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Summary: after returning home after a year of bad things, he is treated very bad and ignored by his friends

As Harry Potter sits alone in the cupboard under the stairs, he thinks. Thinks about why his friends haven't written to him all summer, about how he let Cedric Diggory perish at his very feet, and how he has been treated since he walked in the front door of number 4 Privit Drive. His relatives were being unfair, ignorant, and for the first time...abusive of the fact that he did not fit the standards of their "normalcy". Harry Potter did not fit to their normalcy indeed, in fact, he was a wizard. But not just any wizard, the savior of the wizarding world, The Boy Who Lived. The boy lying in the cupboard under the stairs defeated the greatest dark wizard of all time when he was one year old on a fateful Halloween night, but at a terrible price. His parents died. That is what he is thinking now, how he didn't like all of the fame that he was given, that he didn't deserve it, and that he let his teammate perish.


That was the sound, as Harry thought, was death knocking at his front door. "Oh Harry..Dudley and I have a little present for your birthday." Of course he thought, today was his birthday, he was officially 15 years old and still scared of his uncle. The door opened with a snap and standing there were his pig faced uncle, and his blonde haired pig of a cousin. His uncle grabbed him by the shirt collar and dragged him out of the small cupboard.

"No! Please stop! I didn't do anything! Don't use that...STOP!" and he was smacked across the face. Vernon was carrying a whip in his left hand. He gave a few snaps before he decided to take it on Harry.

"Dudley, take off his shirt and pants...lets see how you like this you freak!", Uncle Vernon said. Dudley did what he was told and pretty soon Harry was left standing there with nothing but underwear on. Cold and humiliated. His ribs poked out of his skin and there was dirt everywhere on his body. His eyes were no longer the vibrant green that they were, but dull and grey. There were bruises and cuts everywhere and he didn't look like any hero, not even a person, but dead.


He was hit with the whip and cried out in pain as a new cut formed on his back. This continued for 30 minutes until Uncle Vernon got tired and wanted to get something to eat. Harry lay on the floor, cold and lying in a pool of blood. He started to silent cry, clear salty tears drip down his face and he wished to be with his mother and father, but knew, that wish would never come true..ever. With that he drifted in a state of unconsciousness.

"Kill the spare"

Green light

The face of Cedric Diggory appeared in front of his face. "You killed me Harry! You let me die! You can avoid the killing curse I can't! It's all your fault!", Cedric said, and started chanting this over and over again until Harry couln't stand it anymore and ran out of sight. He tripped over a hard cold rock and read what it said.

Harry Potter

Died July 31 1995

Hated and unloved, may his soul Rot in hell.

"NOOOO!!! I'm sorry! I'm not dead! Please I'm sorry! I'm sorry Cedric! It's not my fault!"

"Yes it is", said his mother

"Mum!", she started drifting away. "No Mum come back! I'm sorry! Please don't leave me! Please...


Harry woke up to something pointed at his face, it was a gun. He gasped his Uncle Vernon couldn't be serious.

"Wh-what are yo-you doing with that!", he cried

"What in the bloody hell do you think?!" he exclaimed. "Your gone Harry Potter, never to see your friends again, never to see the light of day." May your soul rot in Hell" It was in slow motion.....the trigger pulling, his uncle laughing, and the pain. He had been shot in the lower right abdomen twice. His uncle was laughing hysterically. Harry hated him so much, now he would never see his friends again he just wished he could say good bye.

"I wish y-you w-were d-dead" Harry stuttered out with the utmost courage


His Uncle Vernon fell over dead. As Harry began loosing conciosness he saw a tawny owl fly in and drop and open letter and he saw one word.


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