"I still have the keys to Maxie's apartment. I'll let you in and i'll stall Maxie for as long as you need," said Nathan standing outside of Maxie's apartment.

"Sounds like a plan. Although, I never thought a cop would sign off on breaking and entering," said Felix looking around them nervously for passerbys.

"It's not breaking and entering. I still have my key and i'm giving you permission to look around," said Nathan.

"Sure, it is," said Felix waving his hands around to get on with it. "I'll try not to be offended that you volunteered me for this criminal act instead of Sabrina."

"It's not criminal. Not wholly and you agreed," said Nathan through gritted teeth as he let himself into Maxie's apartment. He already knew that she wasn't home when he called her.

"Right, well lets get on with this," said Felix. He waited until Nathan closed the door back quietly before beginning his search.

"Nathan, what are you doing here? I thought we were meeting at Kelly's," said Maxie coming around the corner to see Nathan waiting outside her door.

"Yeah, but I got to Kelly's and it was so packed. I thought a change in venue was in order," said Nathan slipping the keys into his back pocket.

"Why, didn't you just call me? I only came back because I forgot my wallet," said Maxie reaching around Nathan for the door knob her keys in hand.

"No," he said grabbing her hands and steering her away from her door.

She raised one eyebrow at him curiously. "Whats the matter?"

"You don't need to worry about money. This is one dinner that's on me," he said giving her his best flirty smile.

She reluctantly followed him back to his car. "What is this dinner exactly about Nathan? I thought you decided to be with Sabrina."

He went to his car and opened the passenger side seat for her. "Please."

She smiled hesitantly, but decided to get in. She had wanted this to be true for so long she just had a hard time believing it now. She watched him as he came over to the driver's side window. "Well?"

"I did say that I wanted to be with Sabrina. And I cant stand here and tell you that I have changed my mind," He began putting the key into the ignition.

She smacked her lips. "Goodbye, Nathan."

"No wait. Here me out," he said grabbing her arm to stop her.

She sat back in her seat more than a little annoyed. "I missed a previous engagement with Patrick and Emma for this."

"It will be worth it," he pleaded with his eyes.

"Alright, continue," she said shaking her head as she stared straight ahead at the open road.

They arrived at a restaurant that Nathan had taken Maxie too plenty of times when they were dating. Although, he personally was in no mood to take a trip down memory lane. He figured this was the best place in which she would be least likely to want to hurry home. Especially if she believed they were to rekindle their romance. "Table for two please," said Nathan to the hostess.

"Right this way, sir," said the hostess showing them immediately to their table. The place empty for a weekday afternoon.

"You practically said nothing on the ride over. I'm on pins and needles right now. What is so important I had to drop everything. I mean wont Sabrina be mad that we're here," she said sliding into a booth across from him.

"The waiter will be right with you," said the hostess dropping the menus in front of them and returning to the front of the restaurant.

Maxie barely registered what was said staring into Nathan's dreamy eyes.

"Order whatever you want," said Nathan gesturing to the menus in front of them.

"Sure, whatever," said Maxie pushing the menu aside.

Nathan sighed deeply and nervously thumbed the menu pages. "I realize that my love and concern for Sabrina comes from the fact that she was kidnapped. But If I don't give this a chance I'll always wonder what if."

"But I don't. What if she changes her mind about her baby's death. You'll have that horrible secret hanging over your relationship. How can you truly breath with someone like that?" asked Maxie her brows furrowed in concern.

Trust he thought. "That's where you come in at."

"How so?" asked Maxie perking up a bit.

"I need someone I can talk to. To be my confidant. I thought that maybe we could build a friendship. Maybe that person could be you."

The waiter arrived and introduced herself setting two glasses of water on the table in front of them.

"Can we get a little more time?" asked Nathan staring up at the waiter.

"Sure," said the waiter tucking his pad back into his apron and walking off.

The interruption gave Maxie time to mull over her answer. If he had've asked her this question days ago she would have gave him a very firm no. But with a pressing from LuLu she was able to realize that every relationship needed to have a basis of friendship. If they were meant to be. Didn't she need to make herself available for when the time was right.

"You don't have to say, yes," said Nathan watching her expression over the top of the menu.

She laughed. "Of course, I have to say yes."

He looked down at his phone that had started to vibrate. It was a text message from Felix. "I'm glad to hear that. My relationship with Bri in whatever form it takes shouldn't take anything away from us."

Her smiled dimmed a little at my mention of Sabrina's nickname. I pressed the okay button on the phone and read the message from Felix. I've got it. "Actually, I'm going to have to change my mind on that."

"Excuse me?" asked Maxie cocking her head to the side.

"Felix has found the prescription pills."

"What pills?" asked Maxie her nostrils flaring.

"The ones that you mixed up on purpose to make it look like Sabrina did it," He said shaking his head at her. "I'm afraid I just don't need friends like that."

"How did you get a hold of those pills?" asked Maxie lowering her voice so no one else in the restaurant would hear her. Even though it was farely empty.

"Doesn't matter. What matters is what I'm going to do about it?"

Maxie swallowed the lump in her throat. "Does that mean that you're going to turn me in?"

"Shouldn't I? You blackmailed her to stay away from me. Which is not a crime, but prescription fraud is," lectured Nathan.

"I got in over my head. I don't think I was actually going to go through with anything of the kind. I just thought that the threat alone would be good enough."

"Goodbye, Maxie," said Nathan taking out his wallet and throwing a few dollars on the table.

"Wait, what are you going to do?" asked Maxie standing up and tugging on his jacket.

"I'm going to destroy the evidence and you're going to stay far away from the both of us."

THE END. . . .

Authors Note: Sorry the ending took so long to hammer out. Writer's Block Ended. Check out my Jarly fanfiction up called Falling Girl.