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Battle of Digital Gods

Final Act: Omega X the Ascendant God


Digital World/DF-616/Digital World's Orbit/1:58 PM

(Cue Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods OST – Life to be Protected)

Having failed to intercept the apocalyptic ball, the sun sphere slowly descended toward the Digital World. The Ascendants, the other warriors, and Kai Destined's partners braced themselves. They readily prepared to unite their efforts and divert the incoming blast no matter the cost.

As the sphere headed closer, the oceans began stirring furiously. The sphere came down hard sending shockwaves that crumbled rock formations away.

Upon waking quickly from his blacked out state, Omega X pressed his hands on the sphere and started working on pushing it back. No matter what he didn't have enough strength to deflect it. He gritted and strained with all his might.

Nearly every Digimon in the Digital World paused to witness the bright sun sphere lightning up the sky with an angry vermillion.

Omega X strained and cursed. "Damn it, c'mon!" He gritted hard again and let out a gasp, hearing the cries of his friends.

(End theme)

In his mind, he first glimpsed over Sora and Biyomon crying out for him.


Kari and Gatomon did the same.


Soon, everyone of his friends pleaded and called to him in his mind. Nearly all of them cried out for him.


Finally, Max showed up now unmasked calling out to him vigorously.


Beerusmon merely smirked at the Ascendant's last attempt to stop his attack.

Omega X fell back seemingly out of energy and defeated. There was a slight pause and brief quietness until...

The Digi-Destined's Crests all lit up. Matt, Sora, Mimi, Joe, Izzy, TK, Kari, and Ken's Crests lit up together. The Crest energies shot up in conjunction and formed into beams. A gold beam of energy became out of Davis to help Tai. As these beams came together, they amassed into a bright bluish wave of light that hit Omega X's back. The combined Crest powers quickly rejuvenated Omega X!

(Cue Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods OST – The Limits of Life)

Omega X awoke roaring fiercely as the bright fire aura returned and formed over him. The Crest energies were enough to revive the Ascendant God aura. Omega X transformed right back to full Ascendant God form; red hair, red eyes, and all the unique features returned. He quickly put his hands on the sun sphere and made it explode completely. The energies from the sphere exploded and got absorbed into Omega X's aura.

(End theme)

When it was all said and done, the sphere vanished. The Digital World was spared from planetary destruction. Omega X floated where the sphere used to be, but looking worn out and wearing tattered clothing. Seemingly out of breath, Omega X panted in fatigue after absorbing the sun sphere. He was also no longer in his Ascendant God state.

Beerusmon floated down, looking down at him. "How did you do that? What was that power?" The befuddled god asked.

"I'm not sure exactly."

"You're not sure?" Beerusmon asked. Both he and Omega X floated above the backdrop of the Digital World. "Huh, you're a fascinating one." Beerusmon stated as raises his left hand, already thinking of blasting away the Ascendant. Omega X simply grinned, but Beerusmon does the same as he ceased his attempt.

(Cue Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods OST – Eternal Universe (Brand New Friendship))

"Hey, why did you stop?" asked Omega X.

"I'm convincing you to say 'I forfeit'." persuaded Beerusmon.

"Me forfeit..?" Omega X asked before ultimately deciding, "Okay, I concede. You seriously are strong. I don't stand a chance, Lord Beerusmon. You're definitely the universe's best!"

Satisfied by Omega X's compliment, Beerusmon replied. "You've finally realized the terrifying power of Lord Beerusmon, the Digital God of Destruction. Nevertheless, you are strong as well, Ascendant. Up till now, you're the second strongest in my history of battles."

"Wait, I'm in second place?" Omega X chuckled. "So, you decided not to destroy the Digital World anymore?"

Beerusmon answered. "I can't do that. I never go back on my decisions."

"Then what?"

Beerusmon begins to tell the Ascendant something interesting. "Whismon, the sage who is my caretaker..."

Suddenly, Whismon appeared eating fruit ice cream with a spoon. He then becomes startled upon seeing Beerusmon and Omega X while hiding his dessert.

"He's also my master and much stronger than me." Beerusmon truthfully said and continued. "I'm also very much aware of you and your cohorts' time with the two neighboring universes. Who knows? As cats never lie, there are many other dimensions out there for me to see in the Nexus besides this one."

"Wow, I didn't know what to say…" Omega X weakly chuckled before passing out.

The Ascendant starts falling down below the atmosphere, but Beerusmon catches him to land safely. All the while Whismon cheerfully follows them and casually eats his ice cream.

In little time, Beerusmon carried Omega X down with Whismon following him. Naturally, Max, Sora, and Kari were the first ones to hurry over worried over Omega X.

(End theme)

"TAI! AGUMON!" Sora and Kari cried out.

"No, dad! Agumon!" Max yelled out.

Beerusmon dropped Omega X on the ground. As the fight took a toll on him, the Ascendant lost so much power he split back to Tai and Agumon. Sora and Kari both hugged Tai. Max checked over Agumon before seeing to his father.

"Damn, he still got the crap kicked out of him?!" Davis gritted his teeth.

"Ugh, man! We're all dead, ain't we?!" Beelzebumon cried.

"Tai," Mimi walked over checking over him.

Tai sat up on his own smiling. "I'm all right, guys. Don't you all worry about me."

Beerusmon cleared his throat as he announced. "Well, I said I would destroy the Digital World like I promised. I can't go back on my word." Wasting no time, he put his right hand out toward the Kai Destined and company. A purple ball forged in the Digital God's palm.

(Cue Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods OST – Desperate Situation)

Every Ascendant, Digimon, and warrior otherwise stood defiantly, but deep down they knew there wasn't anything they can do to stop the Digital God. Their biggest savior was defeated.

The ball got bigger.

Tai and Matt both stood ready to put themselves before everyone else.

(End theme)

Beerusmon pivoted away to everyone's surprise and shot a rather miniscule finger blast that incinerated a tiny rock. Everyone was speechless with the end result. Beerusmon had fulfilled his promise.

Whismon remarked. "Well, look at that, Lord Beerusmon. You destroyed the Digital World like you said you would... just not very much of it."

"Yes, it's really such a shame, isn't it? I must've used up all my power in the fight." The purple cat god turned around facing Tai and Agumon. "Looks like I'll have to come back another time and finish destroying the rest."

Tai beckoned Sora and Kari back as he addressed the Digital God. "Thanks, Lord Beerusmon."

"Y'know, one day we could make you Omega X the Destroyer when Lord Beerusmon kicks the bucket," Whismon offered the Bearer of Courage.


Tai chortled, smiling sheepishly. "Thanks, but I think me and Agumon will pass."

Agumon added. "Yeah, we're not cut out for the god job."

"Oh, that's quite a shame then," Whismon replied.

"I just wish I got to meet this other Ascendant God to see how much of a challenge he would've provided," Beerusmon sighed. "I'd like to see how he measures up compared to Omega X."

Whismon glared at him again as Max sweatdropped. It's a good thing Ken isn't... Max's thoughts were cut off when a portal opened.

From the portal came Kensuke & Veemon, Dimitri & Faith the Patamon, Athena & PinkPatamon, and finally Karin, who had doned her Sailor Sedna gear. Kensuke had an intense glare on his face. Oh sh...!

Ken called out seeing Dimitri and company. "You guys?!"

Yolei cupped her mouth. "And they brought Kensuke with them..."

Hawkmon gulped. "This might not be pretty."

Wormmon added. "You're putting it mildly, Hawkmon."

"Karin!" Sora noticed Sailor Sedna with the group.

"Dimitri?! It's nice to see you again, but I thought you all went to see the future me?" Mimi asked in confusion.

"Grandma Mimi, Granpda Matt!" Athena happily waved to her aforementioned grandparents. She then noticed Tai and Agumon. Their worse for wear looks startled her. "Oh no! What happened great uncle Tai! Agumon!"

"We came on Ken and Athena's insistance," Dimitri addressed the Bearer of Sincerity. "Ken started feeling some weird vibes coming from this place, and Athena was getting nervous about it so we decided to come back. The future you understood that..." He then noticed Beerusmon and Whismon. "Who are these two guys? I can't feel much from either of them." He saw Tai and Agumon looked pretty beat up.

"Tai, Agumon are you two ok?! Did these two do this to you?" Sedna asked.

Beerusmon raised his hand. "Just me." Upon saying this, tension rose immediately.

"Don't engage you all! He's a Digital God of Destruction!" BanchoLeomon warned the newcomers.

However, Kensuke stepped in front of the group.

The purple cat god noticed Kensuke and demanded. "Who might you be?"

Upon seeing some rings on Kensuke's wrists, Whismon panicked. "He's the Zero Factor carrier! I'd recognize those restraint bracelets anywhere."

Upon hearing this, Beerusmon's grin widened. "Ah, so you're the other Ascendant God. Perhaps you'd be so kind as to fight me?" He offered.

However what came out of Kensuke's mouth surprised everyone. "No." He replied in a flat and stern tone, not taking his eyes off Beerusmon.


Kensuke's sunglasses slid down revealing a hard glare coming from his eyes. Although not amused at first, a moment later Beerusmon felt intense pain and suffering coming from that glare and also a bad gut feeling. However, he could also tell Kensuke was feeling the same way.

"I see. You're quite the amusing one... to be able to make me feel that way about an opponent."

"What's he talking about?" Tai asked confused as was everyone else.

"He means that if we fight, we're both going to die." Kensuke replied flatly again. "There's no point in it."

This revelation shocked most of the people present. However, Sedna could tell Kensuke was having a hard time controlling his emotions over the matter, because fighting was how he solved nearly all his disputes.

"Answer me one question, fellow warrior. Why do you hold yourself back? Why not face me with all that power?"

To everyone's surprise, Kensuke's next answer shocked them again. "Because I didn't ask for the power to begin with, I was cheated out of having a normal life because of being the reincarnation of a god of light. Apparently not the penultimate one like someone I know, but one nonetheless. Sure I'm a strong fighter, but power isn't everything especially if it takes so many sacrifices to get it. I know what I gotta use my power for now, and that is to protect anyone else that I care for from being killed, but when I look back on how I got the power, it's not worth it!" Beerusmon was befuddled at such an answer. "Now, why don't you tell me and everyone here what you want to do with your power, huh?"

(Cue YuYu Hakusho OST – Tatakai no Hate)

"That's it... FACE ME, YOU COWARD!" Beerusmon yelled as he charged at Kensuke.

To everyone's shock, Ken merely took off his shades and held up his hand, which became infused with data, and let loose a punch of his own that connected with Beerusmon's incoming fist, He managed to stop Beerusmon's fist but not without feeling some pain shooting through his own body. The ground around the two warriors started to shake. The sky darkened from their combined punching power, but neither of them would budge.

"What is this!?" Beerusmon gasped.

"Let your fist talk for you!" Straining from pain from Beerusmon's aura, Ken rebuked. His glare started hardening more, which stunned Beerusmon as he began to feel intense pain coming over him.

Where is this feeling coming from!? Images flashed before the Digital God's eyes, eyes of dead people around him screaming. Images of himself and Ken lying motionless on a battlefield. What is this feeling?!

The soul of the fist! Ken's voice pathed through his head. He, too, could see their dead bodies along with everyone else's. You see what'll happen if we go at it now? There's no freaking point for us to fight! You think all that power makes you strong! It doesn't trust me I know! I've been there... and it's not like my power comes from me alone!

What do you mean!? Beerusmon almost gasped when he saw Kensuke's gold and blue aura intensify. Behind him appeared images of every member of his Accel Force Army: Veemon, Shoutmon, MetalGreymon (Xros version), Sparrowmon, CyberBeelzemon (a black metallic version with to turbines; one red and one blue on both shoulders; also has a scouter-like device on the right side of his face), Titaniamon (an Erza Scarlet lookalike), Deckerdramon, Beyond the Hope (a Duel monster resembling white-armored mecha with six golden wings), Blademon (a silver and green-armored humanoid wearing a Sentai hero mask with a diamond symbol on his face and wielding two swords), Cyberdramon (Xros version), Submarimon (a reverse colored one), Digmon (another reversed colored one), and Jesmon. What?! These warriors are...!

"Someone wanna tell me what's going on?!" Tai wondered, eyeing them both.

"Brother?!" Sedna called to Kensuke, but Max stopped her.

"He's definitely matured! Do it, Ken!" Max beckoned him.

Beerusmon was shocked as Kensuke's words continued to process through his mind until finally their auras' forced them back from each other with an intense explosion.

(End theme)

"Tell me what you saw and felt! You still think we should go at it?!"

Beerusmon surprisingly shook his head, accepting Kensuke's words and feelings. "It seems I need time to reflect upon your words, warrior. I shall leave for now." He then turned to Tai. "I hope we get to battle again someday. Perhaps this other Ascendant God can train you..."

Kensuke cut him off. "Not happening. Our methods of becoming this "Ascendant God" as you put it are different. I don't how Tai did it or what he even looked like when he did it." He said, still reeling from the intense pain Beerusmon's aura gave him.

Tike shouted excitedly. "He looked freaking cool!"

Kensuke glared at him out of the corner of his eye to shut him up.

Kara slapped Tike's head. "Not a good time to be shooting off that mouth, bro."

David nodded meekly. "Yeah, Ken can be pretty scary."

Meryl smiled seeing Kensuke. "But, he also has a kind aura just like Tai."

"Wait, you can feel that weird energy magic, Meryl?" Mummymon asked his little one.

"Yeah, thanks to Tike. He's teaching me how to fly!"

Tike whistled away as Mummymon gave him a stern look.

"So wait he actually has full control over that dreadful Zero Factor power? He must be special." Whismon noted.

Max explained. "Well, in this dimension, he is called the Child of Unity. He was even able to create his own Crest since he obtained some of Alpha X's data through his partner Veemon, and didn't you hear me mention all his trials and tribulations earlier when I was explaining how he turned god form?" He asked while Whismon rubbed his head.

"I was busy eating. I didn't pay attention."

Max sweatdropped and muttered. "Unbelievable."

As tensions cooled and Kensuke backed away at his discretion and Sedna's insistence, Beerusmon approached Mimi. Dimitri watched the Digital God closely making sure nothing out of hand happens.

(Cue Summer Wars OST – Happy End)

"Miss Tachikawa?" Beerusmon addressed her.

"Yes? You mean me?" The girl pointed to herself as she walked over cautious of Beerusmon's previous foul behavior. "What now?" She asked very cautiously.

Beerusmon lightly bowed his head apologetically. "I'm very sorry for disrupting your festivities."

"Never mind that!" Mimi retorted. "You should be apologizing for hitting me!"

Upon hearing this, Dimitri sprang up and glared toward Beerusmon.

"WHAT?!" Dimitri flipped out hearing his mother spilling on what happened earlier. "YOU JERK!"

Sedna put her hand on Dimitri's shoulder to calm him. "Dimitri, calm down. Mimi can handle herself."

Athena smiled. "You said grandma don't take nonsense from anyone, dad! Right?"

"Yeah, that's what I said..." Dimitri refrained from getting involved and sat down as Faith cuddled against him.

"There, there, Dimitri, it'll be ok."

Mimi noticed Dimitri calming down and giggled. "Relax, Dimitri. Mimi's got this covered." She then readdressed Beerusmon. "Like I said, you need to apologize for slapping me." She asked sternly.

"Yes, forgive me," Beerusmon sighed.

"You know he can still kill us!" Iron Man interjected.

Pepper slapped Iron Man's hand down. "Tony!"

"Would you be kind to invite us to your next party?" The Digital God inquired politely.

"Only if you promise not to screw things up again," the Bearer of Sincerity smiled.

"I'll agree to that, but I'm going to insist on eating some of that pudding."

"We'll fill the whole swimming pool full of pudding if you like. But if you try it and don't like it, I don't want to hear you complaining!"

Beerusmon grinned. "If I'm displeased I won't say a word. I'll just destroy your world."

Tai spoke up. "If you come back to visit, we'll fight again, right, Lord Beerusmon?"

"Of course."

With those parting words, Beerusmon walked off with Whismon. Whismon used his staff to invoke the transport spell as they vanished into a beam of light and flew back into space.

"Ken, answer me this," X asked as he walked up to face Kensuke. "Were you just bluffing with him about the whole death thing?"

Clearing his head, Kensuke replied. "I took one look at him and I realized that if we fought, we'd both die."

Sedna noticed his hands were shaking as he said this, she gently took one. "It's ok, brother. You can calm down now. I know it isn't easy for you to admit something like that."

Kensuke nodded. "Nothing in my life has ever been easy, but at least now I can start to get back on track."

Mimi sighed but then smiled optimistically to ease everyone's concerns. "What's with the sour attitudes? C'mon, lighten up and let's party since you're here now and those two are gone!" She said excitedly.

Ken and Sedna laughed as she depowered from her Sailor form. Athena and PinkPatamon went to talk to Meryl while Dimitri and Faith talked with others as well.

Tai and Agumon both looked up to the sky. Max, Sora, and Biyomon joined them.

"You feeling ok now, Tai?" Sora asked, taking his hand gently.


"So, tell me how long have you really known X was our son?"

"For a while. X told me right after we beat Virus, but I kinda had a feeling he was the moment I started training with him."

Max added. "My Ki was greatly suppressed you wouldn't have been able to sense my power. So, how were you able to tell?"

The Bearer of Courage chuckled. "Call it a father's instinct when he can tell his own kin."

"Right... now how about that party?"

"Oh yeah, let's party!" Tai, Agumon, Sora, and Biyomon cried out in unison.

Keke lightly tapped Max's back and turned him around.


"Glad to have you back, Max," she smiled, surprising him with a kiss on the lips.

Slightly taken aback, Max returned the favor and kissed her back. The reunited lovers had their arms around one another. Max had his hands on Keke's buttocks and lifted her up to his height level.

To think there's even stronger opponents for me to face... and this Ascendant God power. Tai thought as he looked over himself and Agumon. No, make that the both of us. We both carry that Ascendant God power. I've gotta know what's next for us? I find the mystery kinda scary but exciting at the same time. Interesting times are ahead for us.


Central Planet

"Unbelievable," Gosenzomon was taken aback, seeing everything go down through his godly vision.

"Yes, indeed," Shinmon said.

"Did you see that, father? Taichi and his friends are truly one of a kind," Shintomon pointed out. "It's said you said about them, father."

"Beerusmon the Destroyer found a world he wouldn't destroy," the elder Supreme Digi-Deity stated, smiling. "Never thought I'd see the day."

"Nor did I. Taichi's strong character has a one of a kind effect on people," Shinmon said, patting Shintomon's shoulder. "He continues to make allies all across the Digiverse. Even Beerusmon respects him."

"Yes, very true," Gosenzomon added. "But, I don't think Taichi can take all the credit for Beerusmon's mercy. We have their whole group to thanks for that. In fact, it might be that whole Digital World who did it. Everyone there is responsible. Tai and some of his cohorts inherited Alpha X's savage powers, but they've made better of those powers and have done a lot of good for the Digiverse. I think that Digital World simply invokes a profound positive effect on those who've lived on it."

"Perhaps it's because it's the world connected to Earth," Shintomon said. "Humans and their technology have played a huge part in building that Digital World making it a better place. We have the Chosen to thank for that."

Shinmon smiled genuinely. "Yes, humans while flaw do invoke an irresistible charm."

(End theme)


Unknown Sector of the Digiverse/Beerusmon's Domain

(Cue Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods OST – Deep Dark Space (After the Battle))

Beerusmon and Whismon finally returned to their sanctuary. They went out near the lake conversing on their experiences.

"I guess that was fun," Beerusmon was heard yawning, already ready for a long catnap. "Somewhat at least. There's no way to deny it. His latent ability is hard to fathom and there's a lot of potential waiting to be tapped. Still, he's not strong enough to become an archrival." He lied on the grass with arms crossed.

"Perhaps not, but it's been a while since you've had to use 70 percent of your power. That must've been quite thrilling for you."

Beerusmon sat up sighing. "I'm already forgetting. What's his name again?"

"Taichi Kamiya, the Bearer of Courage. Otherwise known as Omega X. Did you forget already?"


Whismon sweatdropped. "Oh dear."

"Between him, that Matt fellow, and that other one who dared lecture me... I may soon have my archrival after all." Beerusmon said ignoring a pink-schemed Seadramon popping out of the lake and diving back in.

"I believe you enjoyed yourself."

"Well, you obviously did."

"Things just get dull after this long. Anything new livens things up a bit. I don't sleep so I need something to cure the boredom. It's much worse for me."

"Augh, speaking of sleep...!" Beerusmon yawned and stretched his arms out. "I'm absolutely exhausted! So, I think I might take a two year nap."

"Only two years? But, that would hardly counts as anything to you. I figured you'd sleep for much longer."

"It's all I can stand. There's so many meals to try out on that Digital World! I gotta get back there and perhaps visit Earth, because of all the food I hear is delicious there!"

Whismon chortled. "Oh, so that's your real reason for sparing that Digital World, right? Sure the people are fine, but I'm sure you'd hate to miss out on all the food."

"Heh, I admit to nothing."

"Ah, right! The food!" Whismon slapped his forehead and dug out the bento sushi boxes from the takeout bag he brought. "I almost forgot! I've had them pack up some of the Earthling delicacies for us. It's called sushi if I remember correctly."

The mention of sushi quickly piqued the Digital God's curiosity.

"I think you'll enjoy it. Would you like to try some?"

Beerusmon sniffed the boxes and salivated.

"Or, are you too tired? You can go straight to bed if you want."

"Hah, and let you have it all to yourself!" Beerusmon took his box. "Nice try, Whismon, but I think you've hogged up enough Earthling food. I'm not missing this delicacy out!"

The Digital Gods floated on two platforms and opened up their boxes.

Taking out his chopsticks, Beerusmon gleamed over his sushi variety. "Oh my! It does look delicious! Where should I start?" He curiously poked his chopsticks over a glob of green.

"I'm told if you drop a few drops of this liquid called soy sauce and then you eat one piece at a time."

Beerusmon picked up the green glob and showed Whismon. "And what's this green lumpy stuff on the side?"

Whismon blinked, gazing over the green glob. "Hmm, let me think... oh! Yes, the chef said it was wasabi. He said you can eat it if you'd like, but the taste might be a little overwhelming."

"I see. Now that you mention it you were talking to that chef for a while, when you should've been watching me fight."

Whismon shuddered from the terrifying glare casted by the purple cat god. He floated off the platform whistling.

"Why don't I get us some drinks?"

Beerusmon scoffed. "Bottoms up!" He quickly stuffed the wasabi into his mouth and swallowed...


...Beerusmon's eyes bulged out and became watery. His whole face burned into a bright red complexion. Steam came shooting out of his nose and ears.



Beerusmon shot up screaming for water as his tongue and mouth got burned by the wasabi. "HOOOOOOT!" And he went zipping around space like a pinpall and destroying over five neighboring planetoids.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Whismon came flying up to Beerusmon with a hand out. "That's enough!" He zipped right up behind Beerusmon and chopped him in the back of the neck, knocking the cat god out.

(End theme)


Next thing Beerusmon knew he was already robed in a fresh night gown and laying on his bed. He stretched and yawned.

"That wasn't very nice," Beerusmon groaned, sitting up and leaning forward.

"I had to, my lord. You were taking out your temper on those innocent worlds."

"Humph, it's that wasabi fire poison is to blame! Well, they'll pay for it! I'm going back to that Digital World to destroy it right now!" Beerusmon openly declared war on Azulongmon's world.

"Oh, c'mon now you think that seems fair? They said it was intense. Nobody forced you to shove the whole thing down your mouth all at once."

The purple cat scoffed irritably. "Fine, I'll only destroy them if their sushi tastes bad without their demonic toppings! Is that fair enough for you?!" He quickly started to stuff each sushi piece into his mouth while Whismon watched waiting for him to finish. After downing his whole meal, he drank some tea. "Ah! Ok, they can live. Wake me in two years." He said satisfied with his meal.

"Tastes lovely, doesn't it?" Whismon took Beerusmon's cup.

"Yep, ahhh!" The cat god yawned again. "Well, goodnight!" He curled up in his bed platform as it floated into the ceiling.

Whismon flipped an hourglass, setting it for two years. He paused and recalled something else. "Oh, wait! You can't sleep yet!You haven't brushed your teeth!"

"Ugh, all right!"

"And taken a bath!"

"You really can be a pest."


Digital World/File Island/Beach Resort/7:30 PM

The birthday festivities restarted coming off the disastrous results from earlier in the day. Everyone, including the newcomers, gathered to celebrate.

"All right, let's do this party right!" Mimi screamed.

"One! Two! Three!" Kari counted down.


"21 is crazy old!" Sukamon and Chuumon shouted.


After that, Matt and his Teenage Wolves performed a birthday song for Mimi.

The guests then settled down and Digitamamon's crew helped whip up a second serving of delicious meals. At Mimi's table, Dimitri, Faith, and Karin sat eating with Mimi and Palmon. A conversation went on about Mimi's future self and she teared up with joy seeing a picture of her alternate future self owning her own clothing store.

Athena and PinkPatamon went off to play with Meryl, Tike, Kara, and David. The children started flying around chasing each other. Meryl, barely able to stay afloat, received a helping hand from Tike. Tike grabbed Meryl's hand and landed her on top of a palm tree.

"Meryl," Athena smiled seeing her friend gazing at the stars with Tike.

"My bro's acting like he's such a hot shot just because he has Meryl," Kara scoffed.

"Hey, you have me to hang around with," David chimed.

"Yes, and I love you so much!" Kara pulled David into a hug.

Athena and PinkPatamon exchanged funny looks.

"You haven't found a boy you like yet, right?" PinkPatamon asked her partner.

"Nah, I don't think so."

"Hey, Faith is gonna eat my plate! Hang on I'll be right back!" PinkPatamon flew right over to stop Faith from eating her food.

Athena surveyed the party and smiled. "Everyone's having a good time." She sighted Tai talking with BanchoLeomon, Matt, Max, and Keke. "Uncle Tai? Grandpa Matt?"

"Athena, go ahead and see them if you want," Kensuke said, walking up beside the Ascendant child.


With enough encouragement, he got Athena to move along. His Veemon partner watched Athena head over to see Tai and Matt. Kensuke also released his Digimon army partners to join the festivities. Amongst them were CyberBeelzemon and Titaniamon.

Just then, Beelzebumon noticed Titaniamon grabbing a plate and smirked devilishly.

"Wait here, cream puff, I'll be back."

"Hmm? Where are ya going?" Calumon curiously watched him leave.

As Titaniamon finished putting a salad and bread on a plate, she turned and noticed Beelzebumon leaning on a pole near her. He blew a kiss to her.

"Hey, babe, you bored of this? Wanna come and join us at our table?"

Titaniamon raised an eyebrow. "Excuse me?"

"We barely missed each other during the whole D-Reaper thing. The name's Beelzebumon and I'd like to get to know ya better."

"I'd back off if I were you, least you tick off my husband."

"Your husband?"

"Hey, the hell you think you're doing?!" Came a rough voice belonging to CyberBeelzemon, who was already behind Beelzebumon none too pleased with his counterpart.

Beelzebumon whirled around and blinked thrice as CyberBeelzemon got in his face.

"Oh, hey, you're her husband?"

"Yeah, that's my woman you're trying to hit on," CyberBeelzemon scoffed. "You best back off if you won't want to get on her bad side."

"I gotta say your woman is a fine piece of Digimon ass!"

Upon hearing Beelzebumon's perverted remark, Titaniamon walked up behind Beelzebumon. Beelzebumon shuddered as he sensed an aura of fury. He slowly turned and backed away from the irked redhead.

"Hey, it was just a joke!"

"We'll see who's joking when I'm shove my sword in your backside, you sick freak!" The Digi-Amazon roared, preparing to draw out her sword against Beelzebumon.

"Crap!" Beelzebumon shrieked as he turned to CyberBeelzemon. "Hey, man, calm your woman down before she makes shish kabob outta me! We're both Beelzebumons! We're like soul brothers or something!"

"I ain't yo damn brother!" CyberBeelzemon snapped. "Besides, I didn't digivolve from an Impmon anyway!"

"Outta my face, freak!" Titaniamon prepared to give chase to Beelzebumon.

Beelzebumon rushed back to his table with Calumon.

Gatomon watched the happenings go down and sweatdropped. "Ugh, give me a break, Impmon."

"Just like Beelzebumon," Patamon sighed out of exasperation.

Kari giggled. "Just let him be, guys."

TK shook his head. "Sometimes I'll never get that guy."

"Hey, sis," Davis beckoned Jun over. "How about go get something for our pal Beelzy. I mean, he did go out of his way to save y'all, right?"

Veemon nodded. "He deserves that much! Maybe a medal, too!"

Jun nodded. "Sure, let me go get Mimi's parents. They'd be happy to reward him."

"Made a new friend, Beelzebumon?" Calumon asked, putting down his ice cream cone.

"...yeah, as close as I ever will score with a woman. Little guy, stay away from women, got it?"

"Sure, but Sonja's nice with me."

Beelzebumon groaned, sitting his head on the table. "Forget it. Y'know how to get the chicks way better than I can." He eyed Sam & Catherine, Pikkan & Juri and BW & Rena sitting together at their table.

"Hmm," Izzy eyed Kensuke.

"What's wrong, Izzy?" Tentomon asked his partner.

"All this Zero Factor and Ascendant talk has me wanting to examine Kensuke."

"Uh oh, I don't like where this is going," the insect backed away.

"What? It's not like that crazed Digmon partner of his is here..."

(Cue Stone Cold Steve Austin theme – I Won't Do What You Tell Me)

Suddenly, right on cue, a reverse-colored Digmon came out of Kensuke's Digivice and turned around facing Izzy with eyes burning with rage with fire. He readied his drills.

"The hell was that I hear about you wanting to examine my pal Kensuke, son?!" Digmon yelled out, his voice sounding like a redneck's and akin to Stone Cold Steve Austin's. "I'm about to impound yo sorry ass, ya red-haired bastard!" He quickly bolted after Izzy, who jumped out of his chair and ran for his life from Kensuke's crazy Digmon.

"Get yer ass back here, boy! Ain't no one gonna be experimenting on anyone!"

"HELP!" Izzy screamed for his life.

"Hang on, Izzy, I'm coming!" Tentomon flew off to rescue his friend.

Nearly everyone watching sweatdropped watching poor Izzy being chased by Digmon. The crazy redneck Digmon paused as he sighted a canister of beer.

"Hell, I'm about parched. I could use a cold one. You've been spared for now, ya pencil neck geek and that's the bottom line!" Digmon pulled the canister and popped it open with his drill. He quickly drank down the large amount of alcohol from the canister in one big gulp.

"Hey! That's for all of us, you jerk!" Sheila shouted at him, prompting Digmon to shoot her the middle drill.

"Ah hell, he's wasting the beer!" Pikkan snapped.

"Not the beer!" CyberBeelzemon shouted.

"Well, there goes the booze," Tony sighed in defeat, prompting a stern look from Pepper. "Not even a drop? Man, you're no fun, Pepper."

Digmon threw the canister down and flailed two middle drills in the air. "Aw hell yeah!"

(End theme)

Beelzebumon sighed. "Glad it ain't me getting chased around by that freak." He looked up and saw a plate of food served to him by Jun, the Scoobies, and Mimi's parents. "What are ya...?"

"Consider this a thank you for saving us back there," Jun said.

"Especially when that Beerusmon guy went nuts on us," Jim added.

"Please do eat up," Satoe pleaded with crybaby tears.

"For my wife's sake, please accept her generosity, sir," Kesuke bowed.

Seeing freshly cooked shish kabob on his plate, Beelzebumon's mouth salivated. "Oh, oh, man! I... I really don't know what to say!"

"Bon appetite?" Kotemon shrugged.

Wasting no time, Beelzebumon quickly bit into his shish kabob meal. Hah, see helping people does pay off! Who needs a lady friend when I can eat for all myself!

Meanwhile, Kensuke watched Athena & PinkPatamon joining in the conversation with Tai & Agumon, Matt & Gabumon, Sora & Biyomon, BanchoLeomon, Max, Keke, and Simms.

(Cue Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods OST – Cha-La-Head-Cha-La (Peaceful Earth))

"When you're backed into a corner, Tai, it's almost scary what you're capable of," BanchoLeomon stated.

"Uncle Tai's not scary. He's awesome, uncle BanchoLeomon," Athena corrected him.

"Listen to me, Tai," Matt interjected, shooting an irked look. "The next we need that power, I'm the one who gets to be the god, are we clear?"

Tai grinned sheepishly. "Sure, that's only right, but fair warning that god power-up gives you one heck of a hangover." He chuckled. "Oh, speaking of power-ups when Mimi got hit, you sure went nuts, huh? MY MIMI!" He did a quick and perfect impression of Matt. "Now that was hysterical!"

Matt became irked hearing this straight from the Bearer of Courage.

"Quite the motivator, right?" Tai lightly elbowed Matt's side. "I was impressed."

Suddenly, Mimi and Palmon butted in. Mimi grabbed Matt's arm and leaned her head against his broad shoulder.

"My hero!" Mimi chimed in giggling like mad.

"What?! That's ridiculous!" Matt sputtered out and turned his back to Mimi. "I don't remember saying that!" He made sure the others didn't see him blushing. "And it's not like that even matters! In that great moment, I even surpassed you, Tai!"

"You sure this is you and not Yamato talking, old buddy, old pal?" Agumon chuckled nervously.

"You sure did, Matt," the Bearer of Courage said. "I guess the next time we're fighting someone that strong, we'll just have to get him to slap Mimi and it'll be good, right?"

"WHAT?!" Mimi spat out. "Yeah, that's really funny, jerk!"


Mimi floored Tai with a right hand slap. Agumon scrambled over to check on his friend, who barely flinched but still rubbed his cheek.

"Wait, what did you say, Tai?" Sora asked. "You heard that? Meaning..."

"How did you know about Metalla X's power-up?" BanchoLeomon suspected Tai. "I thought you weren't here yet?"

Max openly confessed. "He insisted we hide somewhere and watch the action happen. We already arrived using Instant Movement. I told him we should go out there to help y'all, but nooo Tai wanted to keep things in suspense!"

"Hey, whose side are you on, Max?!" Tai sweatdropped nervously. He looked up as Sora, Mimi, and Keke readied their hands.

"You watched us this whole time?!" Palmon exclaimed as she jumped Tai and pulled on his hair. "You let us be his punching bag?!"

"You probably had popcorn, too, my word," Simms shook his head in disappointment.

"Ow, ow! Hey, I was just studying Beerusmon's moves, ok?" The Bearer of Courage tried making excuses. "I was trying to come up with a strategy to beat him! True, I couldn't come up with anything, but is that the point?"

"Mimi," Matt chimed in. "I believe the clown deserves more of your signature slaps!"

"Mind if we join in?" Sora and Keke asked.

"Sure and it'd be our pleasure!" Mimi grinned evilly as she, Sora, and Keke laid good slaps to Tai.

"Hey, I'm sorry! I admit it was a mistake!"

Agumon and Max both shook their heads.

"Poor, Tai."

Max chuckled. "It's good to finally be out of that mask." Though, I don't know how much longer this trial run will last. Hopefully enough to last against whatever next big threat that decides to endanger the Digital World's tranquility.

Just then, Max noticed Athena and PinkPatamon sitting next to him. The girl smiled to the young man and waved to him.

"My Uncle Tai is silly, isn't he?"

"Yes, he sure is, little one," Max replied. "Say, Athena?"


"You have a bright future ahead of you. Don't squander the powers you've been bestowed. You, too, carry Alpha X's legacy... however small it is."

Athena blinked in befuddlement. Despite that, she nodded. "Sure, I'll try and use my powers to help others."

Athena Ishida, daughter of Dimitri Ishida and Karin Osaka, you certainly won't disappoint as long as you're going down the right path. Max smiled, watching Athena patting PinkPatamon.

Whap! Whap! Whap!


(End theme)


The end


(Cue Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods - Chala-Head-Cha-La)



Pictures are rapidly shown throughout the Digimon Fusion Kai series:

-(Tai, Matt, Sora, Mimi, Izzy, Joe, and TK first enter the Digital World and meet their chosen partners)

-(Agumon, Gabumon, Biyomon, Palmon, Tentomon, Gomamon, and Patamon fight Kuwagamon)

-(Agumon digivolves to Greymon and fights Shellmon)

-(Gabumon digivolves to Garurumon and fights Seadramon)

-(The encounters with Devimon and the Black Gears)

-(Patamon digivolves to Angemon and defeats Devimon)

-(Digidestined encounters with Etemon and the Dark Network)

-(Greymon digivolves to MetalGreymon and defeats Etemon)

-(Digidestined encounters with Myotismon alongside the eighth Digidestined, Kari)

-(Gatomon digivolves to Angewomon and slays Myotismon)

-(Warp Digivolution to WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon that they and their allies destroy VenomMyotismon)

-(Daimaomon's Conquest of Power)

-(The encounter with NeoDevimon)

-(X makes his first appearance and trains with Tai & WarGreymon)

-(The fight against the Dark Masters: Puppetmon and MetalSeadramon)

-(The battle against Babimon. Tai & WarGreymon show up and kill Babimon.)

-(Tai & WarGreymon vs Matt & MetalGarurumon)

-(Angemon digivolves to MagnaAngemon and defeats MetalGarurumon.)

-(The adventures in Planet Spira)

-(The encounters with Burizalor's henchmen: Machinedramon, Phelesmon, The Nightmare Special Squad lead by Piedmon)

-(The epic battles with Burizalor, culminates with the awakening the Ascendant, Omega X)

-(Omega X and Burizalor duke it out till the tyrant is defeated. Digi-Destined face Apocalymon. Finally, Planet Spira explodes.)

-(Mutalior's Vengeance)

-(Digimon Zero Two with deviations)

-(Mecha Burizalor's arrival. Dimitri & Faith make their appearance and become Angemon X to kill Burizalor and LadyMyotismon. Tai & Agumon are back and they are warned of the Artificials.)

-(The encounters with the Artificials and Virus)

-(Virus absorbs Sonja and becomes Perfect form)

- (Yagami the Legendary Ascendant)

-(The War Games. Omega X fights Virus. Celesta X becomes Level 2 and defeats Virus.)

-(The Digital Universal Tournament)

-(The beginning of Season 2.5)

-(Across Dimensions)

-(Season 2.5 ended with Tyrantmon and Skykos' incursion. This concludes the Legacy of the Ascendant.)

-(Siege of GranDracmon)

-(Lucemon's Revival)

-(Finally, the dimensional experiences of D-Reaper's Fury. It's the reunion of friends. Tai hugs Athena.)

-(DarkMagimon and KingDevimon emerge. D-Reaper hatches from imprisonment.)

-(Omega X becomes Level 3 and fights D-Reaper.)

-(Meta-Fusions: Daike, WarUltima X, and Kaiser X.)

-(The conflict culminates with Omega X using the Life Bomb to destroy Teen-Reaper.)

Written by:

Kanius (represent Digimon Fusion Kai/YuYuGiDigiMoon)

Voice Cast: (in order)

Gozensomon – Kent Williams

Shinmon – Kent Williams

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CyberBeelzemon -

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-Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods – Deep Dark Space (The God of Destruction Awakened)

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-Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods – Beerus' Shadow Approaches Near

-Dragonball Z – Beerus Theme by TheEnigmaTNG

-Summer Wars – Oz, the Virtual City

-Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods – Beerus Appears

-Summer Wars – King Kazma

-Digimon Adventure – Adventurer –Taichi no Theme-

-Dragonball Kai – The Fierce Battle

-Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods – The Earth's Crisis

-Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods – Refreshed Memory

-Final Fantasy VII – The Oppressed

-Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods – Pilaf and his Gang Drops In

-Mission Impossible (TV Show) theme

-Digimon Tamers – Impmon no Theme

-Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods – The Pilaf Gang Runs Away

-Power Rangers – Bulk and Skull Theme

-Digimon Adventure – I Wish –Mimi Tachikawa-

-Propellerheads – Spybreak

-Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods – Bingo Tournament Open

-Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods – Beerus' Wrath

-Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods – Fun Bingo

-The Matrix Reloaded – Enter the Nebuchadnezzar

-The Matrix Reloaded – Wonder of Zion

-Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods – Beerus and his Overwhelming Power

-DBZ OST – Gokhan Theme – TheEnigmaTNG

-Summer Wars – Battle Again

-DBZ OST – Hyperbolic Time Chamber Remix – TheEnigmaTNG

-DBZ OST – Unofficial Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta Theme – TheEnigmaTNG

-Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods – Goku Appears

-Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods – Shenron Makes His Appearance

-Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods – The Legendary God

-Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods – The Chosen Warriors

-Summer Wars – The Summer Wars

-DBZ OST – Unofficial Super Saiyan God Goku Theme – TheEnigmaTNG

-Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods – Power of a Super Saiyan God

-The Matrix Revolutions – Navras

-Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods – Goku Pinch

-Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods – Struggling Against a God

-Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods/Flow – Hero (Movie Version)

-Summer Wars – The Final Crisis

-Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods – Life to be Protected

-Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods – The Limits of Life

-Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods – Eternal Universe (Brand New Friendship)

-Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods – Desperate Situation

- YuYu Hakusho – Tatakai no Hate

- Summer Wars OST – Happy End

-Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods OST – Deep Dark Space (After the Battle)

- Stone Cold Steve Austin theme – I Won't Do What You Tell Me

-Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods OST – Cha-La-Head-Cha-La (Peaceful Earth)

(Music ends)


GC-LK-1113/Heaven/Law of Cycles

In the afterlife of another dimension shows an evergreen field with a single oak tree and pleasant skies. There are three benevolent figures seen.

One is a pink-haired magical girl with pigtails tied with rose bows, dark pink collar bow, white dress decorated with pink along with pink bows, white socks, and rose shoes.

Another is a brown haired boy with a black and white student uniform, a red shirt, and a blue scarf. When he was alive, he was recognized as a savior from an apocalyptic outbreak.

Finally is a pink-haired girl wearing a white dress with pink and black lines. She was once a songstress in her former life, and is the soul mate of the brunette haired boy.

"Hey Madoka, are you you've decided to do this?" The brunette-haired boy asked the magical girl.

The sweet magical girl nodded. "Yep, I really want to have a chance meeting these new friends."

The pink-haired girl then said. "You mean…you want to give them a test?"

"That's right." the magical girl said to the former songstress, "I can't wait to start exploring these three worlds, starting with DF-616."

Who is this pink-haired girl named, Madoka? What is her purpose? The Triad's next adventure approaches.



Two malevolent figures have finished scouring through a dimension and emerge from a portal. One had a device in his right hand that acted as a tracing device.

"Cyrus, will you quit freaking out? You're driving me up the wall here with your anxiety!" A fiendish-looking man with spiky blue hair and wearing a garb similar to Kingdom Hearts Sephiroth. On the surface, he looked like Ken Ichijouji's old brother, Sam, but this creature was a villain from another dimension that took Sam's body and forced his good soul out into a clone that died in his place.

A young man with blonde hair and battle armor turned around with an annoyed look. "Your tracking device needs work, Digital Warlord. I'm better off leading us to Digital Limbo."

"You better be glad I saved your ass from Tai's friends. I don't know how you got loose from hell and got revived, but I was doing just fine on my own until you came into the picture!"

"You want some of this?!"

Warlord gave a malignant laugh. "Oh please? My best would kill you!"

"But, without me, you'll be lost. I don't know how long you've been dimension crossing. You still don't know the backdoor to Digital Limbo."

"And you do?"

Cyrus nodded, grinning fiendishly. "At the moment, I'll never replace Paradixalmon and Beyond, but I know just the man you need to complete our trio. Together, we'll be known as the Three Fiends."

"Three Fiends, huh? Kinda a nice ring to it. I can't wait to meet your boss. Sounds like my kinda guy."

"Heheheh, believe me my lord will be thankful to escape his limbo imprisonment," Cyrus chortled evilly. My, lord we're here to set you free at last!



Inside a dark space, two other ominous figures are seen viewing the two fiends concocting their next move. One of the figures remained concealed behind a blanket of darkness.

"Do you see that?" The dark figure spoke in a calm tone. His voice was low and slightly high-pitched. "Things are getting quite interesting in these other realms I'm showing you. Quite interesting there's Gods of Destruction in an alternate universe from your own physical realm. Moreover, the notion beings like an Ascendant God exists. You must be interested, no?"

The other figure seated in his throne paid no mind to the ambiguously dark figure. If he wanted to, he could obliterate his guests willfully, but he sensed a mysterious power that was difficult to discern. He wasn't sure if the mystery man was weak, on par, or superior to his own strength.

"These Ascendants and their allies are growing to the point where they can no longer be considered negligible. One has risen to claim godhood to defy this God of Destruction. And there's another like this Ascendant," the sinister figure smirked. A beam of light pouring from a nearby star barely revealed a quick glimpse of his face. It was sickly pale and his features resembled a man with a strong jawline. He had a striking resemblance to actor Michael Emerson.

The other individual rose form his chair with authority. His eyes gleamed purple light.

"And now these two fools intend to revive a villain in hopes of restoring his former glory. Of course, they're nothing to you... with all due respect, Mad Titan."

The Mad Titan said nothing and stared out from his orbital sanctuary.

"You're more than welcome to take your time, but Earth and its Digital World will be garnering your attention sooner than later. This is merely the beginning, Lord Thanos."

A malevolent grin adorned Thanos' features, including his huge jaw. Cosmic purple light flared in his fiendish eyes. The Mad Titan was willing to wait to see how events play out before he seeks Earth's warriors, including the Ascendants.


(Finally with various shots of the Terra Beam signature movie, ending with Level 2 Celesta X guided by Omega X using the Sibling Terra Beam)



A/N: And that's all folks! Things end exactly like the movie... with few deviations, including post-credit scenes! Thoughts on the big reveals? I bet none of you saw Thanos coming, huh? ;)

And it's the Thanos not a Thanos-mon, lol. As for the mysterious being talking with him, can't reveal, but Ford1114 has an idea who it is. Don't bother asking because he won't tell!

Since the MCU has been established in my Kai series, Thanos won't be seeing action for a long while. There's this, the first post-credit scene in Avengers, and the Guardians of the Galaxy cameos. But, he has taken notice of the Kai Destined and the Digital Gods. And the mysterious individual is feeding him the details.

The second post-credit scene speaks for , I will adapt Dragonball Z: Revival of F. Burizalor shall return with two new allies. When will this come out? Whenever the dub version gets released here and that'll likely be next year. It'll be good timing since I'll be in my GT adaptation by then. As for tentative titles, here's what I have: Union of the Three Fiends, Resurrection of a Tyrant, Across Dimensions II, The Three Fiends, Resurrection of F(iends), and Revival of B(urizalor). Maybe you want to vote on which title(s) you like best? Not sure if it'll help but it'd give me an idea which ones to scrap first in a process of elimination.

The first post-credit scene featuring Madoka and her two friends (from an anime called Guilty Crown) was done by my friend Ford1114. Madoka herself will be tied to the GT adaptation somehow.

I'm still figuring out where to fit the Revival of F adaptation in with the GT stuff coming. It may in fact be inserted in the gap between Bebi/Bebimon and Super 17/Jax. Just need to work out the kinks, especially with Ascendant 4 being a thing.

This has been the official end of 2014, one of the most monumental years for me. Each season last year ended with fanfics finishing (by yours truly and a friend).

Spring – Wrath of Pharaohmon Redux

Summer – Dawn of Chaos

Autumn – Daimaomon Redux/House of Madoka

Winter – Battle of Digital Gods/Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms

2015, we will finally see Digimon Adventure return to the TV screen as Digimon Adventure tri with Tai and his friends in their high school years. This better have a much better reception after the disaster that was Young Hunters.

D-Reaper's Fury (DF-616) is still ongoing with its return on February and will be finished sometime later in the year. Not only that, Digimon Accel Stream Season 2 (XLR-8) will be done soon and Ford1114's Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms already finished. All three stories segue into Cross Generations (the GT adaptation), the fic that had the longest in-development since 2011. A sneak peek may be be shown around Spring (alongside Neos United/West Coasters).

Besides CG for DFK, there are remaining movies (like Lucemon's Revival and the few non-canon ones), but that's if I'm in the mood to do 'em.

All right, I'll let Ford handle the rest of this commentary. Take it away, pal.

Ford: We will strife to expand our works such as in Deviantart (alongside responsibility) because we will ambitiously try to be the TeamFourStar of fanfiction, alongside talking about other stuff to be global and professional in the real world, even it is non-profit. The time has come to not hold back.

If anyone is a gamer, then recommend check out Dragonball Xenoverse.

There is going to be a sequel of House of Madoka in Kanius Production Abridged, where it will be about the New Years. The Ascendants and Kai Digidestined will finally meet Dragonball characters! The release date is somewhere either July or August.

Just like TeamFourStar did their Top 24 Dragonball moments: Kanius' Top 12 favorite iconic moments of the Dragonball franchise and Top 12 favorite iconic moments of the Digimon franchise. Honorable mentions are considered.

Kanius: Ok, me again.

For my top 12 favorite iconic moments of Dragonball (starting from 12):

12b)Vegeta's first SSJ transformation

12a) Piccolo's sacrifice to save Gohan

11)Arrival of Raditz

10b)Cell's first appearance

10a)Krillin's first death

9)Vegeta vs. Majin Buu that leads to the redemption

8)Super Saiyan 3 debut

7)Future Trunks' debut and finishing Freeza

6)Spirit Bomb destroys Kid Buu

5)Goku vs. Piccolo Jr. In 23rd Budokai

4)Goku vs Vegeta (Saiyan Saga)

3)Gohan vs. Cell's final stand/Father-Son Kamehameha

2)Gohan turns Super Saiyan 2

1)Goku's first Super Saiyan transformation and fight with Freeza

Honorable mentions: SSJGod Goku vs. Beerus, King Piccolo vs. Goku, Goku vs. Tien in 22nd Budokai, Goku vs Majin Vegeta, Piccolo unites with Kami, Super Saiyan 4 debut, Super Android 17 arc and villain cameos, GT's ending, Freeza's transformations, Krillin & 18, Cell's Perfect transformation, Fusion, Majin Buu's transformations, Vegeta's first death, Piccolo vs. 17, Jackie Chun vs. Goku in 21st Budokai, Goku meeting Goten, Goku reunited with Grandpa Gohan in Baba arc, Bardock: the Father of Goku, the History of Trunks, Cooler's Revenge, Broly's first movie, Goku meets Krillin.

My top 12 favorite Digimon iconic moments:

12b)OmegaShoutmon's debut

12a)Angemon rises and defeats Devimon

11)Beelzebumon's redemption

10)Final battle against Apocalymon

9)Angewomon's debut and slays Myotismon

8)WarGreymon vs BlackWarGreymon

7)MagnaAngemon's debut

6)ShineGreymon Burst Mode and Masaru vs. Belphemon

5)First Biomerge: Gallantmon/vs. Beelzebumon

4)Digidestined's farewell with Digimon in Adventure finale

3)Tamers final battle vs. D-Reaper

2)WarGreymon & MetalGarurumon first evolution/vs. VenomMyotismon

1)Omegamon's ascension in Our War Game

Honorable mentions: Rise, fall, and redemption of Ken Ichijouji, Team Xros Heart's triumph over DarknessBaguramon, Final battle against Piedmon, Wizardmon's sacrifice, Frontier Digidestined vs. Cherubimon, Magnamon's rise, Masaru & Agumon vs. Yggdrasil, Susanoomon's formation, MetalGreymon's debut vs Etemon, the Digihero & leader cameos in Hunters, BlackWarGreymon's beastly debut, Tamers' tearful goodbye to their Digimon.

I did the best I could. My lists can change overtime upon rewatches.

Thanks Ford for adding some commentary for our plans in the next year or two if the world permits.

Anyway, this was a fun movie fic to work on! Good distraction and sets up events for the series' future. Until then, send a review and see you soon!