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Chapter One: The Demon's Daughter

"Happy birthday, sweetheart," said the grey-eyed, grey-haired demon to a small girl with raven coloured hair and icy blue eyes: his daughter "I have a surprise for you,"

The newly turned eleven-year-old looked up at her father and saw a glint in his eyes, but she thought nothing of it; she was only eleven after all. But the gleam wasn't just a trick of the light; it was pure evil and represented things no eleven-year-old would understand even if they had been brought up by it.

"Take my hand," he instructed. She obeyed and was suddenly engulfed by smoke. And then… she was in a place she had never been before; a place beyond her imagination. A place called Earth.

Her father had told her of the mortals that inhabited it – the mortals that had eventually taken over the Earth and killed any demon they found; forcing them to take refuge in the Underworld. Her father had always made the mortals seem heartless and evil, but Rose disagreed: she thought the mortals had just been scared. Even she was scared of demons, the powers they possessed and the evil deeds they committed. She didn't blame the mortals for being scared and trying to stop the evil that manipulated them, stole from them and murdered their loved ones.

"Why are we here?" she asked her father, slightly wary for the answer that she knew was eventually coming.

"Patience, Rose," he said softly, not looking at her. This was an important day, not only for his daughter but for him as well. It was written, centuries ago, that when a magical being turned eleven years old, they must decide to do something good or something bad to determine whether they would be good or bad for the rest of their lives.

Before now, any evil deeds that his daughter had done meant nothing unless she chose the evil. "Not that she's done many evil deeds," he thought to himself. But she would tonight; he knew it because he would ensure that she did.

Rose looked around her and saw that they were standing in the middle of a deserted road. She recognised what it was from the many books that Belthazor had given her years ago to learn how to read.

Belthazor had been like a big brother to her; whenever her father had gone to kill mortals, Rose had always stayed with him. He seemed to understand her more than anyone did, even her father.

"Why are we here?" she asked for the second time, determined to get a straight answer from her father. Rather than answering, the demon started walking towards the entrance to a shop and beckoned Rose to follow him.

Once again, she obeyed, but only out of curiosity. The unlikely pair entered and a bell rang to notify the shopkeeper that she had customers, or so she thought.

Rose knew that this woman was a good witch purely because her father had taken her to her shop specifically.

"You know what to do," her father said simply to her.

"No," she insisted. She knew exactly what he wanted her to do: kill her. But for as long as she could remember, Rose had promised herself never to murder an innocent, even if it meant her own life was at stake.

Being buried alive in an earthquake.

She had been born with the ability to sense the greatest fear of any magical or mortal being and make it come to life – fear projection – a power she had inherited from her demonic father.

Being buried alive in an earthquake.

She couldn't do it. She wouldn't sink to the same level as her father.

"Rose, do as I say," the demon insisted. This was what he had been dreading; if she didn't do this now; on her eleventh birthday at midnight, she would forever be destined for 'good'. And he couldn't let this happen.

Being buried alive in an earthquake: Crumbling buildings, shaking ground, rubble and ruins everywhere. It would be easy.

"No," she repeated. She wasn't going to give in. Barbas knew what he had to do. If she refused to do it herself, he would have to do it and make her watch – that would work.

Being buried alive in an earthquake.

All of a sudden, the ground started to shake and shelves began to fall to the floor. The witch looked petrified. "No," she muttered, "Stop,"

"Being buried alive in an earthquake: your greatest fear," the demon said.

If the witch had wanted to reply, she wouldn't have been able to for she was so scared that she couldn't speak.

Finally, Rose came to her senses and pushed her father. "Stop!" she screamed. The demon tripped and started to fall backwards. But just as he was about to touch the ground, he vanished. The witch collapsed and Rose swiftly ran up to her to help her up.

"Thank you," she whispered to Rose. Rose stared at her, not knowing what to do. Her father was gone, and she was the one who had destroyed him. What had she done to him? If the Source found out, she was going to be killed. "What is your name?" the witch asked.

"Rose," the eleven-year-old replied. "I'm sorry. I should have stopped him sooner. I knew what he was doing and it's my eleventh birthday; he wanted me to be evil and –"

"Stop. It's okay. You saved my life," The witch assured her. "Are you a demon?" she continued. It wasn't that she was scared of the girl, just curious. If the demon was some sort of relation to Rose, then she may not have anyone left.

"Half," Rose replied, blinking her tears away. She realised what the woman had been thinking: she had no one left. Sometimes, Rose hated being magical. She wished that she was mortal because at least then she wouldn't have to be half demon, or:

"I'm half-witch as well," Rose added, hoping that it would persuade the witch woman not to vanquish her. Rose didn't mind being half witch because that meant that she wasn't entirely evil and that had always reassured her.

"Okay," said the witch, "Why don't you come with me?"

"No, it's okay. I'll just go home. I don't think my father will hurt you anymore," Rose answered.

"Rose, do you know what happened to your father?" she asked.

"I think... I think I may have vanquished him," Rose said.

"You didn't. You banished him," the witch explained. "That means he's not gone forever; he will come back,"


"I don't know; we just have to be prepared for when he does,"

"How can we? If we don't know, then how can we be prepared for him?"

"Legend has it that only the Charmed Ones can vanquish him,"

"I guess I'll just have to tell them to be prepared to fight him then," Rose said. She was determined to get rid of her father if it meant that no one else would be killed in the same horrible way as this witch could have been killed.

"It's not as simple as that. They haven't come into their powers yet," the witch explained.

"Oh," Rose answered. The little hope she had left was rapidly leaving her body. She shimmered out and the witch was left staring at her destroyed shop, grateful for that young girl who had saved her life.

A few miles away, unknown to anyone, a new passage was being added to an entry about a demon that killed innocents by using their fears. It was being written by an invisible source in a Book of Shadows. But it was not just any Book of Shadows. It was The Charmed Ones' Book of Shadows.

It read: The Demon of Fear, also known as Barbas, is a demon that has the power to use a person's fear against them, often leading to the murder of being 'scared to death.' On February 28th 1998, he was banished to Purgatory by his daughter. The only way for Barbas to escape is for him to kill thirteen unmarried witches by midnight on Friday 13th.

There is no known way to vanquish this demon.

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