Takes place in the summer between fifth and sixth year. Be warned it gets fluffy.

A moment like this
Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this
Some people search forever for that one special kiss
Oh I can't believe it's happening to me
Kelly Clarkson

Ron Weasley checked his reflection once more in living room mirror. His newly cut hair (now nice and spiky) lay untamable on his head. He took his hands and patted down his hair as well as he could but it seemed to be an impossible task. Normally he would let his hair go wild but today isn't just any other day. Today is the day that Hermione arrives at the burrow. Not that she hasn't been here before. In fact she has been here many times. The reason today is so important is because he is finally going to reveal something he never wanted to. He is going to tell a girl, and not just any girl, how he fells about her. How he has felt since at least second year when she was petrified. It was then he realized how much he, and Harry too, both depend on her.

Deciding his hair was probably a lost cause, he straightened his shirt and turned around to find his sister staring at him.


"That is the ninth time this morning you've fixed your hair"


"Hermione is coming over today right?" she smirked


"Ron has a crush!" she sang

"Harry Potter" that was all Ron had to say to shut his sister up

"Are you going to tell her?" she began again

"Tell her what?"

"That you fancy her you git!"

"None of your business!"

She paused, "Um...Is...."

"Harry is coming over Friday" Ron answered her question before she could finish it

"Ah. So you have two days to confess your undying love for Hermione"

"Oh..Shut up!"

Ron glared at his sister who still had that annoying smirk on her face and stomped out of the living room and into the kitchen. He grabbed an apple off the counter and took a seat at the large table. Hermione should be arriving by floo powder around noon time. His dad used his connections to get her fireplace hooked up to the network. After some lunch they can go for a walk and he'll spill his guts. Not literally of course. That would be pretty gross. He took a big bite of his apple. He started to wonder what Hermione's response will be. She will either be totally disgusted or she'll some how feel the same way. Or, what if she already has feelings for someone else? like Harry for instance. After all what girl would choose him, Ron Weasley, over the famous Harry Potter?. Harry has money, fame, and looks (well he isn't going to analyze his best friends looks too much) and what does he have? no money, definitely not fame and not the greatest looks (in his opinion anyway).

"Are you okay sweetie?" his mother entered the kitchen

"If you had to choose between me and Harry who would you pick?" he blurted out


"Never mind" he sank into his chair

"Why would I want to choose between you and Harry?.........oh.....Your afraid Hermione would rather be with Harry?"

"Does everyone know!??"

"Your not the best at hiding how your feeling dear"


"Well as Hermione ever shown any interest in Harry?"


"There ya go"


"Stop fussing over it dear and just tell her"

"Easier said than done" Ron muttered to him self


Ron jumped up from the kitchen table and ran into the living room where he found Hermione sitting on the floor covered in ash, her trunk and Crookshanks beside her.

"Hermione! Are you okay??"

"Yeah I'm fine. Just not used to traveling by Floo powder that's all" Hermione stood up and started brushing off as much of the ash as she could "Hi Ginny. Mrs. Weasley"

Ginny who was sitting on the couch smiled. Crookshanks took this opportunity to run out of the room.

"Come and have some lunch" Mrs. Weasley smiled widely "Ginny, dear, do tell your brothers to come in side"

"All right" she frowned and quickly walked through the kitchen and out the front door.

"Where are they?" Hermione asked as they walked to the kitchen and took seats beside each other.

"Um Fred and George are playing Quidditch...as best as you can with two people....Percy is at work....and so is dad"

"So have you heard from Harry recently?"

"Yeah. Owled him yesterday. Haven't heard back yet though....last I heard nothing new had happened, Muggles still treating him like crap, you know, same old thing"

"Poor Harry. I wish there was something I could do" she frowned

"Me too" Ron sighed

"Here you two go" Mrs. Weasley plunked a plate full of bacon sandwiches down on the table "Take as many as you like"

"Thank You" Hermione grabbed a sandwich

"Your welcome" Mrs. Weasley sat across from them and helped her self to the plate of sandwiches

At that moment Ginny entered the kitchen with the twins right behind her.

"Looks smashing Mum!" Fred gushed

"The best!" George added


"Awww mum! you didn't even hear our proposal!" Fred argued through a mouth full of bacon

"We just want to...."

"I don't want to hear another word! I'm tired of these get rich schemes of yours!"

"They aren't schemes!" George replied almost sounding offended at the idea

"That accusation really gets us here" Fred patted his chest

"We just want to bring some light into others lives" George said somberly

Ron swallowed the last of his sandwich and nudged Hermione motioning for them to leave. These arguments always lasted a long time and they happen at least twice a day. Hermione nodded and followed Ron out side.

"I thought we should get out of there before it gets to dirty"

"Good idea" Hermione wandered to the pig pen and leaned against the fence.

Ron followed and stood beside her. 'This is it' he thought 'I can finally tell her how I feel'. He tried opening his mouth to speak but all that came out was a squeak. He prayed Hermione had not heard that and tried again. "Hermione" his voice came out a little higher then he would have liked. He sounded like he was faced with Aragog again.


"I just....I wanted...."

"Cat got your tongue?" she giggled


"Sorry. Muggle saying"

"I wish you and Harry would stop doing that!" he said frustrated

"Doing what?"

"Using all those Muggle sayings! I have sit looking like an idiot until one of you explains it to me"

"I'm sorry. Sometimes I forget you have grown up in the wizarding world away from Muggles"

"Hmffff" Ron snorted

"Anyway, you were saying....."


"Honestly Ron! Do you have that short of a memory? before the Muggle thing you had started saying something"

"Oh! um I wanted to tell you......." his voice drifted off. His mind didn't seem to want to continue talking. 'Just say it!' he yelled at him self 'Hermione is your friend! you can tell her!'. "I really li...." he was cut off by something crashing right into his stomach knocking the wind out of him. It was Errol. The grey owl now laid on the ground with a letter in his beak. Hermione took the letter while Ron held his stomach. "Freaking owl!" he wheezed.

"It's from Harry!"

"Open it then"

Hermione ripped open the envelope and started reading the letter out loud.....

Dear Ron,

I would have replied sooner but Errol passed out as soon as he arrived. He didn't awake for at least an hour. Anyway, I gave him some of Hedwigs food and water so hopefully he'll make it back to you all right. Not a lot to report but guess who owled me the other day? Cho! I could hardly believe it. She didn't say much except the usual 'Hi. How are you?' stuff. She also said she is looking forward to beating me at Quidditch (yeah right). She said some other stuff as well but I'll save that for Friday. Hermione's arriving early? bet your excited about that! Does this mean you are going to tell her? Oh, If she is there then she's probably reading this...Hey Hermione!. On Friday I'm planning on taking the knight bus to the Leaky Cauldron and then I'll use Floo powder to get to your place. I'm not looking forward to that part..

See You Friday,


"What does he mean by 'Are you going to tell her?'. Are you hiding something from me?" she sounded hurt

"No! Yes but it's not what you think! I...."

"I can't believe this! Am I just the girl you run to for help with your homework? I thought I was your friend! you should be able to tell me anything you tell Harry"

"Hermione you are our friend! there are just certain things that are harder to tell a girl about"


"Like girls. And lets get one thing clear, we don't like you cause you are smart, that is just a bonus. We like you because of you. Because of who you are"

"Prove it"


"Tell me what Harry was talking about. Don't leave me out of these things. Besides, I can give you a girls perspective"


"Come on! Tell me what you haven't told me yet"

Ron took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and tried to mentally prepare him self. 'You can do this!!' he yelled at him self in his mind over and over until it finally came out. Again it happened in a little more of a high pitched voice then he cared for.




"Uh huh"






"Keep going..."




"With me??" she covered her mouth in suprise

'Here it comes' Ron frowned 'she doesn't feel the same way and she's going to reject me'

"Oh my god....Ron.....I don't know what to say....I........wait! you think??"

"Okay, I know"

"I...I...how long?"

"Does it matter?" Ron could tell from the look in her eyes that it seemed to matter to her "I don't know really. I think i've always had a thing for you but the day I realized I was in love with you was halloween last year. I dunno what happened. I just looked at you from across the table and got this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. It's hard to explain. I just remember thinking how beautiful you looked in your school robes and your hair with those purple clip thingys"

Hermione smiled "Your remember how I had my hair?"

"Course I do"

"Oh, Ron, I..."

"Let me guess. You don't feel the same way or you would rather be with Harry. I knew it"

"I don't want to be with Harry. He's my friend"

"So am I" he frowned.

"Would you let me finish before you jump to conclusions?"




Thunder rolled in the distance. Rain started to lightly fall from the sky. Getting heavier as time passed.

"We should go in" Hermione started to head back to the house but Ron didn't want to go back inside. Sure that meant they wouldn't get soaked from the rain but it also meant they wouldn't have the privacy to finish this conversation. Even in his own bedroom he rarely gets alone time. Seems like Ginny, Fred and George, or his parents are always walking in for some reason.

"Wait! Let me do one thing first"

"Ron! I'm co...." before she could continue talking Ron cut her off with a simple sweet kiss on the lips "....ld"

"Thats all I wanted to do. We better get inside now..." Ron shivered. He couldn't believe he had just kissed her. Maybe he was on a roll today. First confessing his feelings and then kissing her. There is a reason he's in Gryffindor.

"You have to let me do something first"

Before Ron could ask her what she leaned in and kissed him hard on the lips. Ron never wanted this kiss to end. Kissing Hermione literally felt like heaven on earth for him. He had nothing to compare it with having never kissed another girl before but he could tell right away he never wanted to be with anyone but her.

Hermione finally broke the kiss Ron didn't know how much later.

Both stood in silence not knowing what to say until Hermione whispered "I love you too"

Boy that's a sappy ending eh? well there is nothing like a good fluffy fic. Inspired by the end scene in the movie where Hermione's too shy to hug Ron.

If you liked please let me know, there is no point in keeping it up if no one likes it.