Author's Note: So, once again, we have episodes that were aired out of order just in case anyone wonders why this is where I'm beginning season 3. The first five episodes of season 3 were aired out of order and while there has been much debate on which order they should actually be in, I am putting them in the order of the script dates on the ones I could find and based on where their relationship is as well as when they are working in the Q Bureau and when they're not. When watching this again, I couldn't help noticing that after her catty comment to Amanda at the garden party, Francine blew Lee a little kiss just before she dragged him away so I couldn't resist playing with that here.

Chapter 45-No More Grabbers

"Welcome to America, Mr. Brand"

Lee shifted nervously hedging a little as he told her partner, "Listen, Amanda, this isn't going to be exactly the way I described it, okay? This guy is a little...Um..different." He glanced the direction of the dining room then back to her, "Um...I'm sure he's a gentleman."

"Lee," Amanda said worriedly, "You promised no more grabbers."

"No, no, no, no," Lee replied quickly to reassure her. "This guy is not a grabber, believe me. He's much better than that, much."

"What is he exactly," Amanda queried with a look of amusement on her face wondering just what it was that Lee hadn't told her about her assignment.

"He's an accountant," Lee finally told her.

"Oh," Amanda nodded in understanding.

"In pensions,"

'OHO, that's really very exciting," Amanda said her voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Oh," Lee said with a smile.

"You owe me for this one, Stetson," Amanda fired at him as she stalked into the dining room.

As he watched her walk away, he found himself once again surprised by her. Just when he thought he had the upper hand, she somehow always managed to get the better of him. "huh," he said to no one with a shake of his head as he walked away.


At the garden party, Lee and Amanda were chatting about the case and he was warning her to keep James Brand out of trouble. "Let's face it, Amanda, the guy is a little strange."

"Oh, Lee, I like him," Amanda said kindly.

"Of course, you do," Lee replied sarcastically and at seeing the scolding "mom" look on her face, shifted his attitude, saying, "He's an okay guy, in limited doses, but keep him out of trouble."

"I will," Amanda promised with a firm nod just as Francine approached them.

"Amanda, what a lovely outfit," Francine gushed.

"Hello, Francine, thank you," Amanda said with a cordial nod.

"My mother has the same thing in fuchsia," Francine added cattily. Just as Amanda fixed her with an icy glare as was about to retort, Francine quickly turned her attention to Lee, "Lee, would you join me for a drink?" She explained why, then blew Lee and little kiss,

As Francine grabbed Lee's arm, he threw Amanda an apologetic look. "We'll stay out of trouble," Amanda said and then her voice once again oozing sarcasm, tinged with a bit of jealousy added, "You have a nice time with Francine." Amanda shook her head, trying to reign in her temper, took a deep breath, plastered on a smile and went off to find James, though she still couldn't help wondering why it was that Francine still acted so possessive toward Lee. She'd already figured out that they'd once been involved, but just like many other aspects of his personal life, Lee had not shared the details with her. Her nagging thoughts of Lee and Francine were soon replaced by worry for James when he insisted on getting into the house and she was unable to stop him.

Later that day, back in her own kitchen, she couldn't help noticing her mother's disdainful look when she'd heard James mentioning that he'd heard her conversation with Lee. At the mention of Lee's name, she glanced at her mother warily who gave her a reproachful look, picked up the serving tray from the counter and said, "I think I'll take the boys some tea," with a nervous chuckle, but she couldn't resist one last parting shot as she stared up and down at Amanda's ruined outfit. "Amanda, Dear, why don't you invest in a nice pair of overalls for work?"

As she carried the tray upstairs, she shook her head wondering exactly what was going on with her and this Lee. She'd thought when her daughter had told her about the Englishman she was going to this party with, that that meant she was done with her mystery lover, but in hearing her new date mention Lee's name, now the same old concern was rearing its ugly head. She'd have to get her daughter alone again to question her about it, not that she'd tell her the truth, but she'd be able to tell by her reactions if there was still something going on there.


After bagging the bad guy and saying goodbye to James, Amanda walked to her desk in the bullpen to find a box on her desk with a note from Lee. "Huh," she mused thoughtfully wondering just what it was about. As she opened the box, she found inside a Gi with a white obi. She smiled slightly wondering just what he was up to. She read the note and without hesitation, grabbed the box and exited the bullpen making her way toward the internal elevator.

Twenty minutes later, she was exiting the women's locker room and entering one of the training rooms to find Lee similarly attired. Upon seeing her enter, Lee gave her a dimpled grin and bowed toward her. She bowed back as she knew enough to know this was the proper response, but then gave him a curious look. "What is this all about?"she inquired.

"Well, my session with Dr. Pain reminded me that I've been meaning to help you improve your hand-to-hand skills ever since that incident this summer with that smarmy Interpol agent who couldn't keep his hands to himself. I thought...uh...I thought maybe we should beef up those self-defense skills in case something like that ever comes up again." He approached her slowly, the grin on his face widening, his dimples deepening.

"Oh, well, that's really very thoughtful of you." She couldn't stop herself from smiling back at him as she met him halfway across the mat in the middle of the room. "So, how to we start?"

"Well, first, I want to see where your skills are, so I know just what you still need to learn," Lee answered in a low, seductive tone. "For instance, what would your reaction be if a guy did this?" He then grasped her bottom and pulled her tightly to him causing her to emit a little squeal. Amanda wriggled out of his grasp, trotting quickly to the other side of the mat. "Tsk, tsk, tsk," Lee said with a shake of his head. "No, that's not the proper reaction at all." He moved stealthily toward her again.

"I got away, didn't I?" she challenged him.

"Uh-huh. That's the old fight-or-flight reaction. You've got the flight part down to a tee, but you need to work on the "fight" aspect now."


"So, next challenge. What if a guy did this?" He then roughly grabbed her left breast, kneading it roughly, just before he found himself flat on his back with well-timed foot sweep from Amanda.

"Is that better?" Amanda asked him as she stared down at him, a daring look on her face.

"Better," he answered as he pulled himself to his feet. "But now here comes the real test." He then grasped her waist with both hands and covered her mouth with his own, his kiss forceful and demanding. Instead of putting up a fight, Amanda readily gave in to him.

Amanda moaned against Lee as she yielded to his demanding mouth on hers, tugging at his lapels, using her foot to sweep them both to the floor with him landing atop her, both of them letting out an "Oof," as they lay sprawled together on the mat.

"Not quite the response I was looking for," Lee said in a throaty whisper.

"Well, maybe you'd prefer this one," Amanda countered as she tugged on the back of his head and pulled him down to her for another heated kiss as she ran her hands down his back to grip his bottom.

At Amanda's boldness, Lee found himself forgetting all about his plan to teach her how to defend herself, sliding his hands down to loosen the obi at her waist and peel apart the top of her outfit to expose her to him, lowering his lips to capture one breast in his mouth while he felt her doing the same with his. He pulled back from her just long enough to slide her pants down her legs and remove his own before returning to her arms. "You know, this isn't really proper protocol."

"I don't care," Amanda responded just as she'd responded to his touch. "Aren't you the one who's always telling me that rules are made to be broken?"

"Just wanted you to be prepared if you run across another grabber," Lee fired back as he grasped her breasts thumbing her nipples in to taut peaks.

Amanda gasped and said, "Since you're the biggest grabber of them all, maybe you're not in the best position to teach me." As he touched her and stirred her fire for him, she found all the jealousy she'd felt regarding Francine fading. He may have a past with the blonde, but he was here with her in the present and she hoped, in the future.

"Oh, I don't know. I kinda' like the position I'm in right now." He then pressed himself against her. "I do seem to recall you saying something about be owing you one, so how's this for a start?" He began to rain hot, open-mouthed kisses down her body, from her neck to her stomach and finally to rest between her thighs, his tongue flicking out to taste her.

"Yes, you owe me," Amanda whispered but couldn't form another word as Lee dove into her with his mouth, his lips and his tongue against her center, further spurring her desire for him. She shuddered beneath him as she cradled his head to her, her sighs, moans and having breathing telling him exactly what he was doing to her.

At hearing her loud cries of release, Lee raised his head grinned at her and asked with an impish grin, "So, how was that. Are we square now?"

"Mm-mm," Amanda replied with a shake of her head. "I ruined a perfectly good outfit on this case."

"Well, if it were up to me, you wouldn't need that many outfits anyway. Maybe just a sexy nightgown once in a while."

"No sexy nightgowns, not yet anyway. But you still owe me, Stetson." She tugged on his arms to pull her back down to him as she nipped at his neck.

Lee groaned in delight at her lips on his skin as he grabbed her hips and sheathed himself in her, gazing down at her. "How's this?" He then pushed himself into her as he raised one of her legs over his hip.

"Oh! Good start." She then clutched his shoulders and locked both of her legs on bottom using them to bring him closer.

"Yes," Lee hissed as he began to drive into her, following her lead, her reactions to their lovemaking, leading them both where they wanted to go. He couldn't help crying out her name as he moved closer and closer to the edge with each thrust of his hips, her cries matching his as they soon found themselves sputtering and gasping for breath together, collapsing in a heap on the mat.

"Wow, that was...some...lesson," Amanda panted through her still-rapid breathing.

"Yeah," Lee said with a cheeky grin. "But I think we're going to have to keep it up until you get it right. You wouldn't last two seconds with another grabber."

"Or maybe I just need a different teacher," Amanda fired back.

"Absolutely not. I got you into this business. It's up to me to teach you things." As the words were out of his mouth, he instantly realized how wrong they were. He wasn't teaching her. She'd been teaching him from the start of their partnership. "So, let's get back to it." He stood, reached for her hand, pulled her to her feet and as they began to get dressed again, he couldn't help wondering just what else she might have to teach him.