Just a little announcement: I've written an optional epilogue to A Winter's Tale that you can read or not, as you wish. It is not formally part of A Winter's Tale; it is just for those Destiel fans who were craving some Destiel-ness to close out the story. It's explicit Destiel and it's titled "A Close Shave".

I'm not posting it here because it's ridiculously explicit (this site actually does not allow explicit fics) so I've put it up on Archive Of Our Own, a nonprofit fanfic archive that allows all types of fanfic. So, if you're in the mood for some New Year's Destiel smut, google your way over to Archive Of Our Own, search for NorthernSparrow, and look through my fics for "A Close Shave." (and if you happen to like that, you can also check out my smuttiest fic— and by far my silliest fic— "A Room Of One's Own," which is also only on Archive Of Our Own.)

Hope you like it! Happy new year everybody!

(and, platonic-fic fans, never fear, there's more Broken coming your way soon. Now that the holidays are over and A Winter's Tale is done, Broken will be updated weekly.)