Chapter 9: What the World Forgot Part 2

Summary: The moment Harry realized that he can save his daughter with time travel, the fates collapsed. And his traitorous parents thought the Sharingan was just a pink eye...Sharingan(Naruto) element. First attempt at fanfic. Spin off from karldin's fic.

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This, Harry, pondered was a very, very bad idea. Before completing the thought, Harry took a minute to jump to the side, dodging a very potent blast of magic that would have necrotized his entirety in an instant.

"Splendid! An all body variant of Organ Rotting Curse, eh Mr. Langtry?"

Instead of replying, Merlin let loose an humongous gout of flame in his direction, using the flame as an opacity to banish chunks of rocks in his direction.

Harry chuckled to himself. At the very least, the Merlin wasn't going all supervillainy on him, taking years and years just monologuing to the Hero.

Not that Harry considered himself a Hero, not anymore.

Seaing the molten chunks just about to reach him, Harry rendered transfigured the ground beneath him.

Humongous sheets rose from the ground, parting the two combatants for a moment before Merlin's attack crashed onto them.


The residual fire of Merlin's attack was animated and darkened in equal measures before it dispersed into a giant centipede who rushed back at the Merlin.


Not one to be outdone, Merlin opened a gate into the world of Nevernever and used to try and entrap the fiery construct.

Try being the operative word.

With a gesture of his hand, Harry split the fire into a great mess before reanimating it into a gigantic horde of butterflies, who with their great agility easily dodged the space time construct.


On a reflex, Merlin put up an all body magical shield around him. Due to their magic consuming nature, the constructs of fiendyre adhered to the shield.

And it was at that moment that Merlin realized that he had fucked up.

For using a magical shield against Fiendfyre was akin to pouring gasoline upon yourself to try to relieve oneself of fires.

With a cataclysmic force, the entirety of him exploded.

"Really? Such amateurish mista-GUH!" Harry would have continued, had a hand engulfed in magic didn't explode out of his lungs.

"Still more than enough for a brat like you." Merlin replied.

Harry looked back at the burnt corpse where Merlin should have been.

"A homunculi? That's an awfully dark magic for someone like you."

"It was you, who forced me. Give me back the key of the Outer Gates and I shall be merciful."

That caused Harry to let loose a set of chuckles.

"Mercy? Don't joke with me, you will kill me regardless." Harry was forced to grit his teeth from the pain as the pain exploded from Merlin twisting his hand in his thoracic cavity, mangling with his lungs.

"Yes, but I can make it as painful as I want."


"Oh, for the love of..." Harry agreed with Langtry's words for once.

Dumbledore looked like he had run a mile. Which was ironic considering that the Merlin was more than a century older than the old fool, yet was surprisingly spry.

"You need not kill him. We can..."

"Shut the fuck up, Dumbledore!" The words were spoken in an eerie coincidence before Harry interjected.

"I am a known potty mouth but I never took you for one with the curses, ."

"Maybe Albus is just that irritating." Arthur surprisingly shared a sense of camaraderie with Harry in their combined irritation of Albus Dumbledore.

"I am trying to save you here, Harry."Dumbledore spoke.

"Just like you tried to save me by condemning to Azkaban?" Harry replied scathingly.

"That was for your own good."Dumbledore replied.

And would you look at that, even his cocksuckers at Hogwarts were giving him looks of shock. Well that's what you could expect when you publicly admit that you sentenced an innocent person to Azkaban for his so called own good.

"Regardless, My ward is complete and I need no help." And just like that Harry turned into a flock of crows.

"Illusions!" Alarmed, Langtry let loose a raw burst of magic, toppling Dumbledore unintentionally as he had been too close but dispelling the illusion as well.

"Warlock's Downfall!" Harry screamed.

"What?! It's not possible to accelerate a ward like that to such an extent!"

Indeed it wasn't. As a prison ward, it was used in long term structures and couldn't just be put and dismantled as one place.

"I could explain how I attacked the Gatekeeper, just to have you attack me. I could explain the entire time, I was baiting you into ambush."

"Instead I will only explain this. Don't think about the Stonehenge."


Reflexively, Merlin thought of Stonehenge and the thought was promptly stolen from his mind as Warlock's Downfall prevented even the basic Occlumency.

Taking a moment to assimilate the information, Harry took great joy as comprehension dawned on Merlin's face. Of everything and anything that Harry had done so far.

"You promised the Devil to bring Judgement Day, didn't you, Mr. Potter." Without his magic, Dumbledore knew he was good as useless. Any other wizard/magician in the vicinity was useless as well. Might as well get a curiosity over with.

"Fuck off"

Harry apparated away.

With help of the secret he stole, Harry rushed into the True Stonehenge, not the Fake one that was put up for courtesy sake.

Knowing that the time was of essence, Harry reached into a space time pocket and withdrew the coin of Devil.

Is it time?

"It is." Harry spoke and bit down on his right thumb and drew blood.

"Take care of my daughter." Harry said his last words for the night.

Devil's Oath, I will.

With the parting words over with, Harry allowed Devil to take over.

"Time to get this over with." In an oddly dual voice, Harry/Devil spoke.

His eyes flashed grey as the Rinnegan appeared.

"Path of Samasara: RESSURECTION!"

Tapping into the extremely strong leylines, Harry used the constitution of Devil to reverse the path of Samasara while weaving another spell with help of the key of Outer Gates to separate the Stonehenge from rest of Earth.

Wouldn't do for people to just stumble upon him. Now all that was left was to wait till the resurrection was completed. Then he could just open the Outer Gates at his leisure to complete the deal with Lucifer.

Seven days later, an army of Outsider stormed the world. Unfazed by anything, they trudged through curses and nuclear weapons alike. Humanity fell before even the day was over.

But Harry didn't care. Safe in his space time barrier made of Outer Gates, he was more concerned with whether Crystal was actually having a stomach ache or was she having throwing a tantrum again.


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