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"Sakura," He stares into her eyes, "You're a nuisance to my presence." 'I've made my decision.' Sasuke thought, 'I don't hate her, nor do I like her. I'm not interested in being in a relationship. I'm not looking for what Sakura is looking for.'

"I know." She said firmly.

"Let's just stay friends." He said grabbing her arms. Looking deep into his eyes, she wanted to see if he wants her like she wants him.

"No," She refused, "We were never friends Sasuke..." Sakura breathed.

"Don't force me to have to say hateful words Sakura," Sasuke leaned down so that their eyes were nearly apart. The mix of their breaths overwhelmed Sakura.

"You don't hate me Sasuke," Sakura whispered, "I know you don't like me either," Sakura persisted, "But I love you. My feelings won't change no matter what you say."

Sasuke grimaced and released her arms and turned his back towards her, "Do as you please but I will do what I want."

Sakura smiled and laughed, "Thank you Sasuke." She watched his hands turned into a fist, "I know you don't want to hurt me," Sakura said, "But I know what I'm getting myself into." She said. Silently, he sat down at the table and watched her cook him breakfast.

Treasuring the moment, Sakura smiled as they ate together. Watching her every move, Sasuke looked up every time they ate.

Chapter 2


Many people said that you just can't give up. Everyone is living by Naruto's rules now. His rules of never giving up. I too believe in that. I want to, however, something pulls me back telling me that you have to. Loving Sasuke is like poison. Although I am enjoying every moment with him, it's also painful to realize that doesn't feel the same. Eating with him alone, and eating with him and Naruto...nothing changes.

I love being attached to him. He's probably just feeling sorry for me. He's letting me jump all over him. Even...that hot pink haired girl could jump on him and he wouldn't mind. Standing by the river, I began to think to myself of all the possibilities that I could do to guarantee Sasuke's happiness. If traveling is what he wants...then I-

No...the thought of letting him go off like that pains me. Not seeing him...

'You're just afraid you might fall in love with someone else Sakura... because you believe that Sasuke is the only one because for all your life, you've only been attached to him. You've only seen Sasuke as a man and no one else. You've never given anyone else a chance.' Ino would say to me.

Sighing, I realized that although I am a nuisance to Sasuke, I still want to be with him.

"Just a little more..." Sakura whispered.

"Just a little more for what?" Sasuke walked by me. I usually wait here for him, by the river. Knowing his daily routine, I've stuck myself onto him like a little dog.

Looking into his eyes, I couldn't help but flush of red. Even though Ino tells me to let him go and fall for another, he's the only one to make me feel this way.


2 weeks later...

"Nothing," Sakura smiled and walked beside him, "How is your day Sasuke?" Sakura asked with a smile.

Glancing at Sakura at the corner of his eye, Sasuke smirked and stopped walking, "I just encountered a bunch of annoying fan girls," He said. With unexpected silence, he realized Sakura wasn't reacting the same. The sudden surprise made it awkward for himself.

"Really?" Sakura muttered, "As expected," Sakura smiled slightly. It was that same smile Sai talks about to Sasuke, that fake smile. "You're cute, handsome, and intelligent! Sasuke-kun, of course you're going to have many fan girls." Sakura replied and turned to look at him. As the deep black eyes and the emerald green eyes face each other, the intimacy begins to struggle. Sakura's desire increased and her butterflies turns over. Looking away, Sakura continues to walk. Shrugging the incident moment, Sasuke continued to walk along her side.

Walking home with Sasuke was HER everyday routine. Being with him, and learning more about him was her dreams...

Sakura's expression were filled with many questions. Irritated of the silence, Sasuke grabs her hands and forces her to stare at him. Surprised, Sakura's eyes widened.

"Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked.

"Sakura," his dark eyes so concentrated into hers making her heart pounding non-stop, "I can't stand your annoying looks. If you have something on your mind, say it." His calm voice never change. Cold as ever, but since he came back, he's been very kind to her...and others.

"Sasuke-kun," Sakura smiled, "I..." her smile broadened, "I've come to love you even more." She blushed. Glaring at her, she wasn't sure if he would be mad, or happy. Trying to understand her, Sasuke sighed and advanced on to keep walking.

Giggling, Sakura whispered, "At least he didn't reject me." Sakura sighed.

That night, laying in bed, Sakura couldn't help but think.

Why do I like him? Before he came back...BEFORE the War...I told myself that I will no longer see him like that. I told myself that I will never fall for him like this again. I told myself I WILL CHANGE. SAKURA! Think about yourself! You know you deserve a better guy...

BUT He's the ONLY GUY!

No he's not!





YES! My mind tells me no...

but my heart tells me yes

Will I only love him?

"No..." Sakura sat up in her bed, "Naruto..."

As the next day set off, Sakura quickly heads to Naruto's apartment. Knocking on his door, Sakura became impatient. Walking back and forth, she finally knocks his door down.

"SHANNAAAROOO!" Looking around she growled, "NARUTO UZAMAKI!" She yelled, "Come out!"

"Sakura?" Naruto walked behind her from the broken door, "MY DOOR!" He cried.

Staring at his humorous reaction she laughed, "Sorry Naruto, I broke it."

"Sakura-chan?" He cried.

"I'll pay for it." Sakura left the money on his table.

"What are you doing here Sakura?" His eyes never leaving her. He became cautious of her doings and realized she wasn't herself.

"Naruto..." Sakura sighed, "I was wondering-" She bit her lips.

"Naruto-kun?" Hinata walked in. Realizing Sakura was there she quickly blushes and said, "Sorry." She said.

"Ah, Hinata!" Naruto smiled and grabbed her hands and pulled her inside, "What were you saying Sakura?"

Sakura smiled at the two and replied, "I was wondering if you were busy this week? Kakashi needed someone on a mission with Kiba-kun but looks like you're busy," Sakura teased, "I'll see you later! See you Naruto! Hinata!" Sakura ran out the door.

"She's been weird lately." Naruto whispered. Hinata innocently looks up at the worried Naruto.

"Sasuke has returned for months now," Hinata said, "It might...might have something to do with ...Sas-Sasuke-kun."

Naruto widens his smirk and replies, "Probably."

Once more, Sakura walks down Konoha.

"Did you hear?" Girls whispered, "The Uchiha is finally dating!" Hearing the rumors spread, Sakura became curious.

"Who?" they continued to whispered.

"I heard-"

"What did you hear?" Sakura's fierce eyes striked through theirs.

BEcoming intimidated they yelled, "Nothing!" Watching them run off, Sakura crossed her arms.

"Who could Sasuke be hanging around with besides me?" Sakura asked, "About everyday I'm over at his house...there's no way he could bring anyone home. The only times I'm not with him is when I'm working...and that's about...12 hours of the day..." Sakura whispered and whined. With a big smirk, Sakura quickly dresses herself up with a black ninja suit. Sneaking around town, she heads out to find the Uchiha survivor.

"Sasuke~!" Sakura heard as she walks by a small store. Analyzing the store, she recognizes this as an restaurant with liquor.

"Sasuke can't possibly...drink?" Sakura snuck in with a pass.

"Karin!" Sasuke yelled, "Don't push my button." Sasuke sighed.

"But Sasuke~" Karin whined. Watching the girl opens herself to Sasuke, Sakura couldn't take it. Carefully not to get caught, Sakura continues to stare at Sasuke's daily routine without her.

Sasuke tried removing Karin's hands from his chest and without realizing, Sakura became hot headed. Her jealousy hit and she couldn't hold it in. As she endures, she became speechless as Karin begins to cry.

"What's wrong now?" Sasuke asked.

"It's just that...we've been hanging out together for a long time now Sasuke...you've never held me...or even kissed me," She whined.

'Sasuke...would never do that would he?' Sakura asked herself. Watching the Uchiha boy smirk, her heart pained like a knife to the heart.

Grabbing Karin's cheek, Sasuke smirked. As he faced Karin, a shred of pink in the corner caught his eyes. Their eyes met and she quickly covered her hair and disappeared.

"What's wrong Sasuke?" Karin opened her eyes. Sasuke stood up and sighed.


"Sorry Karin," Sasuke said quickly, "I'm going home today."

"To Sakura?" Karin bit her lips. With no replies, Sasuke walks off. Up the streets and down the streets, everyone knows the face of their young ninja. Rumors continues to spread, and many still swoons over the one and only Uchiha.

'Have I been a fool all this time? Did I become that selfish? Did I think that I could take Sasuke-kun for myself? Can I...Can I really ignore him? Avoid him? Stop interacting with him? Stop loving him?' Sakura's thoughts ran through her mind constantly. Running home, Sakura closed the door behind her and rushed to change. With the final touch, she tightens her headband.

"There..." Sakura kept herself busy, "I should get to work!" and that was her final decision. Looking into the mirror, Sakura draws a smile on the mirror and puts on a smile.

"Smile Sakura," Sakura laughs at herself.

Opening the door, his mysteriously cold dark eyes never ceased to stop making her heart beat. Flushes of red flows over Sakura's face.

"Sasuke-kun?" Sakura stares at him with a smile, "What are you doing here? This is the first time you've ever knocked on my door..." Sakura looked away.

"Sakura," and his voice, his voice was music to her ears.

"Sasuke-kun," Sakura's emerald eyes changed that instant, "Have you ever heard of a love that could kill?" Surprised by her words, he smirked.


"So...from this moment, WITHOUT explanations," She pointed out to him, "I will stop chasing you."

Her words struck him speechless, "Are you really?" He watches her shakes her head yes.

"Good," he finally lets go of his formalities, "Then, we can become real friends, and you..." He pokes her forehead and smiled, "the annoying little girl will finally be off my back for the first time." This side of him was new to her.

"All this time..." She glanced into his eyes, "Have you been toying with me?"

"Not toying Sakura..." HE sighed, "I've been trying to make it up to you..."
"Is that what you're doing with Karin as well?" Sakura asked angrily.

"Yeah... I am trying to make it up to you both."

"Is that how you view us?" Sakura sighed, "AS EASY?"

"Correct," He continued to agree with her. Realizing that she was definitely out of her mind, she has definitely changed in a short amount of time.

Laughing out loud Sakura finally grabs Sasuke's shirt and pulls him closer to her, "I'm done playing games Uchiha," Sakura said roughly.

"What can make you change this fast?" Sasuke sighed, "One minute you're chasing me with a lovey dovey form and now you're ruthless and fierce."

"Everyone kept reminding me," Sakura growled, "To never accept you back into my life like that. They told me I should stop loving you... and I had enough. For me it's easy," Sakura smirked, "Going back to the day where you left, it's easy."

"So you're telling me that all this month...you were faking your personality out?" Sasuke questioned coldly.

Letting his shirt go she grinned and replied, "Yeah, just like you toyed with us with your 'redemption' stories, I think it's easier this way Sasuke. SO!" She barked, "Let's be friends," Sakura smiled widely like she did in the mirror and stuck her hands out.

Smiling himself, Sasuke shook her hands.

"Welcome back... Sasuke Uchiha."

That long night, as Sakura came home in the mid-night, tears stripped from her eyes.

"Why did I do that?" Sakura cried, "I'm such a fool! What was I expecting?"

"Lets get this straight," Sakura said to herself, "Sakura, you were nothing...but a friend in his eye...NOTHING MORE! He was just playing friendly! So...for your sake...and for his let's just be friends. That was plan A anyways." Sakura sighed, "It was the original plan we had. I shouldn't be all over him... SO TONIGHT!" Sakura shook her head, "No...I CAN'T PARTY BY MYSELF!" She jumped up from her bed, "I WON'T BE NEGATIVE! THIS IS POSITIVE!" Sakura's pink hair flowed in the mid night's moon. As she jumps out of her window in her shorts and tank top from house to house she reaches a flower shop.

"INO!" Sakura runs in.

Glaring at the pig, Sakura laughs at her best friend.

"SAKURA?" Sai was painting her a portrait.

"What are you doing here?" Ino asked.

"I-" She cried, "I'M SO PISSED OFF!" She yelled as she runs to hug her best friend.

Drinking in Ino's room, Sakura had let go of her feelings.

"I'll leave you two," Sai smiled and waved goodbye. Leaving the shop, he stops at the exit of the door. Without staring he begins to speak.

"Uchiha-san," Sai said, "Your redemption problem is going to ruin all your relationships," Sai patted Sasuke's shoulder, "Make a decision would you?"

"I'M DONE WITH THIS!" Sakura yelled to Ino, "I am never going to like him again! It's not about redemption this time...THIS is about love! REAL LOVE!"

"Your obsessed..." Ino sighed from the misery looks of Sakura's obsessed character.

"Yeah..." Sakura finally gave in, "And I...when I saw how insecure and open Karin was today...I-" Sakura's tears kept dripping, "I realized how insecure I was about myself. I want to learn to love myself more. I want to BE in love...I want to learn how to fall in love." Sakura cried.

Ino's lamely stared at Sakura, "That doesn't even make sense but...Sakura...it's ok...there's more guys out there."

"THAT'S WHAT I'M TELLING MYSELF!" Sakura cried, "I've been trying to tell myself that! I told myself...that HE'S NOT WORTH IT! HE'S THE UCHIHA WHO EVERYONE HAS EYES ON!"

"Really?" Ino sighed, "You've gone out of control."

"I'm just...just..." Sakura sighed and took another drink, "YOU KNOW WHAT?" Sakura stood up, "I've decided that I will find myself as important. For a WHOLE YEAR I," Sakura smirked, "I will learn to love myself and find a new dream that would be meaningful..."

Ino sighed, "I thought you told me your dream was to be doctor and to put patients first?" Ino replied.

Sakura finally settled down and sat, "I...I'm not like them at all Ino...I'm not like Naruto. I'm not like Sasuke. I don't even know who I am..." Sakura said as she sobers up. Watching the poor pink haired girl knock out, Ino cleaned up.

"Sakura..." Ino sighed, "Sasuke maybe important...but when will you ever find yourself as important?"

As morning came by, Sakura had gone up and out in about heading towards the hospital.

"You've got a patient," a nurse came running to Sakura and handing her a paper work.

"Who?" Sakura asked.

"ME!" The doggy boy yelled from the next room, "Hurry Sakura!"

"Kiba?" Sakura stared at unwounded boy.

"Sakura, I need help," Kiba cried his miserable eyes out till it puffed out, "I...I'm miserably broken!"

"WHERE!" Sakura yelled.

Kiba smiled, "My heart." With one angry punch, Sakura punched the doggy boy on the head.

"Fix his head!" Sakura told the nurse. Awkwardly staring at Kiba, she sighs from the assignment.

"Wait Sakura!" Kiba sat up, "I..." Kiba sighed, "I need your help."

Turning to stare at the stern face of his, she realized he was serious, "I...I'm really broken...and I don't know what can stop my heart from hurting so much." Kiba's eyes were running of tears.

Confused and unsure of his actions Sakura couldn't help herself, "Leave us," Sakura ordered the nurse. As the nurse exits, Sakura stood up tall and listened to his story. After explaining, Kiba was surprised the pink haired doctor didn't laugh.

"You're not laughing?"

"Why would I? You're in love right?" Sakura's cold eyes were sternly fierce.

Kiba stared and said, "Hinata feels sorry for me..." Kiba said, "So she wants to go with me on the mission...but...I don't want to force that upon her..especially with her being with Naruto and all." Kiba grinned his teeth together trying to hold in his tears.

Sakura sighs and replies, "I'll go."

The sudden change of wind caught Sasuke's as he stares at the far sun in the sky. The clear blue skies and the bright day was filled with such horrific wind. Standing on the front porch, Sasuke stares at the empty seat in his kitchen and the front porch where she usually comforts him with her attention. Smiling at the memories he made with her in just a few months, he sighed from the loneliness.

"Naruto's changed, but will you too...change when I am right in front of you?" Sasuke whispered.

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