He didn't mean to.

When his siblings obtained their own bodies, he couldn't help but woke to keep an eye on them in case they bit off more than they could chew... But he ended up getting his own body ways away from that Mage, and his siblings. Pain had enveloped him and for a brief moment, he had panicked- did the Wizard wanted to do something to his siblings and wanted him out of the way?!

But the pain stopped, and he had a body of his own. His link with his younger siblings, the twins, was still connected, but weak. A sign, he decided. He would not help them within their sight nor would he stop them. This game of their's.. Big brother would participate, for once.

Heaving his body up, he glanced at the polished silver of a wall, and saw a fair, lithe male, with eyes of amethyst and hair of platinum gold. Snorting at his.. Exotic look, he turned away and started looking for a way out. The twins must not notice that he was here, after all, or else the unknown game would be lost before he even started. However.. Does the mage knows that he is here? If he does, he had better keep his mouth shut, or he would be very annoyed. And his younger siblings knew just how destructive he could be.

An exit. Delightful! Now the game could really start- how long can he help his younger siblings, before they found out?

It's been a year or two since he was a spirit. He had been travelling around, learning as much as he could before he made a move. While travelling, he had heard rumours; rumours of a dark mage conquering towns and waging war on countries, rumours of a demon, with hair of blood, decimating enemies without fail, rumours of nature being turned against the armies of those towns and countries, and finally, rumours of a pair of twins that looked so young- but were deadly due to their powers- and looks.

He smiled when he heard that.

Even when they gained bodies, they continued playing their games- deadlier than before, but still the same, nevertheless. The Dark Mage the rumours speaked of must be the Mage that gave them bodies, he thought. He must be truly powerful, to give three spirits bodies all at once- and he pity the fools that stood against such power. Then again, they didn't know of that feat- after all.

As he approached the desert, he could not help but remember that his siblings have their names now. Flowery, but still names.

Lotus and Orchid..

Perhaps he could a name while he was in this sandy city.

Ariant was an eye-opener. Despite the harsh surroundings, the nobles of the city gave nary a care for the commoners- they partied daily and did whatever they wanted. Perhaps what entranced him was the way they could waste their livehood- water. But to them, it wasn't their lifes, right? It was the commoners' and they have the 'right' to do it.

Foolishness. All humans are equal in birth, no matter what others decreed. They are born the same, wailing and crying upon entry to the world.

Yet.. There was a certain noble, he remembered. One dressed in blue in the day, but at night, enveloped in white, said noble broke into his fellow nobility housing and stole their wealth- only to give it to the peasants. Subtle inquiries revealed that no one knew who it was- only rumours of a man in white- and the definite calling card of a man named Master Thief Raven.

A presumptuous name. Yet, he was intrigued. A noble, stealing from the rich, giving to the poor? Was it whimsy, or is it something more? These thoughts led him to watching the thief from the roofs again. Only, this time, he joined him on the roof.

"Good evening. "

He nodded in reply. Why was the thief here? Wasn't he.. A quick glance revealed that the 'thief' doing the deed was nothing more than a body double.

He spoke again, unfazed from the silence.

"Heard about you from my associates, you know. A young boy with blonde hair, clad in a tattered white cloak, asking around about me. "

Tilting his head to look at the thief, he wondered briefly on why was said thief talking to him, before checking for any guards. It wouldn't do for him to be caught by pesky idiots, after all.

Unperturbed by his continued silence, the noble-thief continued. "It takes quite a bit of talent to be able to sneak past me and watch, you know. And I know you detest the nobles. " Like me, went unsaid. "Be my apprentice?"

"Okay. "

He was only slightly irritated when his voice cracked from disuse. The ire increased when the thief laughed.

"How about a new name? One to symbolise your new life! You can be Phantom, okay? In honour of your sneaky-ness. Yeah, it sounds good. What do you think?"

Phantom... He nodded. He had a name now. And he would make himself worthy of the name.

Raven died.

It was swift, sudden- and he was totally unprepared for it. The doctors ruled it as a natural death. He died in his sleep, old age, they said. But he knew. Raven died from poisoning. Raven may be old, but he still had years ahead of him. His hair was only streaked with white, after all.

It wasn't a surprise, however. Raven had made many enemies, be it as his stint as a thief, or those that he had made in Areda's court. It was only a matter of time before someone got tired of his arrogant, confident attitude and killed him. It couldn't have came at a worse time, really. He had learned all that he could from Raven already- and Raven was retiring in a few months.

Indeed, this would allow him to get away from Ariant faster, in the guise of despair over the death of his 'father' who that had saved him from 'the streets' when 'young' and is now dead.Theatrics.

However.. Raven was his. His to play with, his to learn from, his to dispose of! And a foolish upstart ruined it all. Vengeance would be taken, yes. They thought he didn't know, the fools! The killer, the mastermind- he knew their names, their looks. Before he leaves, he needs to take care of them, he decided.

It was his first taste of someone close to him dying- and he hates the resulting pain in his chest and the stinging in his eyes.

It had been on a whim when he obtained the Lumiere. It had been barely weeks after a heist that had soared beautifully in El Nath and he was supposed to be laying low in Orbis till the hunt died down. Irritated at the span of time it was taking, he had rashly headed down to custom a ship that would support his luxurious taste. After all, money wasn't a problem.

It turned out to be a work of art. However.. It was huge. Too huge for one person to maintain, even if that person wasn't human. But it was the best he could get. That mollified him, a bit. He could sail for awhile around, while looking for a pilot, a maid and maybe even a butler.

He had obtained Gaston, first, by returning to Ariant and asking him to return to service. Gaston had used to be under the employ of Raven, before Phantom had left after his death. Gaston had tried to make ends meet afterwards, but it could not be denied that time was not kind to the man. Nary a fuss was caused upon being asked- he had waited for him, Phantom! Loyalty like this should be rewarded.

Renault and Cristophe were hired while he was in Orbis, again, commissioning a second, smaller ship. He had seen the two looking for work among the other privately owned ships, only to be turned away due to their dressing. A brief glance at Gaston made up his mind- for Gaston was getting old- he did not want good help to die from over exhaustion. Quickly waving the two over, jobs were offered and taken swiftly- he was not the only one desperate, he thinks.

He had saved the maids while on business as a merchant in the town of Kerning. They had been scrapping for food in the bins, before getting caught by some thugs looking for either a quick lay or a quick buck. Cristophe hadn't cared- he had jumped in to push one of the thugs away, only to be pushed and kicked at due to his lack of height and strength. That was not allowed. No one can touch his toys- only him. That was why he had went in, after entrusting his goods to Gaston, swinging his cane around and casting spells without mercy. When the thugs were a pile of nothing on the floor, he had offered his proposal for them to work for him as cleaners- for he was in a giving mode that day and they were pretty dolls.

Christiane and Colette were bought over to his side when he had paid more than others for information. It did also helped that he paid for both uncertain and concrete information and look into things on his own. The last straw broke when he got tired of other customers asking for useless, paltry information that could potentially delayed his requests. He had immediately offered a contract where the two girls could work their magic in his ship without any second strings, as long as he gets information on everything. They accepted after a night of bartering- earlier than what Phantom would have thought.

He had obtained a full crew in a year- and in that year alone, he had bought two more ships- and gained a quasi-family, but mostly toys-esque, crew.