Heya guys! So, Chapter 700 has been out for a few weeks now, and so Naruto, after 15 years, is over. I began my Naruto journey when I was around 8 years old, tuning in on Toonami every week for my favorite Knucklehead ninja. I've only ever written one NaruHina story, which I have never completed (I'm so sorry for those who have read it!) and that was years ago, and no longer reflects my skills as a writer, or my hopes for this now canon pairing.

Again, the last and only NaruHina story I wrote was never completed and actually left behind for some SasuHina fics. But as my childhood OTP is canon now, I wanted to resume writing Naruto and Hinata pairing fics and to keep myself honest, I have created this collection of vignettes/oneshots! So, this way they really are separate stories and don't, therefore, have a specific plot. Thus, no pressure for me to continue writing if things change (which they often do with me!).

I've put my numerous playlists on shuffle and selected, so far, about 30 songs at random to write one oneshot per song, that is obviously inspired by that song.

So without further ado,


Don't you think that it's boring, how people talk…
Baby be the class clown,
I'll be the beauty queen in tears
It's a new art form, showing people how little we care…

-Tennis Court, Lorde

Hinata has been thinking a lot about her parents recently. She's never thought so much about the love between them until now. Was it ever challenged? Did anyone ever question Hiashi's love for her mother? Hyuuga men were never really that outwardly affectionate anyway.

When they went out, how tightly did Hiashi have to grip her mother's hand? How long did she have to stare, longingly into his eyes? How many "I love you's" did they both have to say, within earshot of strangers, for it to be considered gospel?

Hinata realizes their situations aren't the same. She remembers she is outside. People are watching. Girls look with contempt, with confusion.

(After all, her with him?)

Hinata felt her grip on Naruto's hand loosen. He reacts by holding hers more tightly.

Good. That means she isn't crazy. This is real.

(Or maybe, she just imagined that tightening, maybe she imagined that reassuring gesture.)

After the war, Hinata developed a particular fondness for the indoors. She grew extremely grateful for secluded moments with Naruto, when, in the beginning of their relationship, she could only find unease. After all, in the beginning, she was afraid Naruto would emerge from some ridiculous stupor in their private moments in his home. She was afraid, that when all their friends went home, when the bustling city center turned into the quiet of the Hyuuga compound, or when the haunting silence of his apartment began to seep into her consciousness, he would awaken from genjutsu and realize his error of having been romantically involved with a weirdo like her. And he would leave.

But, those terrible thoughts had left her mind…

New, insidious ones are taking form. Now, again, she rejoices in these once terrifying moments with her boyfriend. When he looks at her, it is with reverence and disbelief, as if he can't believe that this girl loves him or would die for him. She can see that. His gaze alone sets her cheeks ablaze.

When villagers look at her, on his arm, it is also with disbelief.

"What an odd pair," she heard a girl say once in passing.

"I thought the hero of the village would pick…I dunno, someone else? She's so timid and meek."

Now, he is always gentle, when he touches her. When he holds her hand, he always does it with a certain grace that most of their friends would swear he should never even be capable of. But now, as the skin of their hands press against one another's, it hurt. It is painful. Villagers' eyes were magnifying glasses, directing the sunlight as beams onto their flesh. How could he not feel it?

Her grip loosens even more.

He doesn't tighten this time.

Maybe he is getting the hint. Maybe he, too, is starting to feel the burn.

They are silly, her feelings. Ridiculous. They have held hands once before, during the war, and she had never felt so powerful. So alive. So in love.

(Of course, that was the chakra making her feel this way. What he was transferring to her was power in the form of energy. Her hand was the closest thing of hers to him.

That's all…)

"Hinata, I love you," Naruto says.

He has said it before. Of course he has. The first time, she was sure she wasn't just going to faint. She was sure her heart was going to race until it stopped. She would be the first woman to die of happiness.

The first time he said those words, she could see he had readied himself to catch her. Like he always has. He's always been there to catch her.

She just sighed. It was a sigh of relief, with a twinge of relaxed impatience. She would have been lying to herself if she said she hadn't been waiting years to hear those words, like one who waits for a letter in the mail from their lover.

"You, too," Hinata said simply, timidly, "but, of course, you already knew that…"

She didn't faint. She never cried. She didn't become the first woman to die of happiness…

(Maybe she didn't love him that much after all.)

"Wait…what?" she says now. She's missing something. Something important. She wants him to say it again. Say it again.

"I said, 'I love you', Hinata." He says it louder this time.

He's looking at her now. His blue eyes are staring straight into her own. His hand is tightening again.

How long will he stare? How many times does he have to say "I love you"? Must his grip tear at her flesh?


People are looking at them. They always are.

"Naruto…" she whispers, frantically looking around at all the generic faces who are gazing at their hero.

"I love you, Hinata Hyuuga!" he's shouting now, "If anyone questions that, then they're idiots!"

Deep blush covers Hinata's cheeks. Why is he always so loud?

The whole street, pedestrians, shopkeepers, fellow ninja, they're all looking now. His smile is goofy and wide…

"H-how did you know?" she asks him softly. The stares have died down.

"It's all over your face," he replies calmly, quietly.

She smiles. They are the only two people on this Earth now.

Good. That means it's real.

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