Looking at the current situation, Hestia could feel family ties breaking, and new ones forming. She silently mused, "Finally, our family will have unity, at least at a few key points which had been divided for far too long. I just hope it will be enough." She hadn't been surprised to find out that the Athena boy had left the daughter of Poseidon, he was after all not meant for her. She had let it be, though she had made small steps to try and prevent Percy from heartbreak, going so far as convincing Hera to send Andrew to Calypso's island. However, her plan backfired when Andrew returned home, albeit breaking yet another heart. Perhaps children of Athena were too emotionless, considering the fact that their thirst of knowledge overruled everything else. This had yet been another fatal flaw of many of Athena's children.

Sighing, Hestia returned to Camp Half Blood to silently watch over the hearth, ever fading into the background. Even though she had her throne back, her domain had been weakening slowly and steadily, as the meaning of the home and the hearth was lost to the world. Hestia had only survived as far as she had due to the immense amount of energy she had inherited, being the first child of Kronos and Rhea.

It seemed, today was the day of surprises. A pair of twins, a boy and a girl, who could have not been any more than 9, approached her and asked why she had been sitting in the fire. They had been quick to the uptake that she was a goddess. Hestia wondered about how fast the times were changing, as not many demigods noticed her. First Percy, then Nico, then the twins, Arya and Evan. She did sense a strange thing in their godly characteristics, it was similar to a certain goddess, and yet different, with tinges of another god mixed with it. Deciding to act upon those suspicions later, she pushed it to the back of her mind

The rest of the day passed by, and soon it was time for the campfire. Today, however, it burned black, as the camp hadn't been informed about the fate of the 9 demigods. Hestia asked Chiron, who had been present at the ceremony, to inform them that they were perfectly safe, and had been assigned a duty. This would ease the tensions of the camps, while allowing the new gods to reveal their identities at their own leisure.

Though, all of them noticed the fact that Dionysus/Bacchus was no longer present there, which might or might not have led to some of Athena's senior campers deducing the reason, with various different scenarios. However, one of them went surprisingly accurate in his theory and by surprisingly, it meant that it was as if he knew what had happened.

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