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Chapter 32- The lawyer.

'Today was a pretty hectic day' Ruthie wrote. 'I went over to Peters to eat and he was there. Apparently Peter's mom had been dating him. Peter and me snuck out his window and ran home and told my family. Kevin called Detective Michaels and he came over with some other guys. They went over and arrested him. I have to go to court in a month. I'm so scared. Chandler is still in jail, but he can be bailed out. I hope that he isn't, because he could come backā€¦ Peter's mom was in complete shock. She just kept apologizing to me over and over. I told her it was okay, but I think she stills feels really guilty. Oh, and I decided to go to group therapy. Peters going to come with me. He's the greatest.'

Ruthie shut her dairy and safely shoved it under the mattress. She got in to bed and sighed. For the first time, she could sleep in comfort, knowing he wasn't out there.


When I woke up, I felt so rejuvenated. It felt as though I had slept for weeks. I was finally taking back my life. Chandler was arrested, and once we went to court, it could finally be over. For real. I was going to go to group therapy. I was going to get better. It was going to be good again. Like before any of this ever happened.

"Ruthie!" Lucy yelled, interrupting my good thoughts. "Detective Michaels and a lawyer are here about the court case and they need to talk to you"

Ruthie jumped out of bed and quickly threw on some clothes and brushed her hair. Then she ran downstairs.

"Hello" She greeted the two men.

"Hello" Detective Michaels answered back, in a jolly voice. The other guy just nodded. He seemed nervous to be here.

"We should go sit in the living room." Eric decided and started walking. Everyone quickly followed behind, except the lawyer. Ruthie noticed he was staring at the fridge, and he didn't seem to know what was going on.

Ruthie cleared her throat. He shook out of his daze and followed the others to the living room. Ruthie sat on the couch next to her parents and the other two each took a chair.

"Ruthie," Detective Michaels began "This is John Corgen. He will be your lawyer." Ruthie turned to him. He was studying the pictures on the wall.

"Nice to meet you Mr. Corgen."

"Huh- Oh, It's nice to meet you too." He replied. Ruthie looked at him curiously, but he turned away.

"Your going to have to tell him exactly what happened and then it'll be written down and you'll have to say it in court. And we'll present all the evidence, and if theirs enough, he'll get convicted. Unless Chandler pleads guilty, and were hoping he will."

"So, if he doesn't plead guilty, there's a chance he can still not go to jail." Ruthie asked, nervously.

Everyone nodded.


"Hey, I heard that your lawyer was there today. How'd that go?"

Peter asked Ruthie, as they walked to the park.

"It was okay, but he's kind of weird." She explained.

"Weird? How so?"

"Well.. He just seems really nervous in our house. He was, like, in a daze staring at the fridge or the pictures on the mantle."

"Huh.. That is kind of weird." Peter agreed and she nodded. "So, have you told your parents about group therapy yet?"


"What'd they say?"

"They were quite pleased, actually. I think Simon was a little upset, but that's all"

"Why was Simon upset?"

"Well, he was counselling me and then we had to stop, because he almost cut himself."

"I see.."

Ruthie laughed a little, realizing how crazy this all must sound. Peter joined in, and pretty soon they were crying from laughing so hard.