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This is just a fanfic about what I think would have happened in season 3 if Pan and Wendy fell in love. Anyways, there's a scene here that will be similar to one of the Peter Pan movies, its the 2003 one and will be continuing in the next chapter.

It was a very peaceful and beautiful night in the heart of the island of Neverland. The black, starry sky held the enormous moon, that shone its luminescence on the water and forests of Neverland.

In the depth of Neverland's forest was a group of young Lost Boys, who were dancing around the fire. This was not unusual, as it was their daily routine. However, the only thing unusual about tonight was that their leader, Peter Pan, was not with them. He has gone somewhere with the young girl whom he'd kept prisoner for a century, Wendy Darling. Felix, his second in command was in charge of supervising the boys during his leader's absence. He didn't mind it, as Peter deemed him as a loyal friend. While the boys had danced and chanted around the fire, Felix noticed that Henry was sitting by himself, alone. He approached Henry, sitting on the log next to him.

"Henry," Felix said, earning the young boy's attention, "where exactly did Pan go?"

Henry gave him a look.

"He didn't tell you?" he asked. "I thought you'd be the first to know."

Felix shook his head stiffly.

"Nope, well, he told me he had something to do," he said candidly. Henry shrugged.

"I don't know. From the look of it, I think he went somewhere with Wendy," he muttered, gesturing toward the empty cage. Felix followed Henry's gaze, his expression neutral.

"He always tells me. I don't see why this should be different," he murmured after a long pause. "She hasn't left her cage in so long."

"I can't say. I don't know her," Henry said. "Pan probably has some amends to make."

Felix scoffed, catching Henry's attention. They both made firm eye contact, Felix's blue orbs piercing into Henry's. "That," he said with a toothy smirk, "is not yours or my concern. Wendy may be a lost girl, but not just any kind," he added firmly.

Henry looked sideways towards the scarred boy, frowning.

"What's that got to do with anything?" he asked curiously. Felix's smirk did not leave his face. He chuckled mostly to himself. Henry furrowed his brows.

"Whatever it is, I could not care less. Those two have had their share in the game," he sneered.

"What sort of game?"

The blond boy hesitated. "All I am supposed to say is that bird girl is special, just like you." This confused Henry, making Felix grin wider. "You'll learn soon enough. Pan doesn't like those who try breaking the rules," he said flatly.

There was a long pause that stretched between them, and the only thing that filled the silence was the chanting and music from the dancing boys. Eventually, Felix stood, hoisting the club onto his shoulder.

"Well," he said looking at Henry menacingly, "I'm going to see the boys. Would you care to join?" Henry shook his head.

"No, I'm gonna stay here for a bit. I'll come later," he replied briskly.

Felix nodded and turned away, leaving Henry to sit in contemplation of how Peter Pan would save magic. But that wasn't what concerned him the most. What he really worried about was how Emma and everyone else were going to rescue him from Pan. Henry didn't readily know what choice was best, if he could even trust the immortal boy.

He sighed and looked up at the moon, large and bright against the black night.


"Peter, are you well?" Wendy whispered. "You don't seem like yourself," she said solemnly.

Somewhere in the outskirts of the Neverwood was a young pair quarrelling. Peter decided to spend a night with Wendy despite the current situation of the disintegrating island. He found the need to keep his mind occupied with other thoughts-particularly wonderful thoughts.

Instead of her plain white night dress, Wendy wore a pink dress with lace and ruffles that the lost boys had made for her with the help of magic. She was also wearing a very beautiful necklace- a pink diamond that captured light and shone such a beauty. Her hair was tidy, brown curls smooth and glossy, were it had usually been frizzy and messy. it was a shame none of it had been reflective with her current mood. Peter wanted to see her face enlighten for once; after all that had occurred between them.

The king of Neverland pulled Wendy closer and made her face him. The shadows of the night made his face look sharp and frightening, yet soft. A gleam formed in his eyes matching his expression.

"Just give me a chance, Wendy-bird. Trust me, I'm fine." Again, that pet name he always used never failed to earn her attention. As bothersome as it sounded, she never minded it- she quite liked how it reminded her what she meant to him. He ran a gentle hand through her brunette locks. Wendy raised a hand and brushed it off, backing away and crossing her arms.

"Why? After all that's going on, this doesn't seem right. Shouldn't you try saving us? And get the heart?" she pressed him further.

Peter sighed, with a mix of irritation and disappointment. "Please, Wendy let it go for once. I have something I want to show you," he said softly.

Wendy was not pleased. "If it's some ugly creature or dirty trick, no thank you. I won't put up with it," she pouted and turned away, her back facing him.

Peter chuckled, attempting to uplift her mood. "Just come with me, I'm sure you'll love it."

He walked past her and made his way into the forest. Before taking another step, he turned around and shot the girl a warning gaze. Wendy sighed and followed him, accepting his hand he offered to be held.


In a camp in the middle of the Neverwood, was a group of adults that came to Neverland to rescue Henry from Pan, whom they have confronted twice. Emma, David, Hook, Mary Margaret, Regina, Mr. Gold, Neal and Tinkerbell were gathered around a blazing campfire.

Emma was pacing back and forth, feeling frustrated with Hook, Neal and Tinkerbell standing by. Mary Margaret and David were sitting together on a log while Mr. Gold was standing in front of a tree and Regina was on a log sitting by her.

"This is ridiculous!" Emma exclaimed with exasperation. "All we've been doing is sitting around. How are we going to get Henry back?" She took a deep breath and lowered her head, her long blonde hair obscuring the expression on her face. Regina rolled her eyes.

"Maybe if you stop moping around for once, things could probably get done a lot faster!" she snapped. Emma shot Regina a glare.

"I'm saying we need to make a move already!"

Mary Margaret stood up and approached Emma.

"You're right, we can't just sit here," she said calmly. "Maybe if we actually think this out thoroughly our plans will work."


"Your mother's right, Emma," said David. "If we're all going to work together we need to come up with a real plan."

Emma wasn't satisfied with her parent's advice.

"But we don't have time!" she exclaimed. "He wants to save Neverland and the only way is using Henry's heart, which means death!"

She had never felt so desperate and upset. Neal put a kind hand on Emma's shoulder, giving her a reassuring look. "It's not gunna happen, all right? You're the saviour, it's in your job description to bring happy endings."

He smiled at her, and she rolled her eyes.

"It's not as easy as it sounds."

"Pan is very powerful," said Gold. "I've confronted him, but even if I and the Evil Queen combine our powers, we'd still be useless against that demon."

Regina abruptly shot up from the log, her exasperation and anger getting the best of her.

"There has to be a way!" she said. "Defeating Pan is something we'll do later. Our main priority is getting Henry back without him knowing."

Tinkerbell, who had been quiet the entire time, finally spoke.

"As a matter of fact, Peter Pan is not at the camp tonight." Everyone's head turned facing the wingless fairy. Tinkerbell continued. "He's on an exploration trip with Wendy. I know because I was with him today. He announced it to the Lost Boys."

Regina was surprised.

"Wendy? Ariel said he's been keeping the girl caged. And if her brothers don't follow his orders, he'll kill her."

The fairy shrugged. "I don't know, I guess since everything in Neverland will soon be gone, now's probably the time." Whispers and muttering erupted suddenly within the group.

"This is just beyond bizarre!"

"Pan has changed?"

"How's that possible, he's a monster!"

"It can't be!"

There was silence for a very long time and no one said anything. Everyone was recovering from the shock about the news they just heard. Emma, who had been calm the whole time, finally spoke. "I-," she glanced around and everyone looked up at her, "I know this sounds crazy, but do you think Wendy can be trusted?" There were a bunch of groans, which were followed by shaken heads.

Regina was in no mood to be tolerant. "Come on, Emma," she rolled her eyes. "Didn't you hear Tink? From the sound of that, there is no doubt that Wendy is working with Pan!"

"I knew Wendy," said Neal. "Maybe you should—"

"How do you know? Its not like she approves of the things Pan does, she was part of your world once!" Tinkerbell retorted.

"Wendy is just a little girl, what does she know? Are you saying she's trustworthy?" Regina demanded.

"Like you're very trustworthy yourself," Tink snapped.

"Excuse me? Look who's talking!"

"I am a faithful fairy! Why do you think Pan still trusts me?"

"Well, seems like you're friends with a villain, so I guess that means you've become a villain yourself. Why should we trust you?"

"You're the villain here! If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have lost my wings in the first place!"

"You've agreed to help us!"

"Well, in that case, I guess I should leave and help Pan, if that's what you—"

"Ladies, ladies, ladies!" David shouted and stood between the two with raised hands. "We all know our histories with each other aren't the best. But its time that we move on and focus on our current problem," he turned to Neal. "What were you going to say?"

Neal nodded. "I met Wendy many years ago when I was a child and believe me, she's very naïve and doesn't consider anything before taking action. She used to tell me that she'd love to visit Neverland, but I warned her about the consequences of magic. She came to Neverland and was captured by Pan."

Hook looked at Emma with a small smirk.

"Well I guess that answers your question, Miss Swan."

Emma shrugged.

"It's obvious she got herself into this mess," she muttered.

"So that means there is no doubt Wendy's on Pan's side," Mary Margaret added.

"Well, since the two lovebirds are busy being alone, I guess its time we go to the Lost Boys' camp," Regina insisted.

Emma nodded. "Right, I believe now would be the ideal time," then she added. "It's either now or never." Everyone had moved around and gathered their weapons.

David picked up his sheath and tied it onto his belt. "Let's go then," he turned to Mr. Gold. "You coming with us?" he asked.

The Dark One shook his head. "No, I will stay here in case the shadow comes looking for me." David nodded and gestured everyone to follow him and they took a few steps but were stopped

"Wait!" it was Tinkerbell. "I think we should split up." Everyone frowned at her in question, but Hook spoke up.

"The fairy's right," he said. "Her cover will be blown if the Lost Boys see us with her."

"Then what are you going to do?" Emma asked.

Hook and Tinkerbell looked to one another.

"Hook and I will see what Peter and Wendy are up to while you guys go to the camp and try what you can to get Henry back," said Tinkerbell. Surprisingly, no one argued about it and Emma nodded her head and followed David, who led the way. Everyone parted different ways and then the campsite suddenly became dead silent with Rumpelstiltskin sitting alone near the dying fire.


The young pair was walking in the forest for a long time and Wendy was growing very anxious and impatient by each passing minute. Her feet were also becoming sore, but she decided to ignore it.

"Peter, where exactly are we going?" she asked wearily.

The boy turned to her and smiled. "It's a surprise."

Wendy sighed. "Now you tell me."

"This is a very secret place in Neverland," he explained. "No one has ever been here. Well, not for many years." Wendy felt her lips tug upwards in spite of her mood.

They continued to walk, the sounds of rustling and crunching becoming less and less, which meant their arrival was very near. Suddenly, the trees become less dense and a clearing came into view.

"Here we are, Wendy," he said, showing her the place.

She was not surprised; the place looked like an ordinary place deep in the Neverwood. However, the only exception about its appearance was the little dirt humps on the ground and rocks.

Wendy scoffed. "Peter, this looks like any place I've seen here."

The boy faced Wendy, a look of slight hurt twinkled in his eyes and she felt a small pang of guilt- hadn't it been for her outspoken mouth.

Peter smiled. "That's not it." He took out his pipe and brought it close to his mouth. "Just listen and watch."

He brought the pipe to his lips and blew. A melody of music filled the air, the most beautiful music Wendy had ever heard and she really loved it. She had never heard in so long that it brought a sweet tickle to her ears.

Peter continued to play, until he ended the song with a low whistle.

Wendy was confused, was something supposed to happen?

Suddenly, a bunch of floating lights emerged from the humps, rocks and trees. They were flying all over the place and soon, were filled with firefly lights. It was a very beautiful scene. Wendy was very delighted and impressed, she ran into the area where lights dazzled that gave out such a warm, luminescence that nearly lit up the entire forest.

"Peter!" she twirled around in her dress, laughing with glee. "Oh my! They're so pretty!"

The boy smiled and stepped into the clearing where she was.

"They're pixies, bird." He said and one pixie came to Wendy, scrutinizing her face.

"Why hello there!" she said and the pixie gave her a tickle on the nose and zoomed away. Wendy giggled and floating bright lights surrounded her and Peter.

"They're dancing for you, Wendy," he said, his face shone from a pixy's light, which showed how joyful he was.

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