. Tyler looked at him surprised.

"You honestly think I would still be doing this if Metatron was telling me what to do?" She asked him. "Wow. I guess my good for nothing reputation proceeds me." She said unfeeling. I could tell now that I was really listening. She was hiding. Every emotion. Every feeling. Every tell. I believed her but she was hiding how much all this actually hurt from us and in turn lying to herself. Telling herself it didn't hurt because she wasn't crying or yelling. She'd probably been hiding like that for years. After all pain is weakness. Every monster knows that and every hunter knows better than to show vulnerabilities like that to the freaks.

"Why couldn't you have called?" Sam asked her ignoring what she'd said.

"Because then you would have begun the search all over again. Wouldn't you?" She said like it was basic. It was probably true but I wasn't going to tell her that. "You would have tried to track me down and drag me here. To your home." She said.

"It could have been your home too." I told her.

"Oh Dean you have no idea." Tyler said. "I think that's been quite enough sharing for today so I'm going to go. I have your numbers. Here's mine if you need it, just call. I'll answer no matter what. And Dean?" She said looking at me with a fake smile after laying down a little piece of paper. I could only tell it was fake because it didn't reach her eyes. Of course not much did now. "Keep a close eye on Crowley." She got up to leave.

"You promised us answers." Sam said getting up.

"I gave you lots of answers. More answers than I've given even Cu- anybody." She cut herself off. "Look I know you can keep me here but I don't think you want to. I need to be out there doing what I do best and you need all the help you can get." Tyler said.

"So work with us." Sam said. "Your own room, warm bed, don't have to pay for a motel. And all the information you could ever need for a hunt."

"Keep an eye on Crowley, Dean. He's slippery and always has an angle. And he's been slipping up a lot more lately." Tyler said looking at Sam. "Leaving more people alive. Paper trails. Lordy, it's like he wants hunters to come after him." She said looking at us.

"Tyler, I know what I did and I'm sorry. I won't ever say it again." I told her.

"No. Dean I killed my brother. I failed at protecting him from all this mess. And now I'm going to pay the price. But I'm keeping you both safe whether you agree with it or not." Tyler said heading for the stairs.

"You have information we need. You will stay here and answer our questions." Cas said to her also getting up and walking closer to her.

"Castiel. Right. I don't think that's your call to make feathers." Tyler said. Stopping but not facing the angel that was still moving towards her.

"You have information that we need. That is my call to make." Cas said to her pulling out his angel blade.

"Oh feathers, you don't want to do that." Tyler said. I wasn't sure how she knew Cas had pulled his weapon out but she knew. Sam and I stood up knowing if we didn't intervene this was going to get ugly.

"Skinny John Doe…." The police scanner was beeping and as it described a car crash victim Sam and I looked at each other. It sounded like Garth. I ran by Cas which broke the tension and I looked back from the door just long enough to see the angel had put away his blade. Tyler was following me and Sam looked like he was packing his bag.

"Make up with your brother Dean. You need each other." Tyler called before I drove off. I saw her camaro turn the opposite direction and drive off. Sam and I solved the case of ragnarok and did as Tyler suggested. Well at least for work. The whole brother thing was still a work in progress.

"I can't wait to tell him I caught the famed Winchester brothers." The demon was saying.

"You don't want to do that. See Crowley and me, we're tight." I told him. Which was partially true at least.
"Not to mention killing your helper?" A female voice sighed from the door. I looked. It was Tyler. How'd she track us down? "He's not lying about being tight with Crowley for the last couple months." The demon looked at her and smirked.

"Yeah? Well that's great. I'll kill you too. A poor comparison to Dean Winchester but I can make it fun." The worm looked her up and down.

"Ew." Tyler said looking at him. "You're disgusting." She said pulling out an angel blade. The demon didn't look so sure of himself after that.

"What are you doing here?" I asked her.

"Told you I would keep you safe didn't I?" She said looking at the demon with a smile.

"You know her?" The demon asked me looking at her. I snorted.

"She's my half sister." I said grinning up at him. He looked at her again with a bigger grin.

"High risk and high reward. Delicious reward." He licked his lips. Tyler looked at him with a smirk.

"You think you can take me?" She asked him relaxing to lean against a wall.

"I do." The demon said before lunging. Tyler dodged him and slammed him with the butt of the blade sending him flying through the door. He was back in as fast as he could but Tyler just stood there not even trying to untie me.

"Tyler! Untie me!" I said watching the demon coming towards her again.

"Oh relax Dean, I'm not going to kill him yet. I heard you have that reserved for someone special." She said. Then he rushed her again and she used the wall to flip overtop of him. Tyler jumped up on the counter and baited him. "Here boy!" She called with a smile. The demon growled and lunged at her again. She slipped to the side and sent him crashing into the wall behind the counter with a laugh.

"Tyler!" I yelled. "Quit messing around! Get me out of this!"

"So needy Dean!" Tyler sighed back up to me. She sliced the bonds and handed me a can of spray paint. "You know what to do." She smiled at me with a manic chuckle. I sighed and started painting a devil's trap on the floor.

"Will you stay still?" I heard the demon yelling at her as she played cat and mouse with the idiot.

"Where's your sense of fun?" Tyler asked him almost sounding serious.

"I'll find it when I get a chance to stab you." The demon growled. She really had him turned around. He was lunging at her.

"Oh so you want me to stay still like this?" She asked in time for me to look up and see her smile darkly at the demon who looked surprised. He lunged for her but she didn't move.

"Tyler!" I yelled. Sam and Mrs. Tran suddenly opened the door and both of them weren't sure what was happening. She didn't lose her smile as she grabbed his wild lunge with one hand on the handle of the demon knife. He threw a punch and she laughed catching his fist. Then she kicked his abdomen and his legs flew backwards as the top half of his body was trying to do. As he was falling she flipped and landed on his back breaking his shoulders and forcing his hands behind his back. She just laughed and pulled the knife from his hands. Then she grabbed the back of his shirt and dragged him inside the demon trap.

"Hey Sam." She greeted my brother. "And you must be Mrs. Tran. I believe this is for you." Tyler continued handing the demon knife to the stunned woman and walking out the door. Mrs. Tran looked at the knife and then she got that tiger mom look and looked at the demon who was glaring at her from inside the demon trap. He looked a little afraid of the former captive. She stabbed him easily and watched him die with pleasure. I would too if I'd been kept captive.

"Who was that?" Mrs. Tran asked as we were leaving in the impala. I'd already set the bodies so it looked like they killed each other. Which the demon had killed his helper I suppose.

"You mean the girl who came in before us?" Sam asked. Mrs. Tran nodded.

"That was our half sister." I said not letting any of the mixed emotions I felt towards her show in my voice.

"Where was she when Kevin was…" Mrs. Tran let off.

"We don't know." Sam said. It was still a bit awkward with both of us in the car. Especially talking about Tyler. "She just showed up two weeks ago after having disappeared five years ago."

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