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It was only when later, after Bilbo had fainted that Gandalf mentioned her to Thorin, bringing her to his attention, even when she had for once in her life that she could remember, been trying to be seen.

Turning and glaring at her, he scowled, "Why are you here?"

Svelta faltered in her confidence as she came to combat the stern glare of the not so happy dwarf king to be. Before she could try and explain herself, her two closest friends jumped in to save her.

"Uncle just let her stay!"

"She is doing no harm as she is just let her be!"

"She followed us here to be with us. Why cant you just be nice to her and let her join us?"

"Yeah! Let her join the company! Im sure no one else here would object to that!"

At that though, the others turned and gazed from around the table at her, as though seeing her for the first time, which they were. Gazing back at all their hard, inquiring stares, Svelta's smile began to falter as she realized that she wasn't wanted here. She wasn't wanted in yet another place in her life. Would she ever belong anywhere? Swallowing hard, she began to shrink back into the shadows. Or tried to at least, when a steady hand on her back prevented her from doing so. Turning to her left, she looked up into Kili's eyes, seeing the reassurance there she would need to try and stay in the light.

Gandalf was answering Thorin's questions as she tried her best to sit up straight and tall and look as much dwarf as she believed herself to be. Why couldn't the others just accept her for who she was, who she is? Why must she always be an outcast no matter where she went?

Kili looked down at the scared eyes of his friend. He wished others could see her the way he did. One of his closest friends, he would do anything for her just to see her smile. Turning from her to gaze around the table, he met the eyes of the other dwarves, some were fearful, some cautious, none were inviting and open as Kili expected. Why weren't these people open to a fellow dwarf joining their company? Especially since Dain and the dwarves of the Iron Hills had denied joining them on this great adventure! Turning back, Kili suddenly got the urge to draw Svelta to him and hold her tightly, anything to comfort her. Blushing hard, he looked instead at Fili, who has staring hard at their uncle. Hoping no one else saw his burning cheeks, he wondered where the impulse had come from. It was unnatural feeling and strange, yet somehow it had felt right. Swallowing hard he continued to stare at Fili until he gained further control of his emotions to rejoin the conversation.

Fili was outraged. How could Thorin not welcome another dwarf into the group? It was bad enough they were going to be joined by an untrained, unskilled, so called burglar hobbit, but seriously not letting another dwarf join when they need all the dwarves they can get?

Frustrated, he swung an arm around Svelta to show she had their support, only to find his brother's arm already there. Good, she knew we both support her.

Fuming he waited until the right point in time to interject at give his uncle a piece of his mind and let him know exactly what he thought about how mean he was being to the young dwarf.

Seeing Thorin huff and turn from Gandalf, Fili thought he had his chance.

"Uncle! How dare you! After seeing both myself and Kili fight to be part of this company and join you in the glory of reclaiming our home. After finally realizing we are up to the fight and letting not just me, but both of us go, why now do you stutter in the face of another when she is just as talented as us. Why now do you let your ego and your pride stamp down another willing to dedicate themselves to your cause, to our cause. Why now uncle, after everything that you know will come to pass us, to you put aside a chance to have another join our company. I can tell you that Kili and I have trained her in combat with a sword and knives and even with a bow and I can tell you that she is more than qualified. I can tell you uncle -"

"You can tell me nothing when you don't even know who this girl is. Do you Fili? Do you Kili? Do you know who this girl is? What she really is?"

Kili looked affronted at the question, and bolstered out a "but of course we do, she is a dwarf like the rest of us!"

But Thorin merely rolled his eyes and shook his head. "You see? You know nothing. Nothing."

"Who is she then, if she is not a dwarf?" Kili was now enraged that his uncle would dare make remarks like this to her, in front of her and the entire company. It was discrediting and humiliating, and he would not stand for it to go on longer than it was.

"Enough!" Gandalf roared. "All of you stop bickering like old women. Now, it does not matter who she is or what she is, she is coming with us. And don't question me Thorin, you cannot make her stay behind and the Blue Hills are no longer safe for her. What is safest for her now is traveling with this company whether all of you like it or not." With a harumpf, he sat, glowering at everyone over the rim of his pipe, ready to lash out at any who crossed him.

Thorin was equally displeased but agreed to the matter, turning to Svelta, "Girl, if you are to come with us, you need to sign a contract then, to be officially part of the company." Motioning with a hand to Balin, who extended a contract towards her, he cleared his throat and continued. "You will not get in the way, you will not hold us back, you will not be a liability, you will not be seen when unnecessary."

Svelta swallowed hard, holding onto the thickly folded paper in her not quite large enough to be dwarf hand. What was she if she wasn't a dwarf? Muddling it over in the back of her mind, she blindly nodded to Thorin's statements, knowing she would need to be careful not to cross him at any point in time throughout the journey. She was just here to be with friends. Glancing quickly through the contract, she looked to Ori to see if she could borrow his quill to sign it. Upon getting his attention, she mimed writing, and glanced him a smile when he understood.

How she hated not be able to talk! For as long as she could remember she hadn't been able to talk. No sound whatsoever escaped her lips. Not a word, not a laugh, not a scream, no sound at all. At times it was nice, it helped with her blending in. At other times it hurt, knowing she couldn't join in on the conversation.

With a flourish of her hand, she signed her name at the bottom of the contract. Pleased with herself, she handed it back to Balin with a sweet smile, returning the quill to Ori in the same manner. Arranging herself on the bench between the twins, she turned and gazed at Gandalf in the eye. After returning her look, her rose, muttering about checking on the hobbit in the other room. Wanting to be away from Thorin for awhile, Svelta rose, choosing to join the wizard and hobbit in the other room instead. Little did she know, Kili forlornly watched her go.

Entering into the room she came upon Gandalf talking about Bilbo's grandfather big enough to ride a horse and how he did, into battle once back during the great goblin wards. "At one point he found himself opposite the Goblin King himself and do you know what he did then Bilbo? He swung that club in his hand so hard, he knocked the goblin king's head clean off and it sailed through the air and landed in a rabbit hole on the edge of the fighting grounds. Thus the war was won and the game of golf was invented at the same time!"

"I don't believe you"

"Mr Baggins, you are the son of Belladonna Took. Surely there is a part of you yearning for adventure? Where is the little hobbit I used to know that loved my stories of grandeur and far away places?"

"He grew up Gandalf. I am a Baggins of Bag End and there will be no adventures had here today." Bilbo then noticed the young dwarf standing there. "Oh hello there." Turning to Gandalf again he motioned at her, "See? Why cant she go in my place. Obviously neither of us are wanted on this adventure, but she at least wants to go. What's the fun in going anyway?"

"You'll have a tale or two to tell when you come back."

"Can you promise that I will come back?"

"No, and if you do, you will not be the same."

Bilbo swallowed, before rising, excusing himself from their company and retiring to his room.

Svelta turned to Gandalf, motioning at herself, questions in her eyes. But all Gandalf replied was "All in good time my dear, all in good time."

Turning, she noticed the other dwarves starting to trickle into the room. And before long, Thorin started to sing. Gandlaf stood to the side, taking in the song, wondering how the two newest members would fare on this journey. Bilbo heard the song from his room, and sat awake, listening, trying to decipher whether the pull he felt from the song was that of wanting to join them in their adventure or spurn them and their adventure and get them out of his house. And as for Svelta. She gazed around her, sitting between the twins, wishing she could have joined them in the song of her people. Or at least what she felt like was the song of her people.

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