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No one expected her to tag along. No one noticed her missing either. Little Svelta had snug out after the departing party, unable to see her best friends Kili and Fili leave her behind. Following them just off the trail had proved hazardous. But she had done her best and now sat just outside hobbit home, peering in through a window, watching them laugh and talk with the others dwarves, ones who didn't even know she existed.

Svelta was unusual for a dwarf. She was smaller than the average dwarf, even for one as young as she. She was 20 years Kili's minor, and a foot and some shorter than him to top it off as well. This added to the fact that she was invisible. No one noticed she was there. No one noticed she wasn't there. Abandoned by a young age by her family due to her extremity of smallness, she hadn't gotten to know them very much. Some questioned whether she was really dwarf at all or if she was something else, human maybe. She didn't have a beard as all dwarves did, and her hands and feet were considerably smaller than that of her dwarf companions. Still, she had survived on her own, and when not many people acknowledge her existence, she knew she wouldn't be missed.

She was lucky to have such amazing friends as Fili and Kili who did notice her and had always been kind to her, even though they were to be the future kings and she was but a lowly commoner.

Crinkling her nose, she peered through the window again. The two young princes always made her feel safe as who she was, not blending into the shadows and forgotten as an outcast of her race. Her head whirling, she heard chuckling down the road. Slinking down she saw Dori, Ori, and Nori approach up the pathway, knock, introduce themselves to the nice hobbit host, and enter. With a sigh of relief of going once again unnoticed, she returned to watching her friends inside. If anyone knew she had come, she would be sent back to a place that didn't want her. Even if she had to continue to just tail her friends the whole way, at least she would be among people who wanted her.

She didn't hear the next stranger approach, and jumped when a hand rested on her shoulder. Turning, she saw the great wizard she had heard so much lore about.

"Svelta, why are you here and not back among the safety of the others?"

Her silenced caused Gandalf to sigh and shake his head.

"Fine, fine then. We will just have to see about adding you to the company then my dear. Oh no, it's quite alright don't make a fuss about it. I won't hear it any other way. You will either join the company and come with us or you will be sent right back to the hills do you hear me?"

Mutely, Svelta nodded, her eyes huge with fear of being caught before Gandalf sighed again and smiled down at her. "My dear there is nothing to fear here. I know these people will keep you safe. And above all, I will ensure your safety as best as I can. As long as no one knows of your heritage, all will remain safe."

He received a confused glance at that to which he merely shook his head and chuckled. "All in good time my dear. You will learn all in good time. Now, no more dilly-dallying! Let us commence joining the party! I'm sure Mr. Baggins would love two more guests at his place tonight."

Bilbo became greatly irritated when another knock sounded at his door. Opening it, he started the charade that had become almost natural with all the parties showing up previous to this. "You have the wrong place, there is not party here, please to leave."

Looking up though, he saw Gandalf, the start of all of his troubles, the cause of all of this. And my did he have a word or two he needed to tell Gandalf for starting this whole catastrophe. "Now you listen here Mr. Gandalf! I will not have any of these people in my house! What are they doing here?"

"Ah! Mr. Bilbo Baggins. May I introduce myself and my guest here?"

"You may not. You are not welcome here. None of you are. None of them are. All of you must leave this instant. You have the wrong house. You are looking for one over the hill or around the corner. Thank you very much!"

"Not welcome?" screeched a voice from the kitchens.

"Wrong place?" called another equally as familiar as the first.

Fili and Kili walked into view of the front door to see what sort of commotion Bilbo was causing, only to see the great wizard Gandalf and none other than the friend, who they had thought they had left safely behind when they set out on this journey, Svelta.


"What are you doing here?"

"Why are you here?"

"Not that we don't want you here of course!"

At this point all she could do was smile and blush at the two princes' questions. It mattered a lot to her just the fact that they cared enough to ask and not demand to send her back. Waving a hand at them casually, she glanced at the ground. She hadn't thought she would make contact with them when she had originally set out to follow them. So to do so now had caught her off guards and she wasn't sure how to respond.

"No matter."

"No matter"

"We don't mind"

"No not at all!"

"Come sit with us and have some food!"

"Come make yourself right at home!" the two lads chorused.

"No, no, definitely not! You will not make yourself at home. None of you will. You all need to leave!" Bilbo said, trying to jut his input back into the conversation again, focusing it back on the matter on hand of everyone in his house.

"Come now Bilbo, be hospitable. It won't hurt you to spend one night feeding some hungry and weary travelers now would it?"

Bilbo sighed before marching off to stop someone from doing something to one of his valuables. Smiling at this, Gandalf motioned Svelta to go and join Fili and Kili who each greeted her with a hug now that she had stepped inside the doorway. Turning about, Gandalf counted the dwarves, before concluding that everyone besides Thorin had arrived. Glancing at the back corner of the table where the twins had settled down with Svelta, he began to worry about the dear girl, and what she had gotten herself into now that she had left the safety of her home and the safety spells he had put in place there as well.

But he shook himself of his stupor when a hard knock came to the door. Silence fell over the hobbit hole and Gandalf whispered to Bilbo. "He's here."

When the knock came, Svelta shrunk back further into the corner. Back home Thorin had rarely noticed her. Would he now? Could she get away with just blending into her backgrounds as she always had and disappearing so no one could notice her? But no, she had to ask him as Gandalf had told her to whether or not she could join his company. No more sneaking in the shadows for the moment for her.

So it was then, when Thorin entered, sat himself at the table and began to eat and talk with his closest friend and adviser Balin that she un-shrank herself and, to the astonishment of Fili and Kili who were used to her hiding around others and not being seen by anyone besides them, she sat up straight in her chair, reaching forward to grab her mug. But the movement didn't catch Thorin's eye. It was only when later, after Bilbo had feinted that Gandalf mentioned her to Thorin, bringing her to his attention, even when she had for once in her life that she could remember, been trying to be seen.

Turning and glaring at her, he scowled, "Why are you here?"

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