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Chapter 1 Busy Bee

"Look Bee we need to work together to finish this project. I can meet you in the library after school for the next three days. That should be enough time to get it done, okay?"

It wasn't really a question. It wasn't an invitation. It was a decision.

"Well that might suit you Mr Fancy Pants but it doesn't suit me, oh-kay?"

He really hated it when she called him that so he narrowed his eyes and leaned forward angrily, towering over her.

But she didn't step back or cower, instead she narrowed her eyes and glared right back at him, stuck her chin in the air and told him how it was going to be: "I already have plans so I am busy every day after school and all day Saturday. So it is lunchtime in the library all week or an all day session on Sunday. Take your pick."

These two were like oil and water, they just didn't mix.

Bee and Edward could never seem to get along which was difficult given they were in all the same advanced classes and were often partnered together for projects.

In reality they were like two peas in a pod, maybe too alike. They were both aiming for pre-med entry at Ivy League colleges and since they were both at the top of their school cohort by a large margin they were on definitely track to succeed.

There were a few other students taking individual Advanced Program classes but Bee and Edward were taking the full suite of Advanced Program studies, many of which were imported from other regional colleges by their school especially for them.

Bee had the edge on Edward in biology, anatomy and physiology, chemistry, biomedical science but he was ahead in trigonometry, calculus, physics and psychology. They were neck and neck in English as they both loved to read and could both write. Edward's remarkable good looks, his self-confidence and his popularity with the other students meant that he tended to score higher than her in the debating and public speaking elements but Bee always caught up on the essays and original writing which he found that really annoying.

"What the fuck is your problem? I don't care about your 'plans' Busy Bee."

She really hated that nickname and he knew it.

"Don't fucking call me that," she growled.

"Fine, then don't fucking call me Fancy Pants," he sneered.

Then out of the blue she grinned, barely holding back her giggles: "Mister... I said… Mister Fancy Pants."

She couldn't hold it in any longer and burst into giggles at his angry red face, then turned on her heel and headed to the library. He stood watching her walk away and steamed for a few minutes before heading in the opposite direction to the cafeteria.

Emmett called to his brother and waved him over to his table: "Edward! What the fuck is your problem, you look like you're going to kill someone."

"Bee," was all Edward said as he slumped into his seat.

He didn't need to say any more. His brother and their friends had witnessed enough of the Bee vs. Edward battles over the past six months since she arrived at Forks High to have a pretty good idea of what had happened.

Edward had been the uncontested king of academics before she came to ruin his perfect record. He had been top of every class he was in since they moved back here in his junior year.

The Cullens had lived in Forks previously but moved to Chicago when the boys were in elementary school. Carlisle had been invited to take up a senior surgical position at the University of Chicago Medical Center which was too good a career opportunity to miss. They returned to Forks when the boys were in their sophomore year because she thought small town life would be a better influence for her boys and Carlisle took up the post of Chief Medical Officer overseeing surgery and treatment across Forks Community Hospital and the Olympic Medical Center in Port Angeles.

Edward sighed heavily; he was being overly dramatic, he knew that, but Bee brought it out of him.

"Go get some food bro'. Don't let her get to you. There's only three months to go and you know you're going to get into whatever fucking school you apply to, so why let her bother you?"

That was an excellent question which Edward didn't bother to answer since it was rhetorical. But he often wondered why Bee managed to get under his skin so easily.

Emmett didn't really give a shit about high school 'drama'; he was heading to UW on a football scholarship. He was going to study Marketing with a minor in journalism, hoping to go into sports broadcasting once his football days were done. He had a plan and he was going to stick to it.

He didn't need the scholarship, since his family could easily afford to pay his college fees, so if football went sour he'd just transfer to being full fee paying. Their parents were old money as well as both earning a small fortune of their own. In addition to the family money locked into trust funds for the boys, Carlisle and Esme had set up college funds for the boys when they were born.

Emmett was right, Edward knew he needed to stop obsessing on the always annoying Bee and just keep working hard to get into the best place possible for College. He really liked the idea of Dartmouth but he was looking at other options too: Harvard, Cornell, Columbia and Brown.

Having pushed his argument with Bee out of his thoughts and with a more positive frame of mind, Edward headed to the food line and jokingly pushed in front of Newton who was talking with Yorkie. They got into a mock wrestling match until it was Edward's turn to be served, he gave a cheeky wink to the middle-aged woman behind the counter who blushed and offered him a freshly made burger and salad, much to the bemusement of his friends who never received such solicitous service. Oblivious to the waves of envy from his friends, Edward thanked the server for the food, grabbed a juice from the fridge before paying the teller and heading back to his usual table to sit with his brother.

Emmett was already finished his food and had started stealing off his girlfriend Rosalie Hale's tray. Edward didn't really like Rosalie but then again he didn't really dislike her either. She was a bit of a cold fish but she was smart and was in a couple of his advanced program classes. Rosalie was heading to UW with Emmett, and mas planning to major in business with a marketing minor.

Rose's brother Jasper joined the group with his girlfriend Alice Brandon. They both looked a little flushed which meant they'd been humping in the supply closet again. They couldn't get enough of each other and were always arriving late to everything having snuck off somewhere to have sex.

The Brandons were a very conservative, religious family and didn't allow Alice to date but she'd found plenty of ways around that little problem. She and Jasper had been 'not' dating for years, were practically joined at the hip, and ever since they'd crossed over from heavy petting to screwing they went at it like rabbits every chance they could.

Jasper took off to grab some food for himself and Alice after giving Edward a sheepish grin. Edward shook his head unable to understand his friend's obsessive sexual behaviour.

Meanwhile Alice settled into a friendly conversation with Rose. Alice's friendship with Rose was genuine but it also served as a good cover for her parents when she wanted to spend time at the Hale's with her 'not' boyfriend.

Mr and Mrs Hale were pretty cool, always interested in what their kids were doing and giving them plenty of freedom. Mr Hale often travelled for his business and Mrs Hale always travelled with him, so parties at the Hale's were a fairly regular thing.

All in all Edward enjoyed spending time with his brother and their friends, especially at school which had the potential to be torture for someone as bright and serious as Edward for whom high school barely presented a challenge.

The five friends relaxed, laughed and ate each other's food until it was time to head off to class. Edward sighed knowing that he was again working with the every annoying Bee, but when he arrived at biology he found their shared desk empty. Class started and finished with no sign of his academic nemesis.

The rest of the afternoon was blissfully Busy Bee free and Edward couldn't have been happier about it.

After school Edward went to the library to work on his homework and projects while Em had football practice. This was their normal routine. They both had cars of their own but they preferred to travel together, it was a carryover from their junior school routine.

Despite being only three minutes apart in age, Edward and Emmett didn't exhibit many twin like behaviours. They didn't really look alike each taking after different sides of the family, they certainly didn't act alike either given Edward was more of a cerebral, quiet sort of person and Emmett was a more visceral creature. They were, however, very close and fiercely loyal to each other despite their differences.

Their parents didn't have any more children after their 'terrible twosome' and although Edward had always sensed a sadness from his mother about that, she never spoke of it.

By the time they arrived home Edward and Emmett were starving which wasn't unusual. They were eighteen year old boys after all. What was unusual was the empty house.

Esme Cullen was a very creative and clever woman who was a qualified child psychologist. She fell pregnant with the boys and married Carlisle in that order, although most people didn't know that about the highly respectable couple.

Rather than give up work when she had children but wanting to care for them herself at least until they were of school age, Esme starting writing self-help books for parents of twins based on her training and her own parenting experiences. Her first book 'Double Trouble' was a bestseller and she had written eight books of equal success since then. She always joked on the talk shows that it was a sort of write as you learn sort of deal, but her doctorate in child psychology added substance and credibility to her work which appealed to parents, as well as Esme's naturally understanding, compassionate nature.

Esme, despite her success, was largely a stay-at-home mom. When the boys got home from school she was always there ready for a chat about their day and to help with homework, not that they needed much help now there were seniors. The boys teased her about her smotherly ways, but secretly they loved it. Which is why it was particularly strange to come home to an empty house.

There was a note on the fridge with a $50 note attached telling them to order pizza, that she and Carlisle would be home later.

Emmett looked at the note and snatched the cash:"Well?... that's... awesome... PIZZA!"

The boys laughed, wrestling each other for the phone. They may have been twins but they were not identical in any way including their taste in pizza.

"Okay what do we get fucktard?"

"Emmett you know what I want, half pepperoni, half cheese."

"Pussy," he teased.

"Explain to me how me wanting half pepperoni and a half cheese pizza makes me a pussy!"

"Watch and learn brother."

"Hey Jo, what do you know?... Yeah, can I order Edward's pussy pizza and for me I want a meat lover's deluxe with a side order of wings, garlic bread and some coke... thanks man. Yeah delivery, mom is out and we're here starving waiting for our dinner. Thanks man see you in 30."

He turned to Edward, "And that's how it is done!"

"Em how do you manage to eat all that food... forget that, don't answer... stupid question."

Edward went to his room, dumped his bag and stretched out across his bed. He checked his phone and fired off some replies to Facebook posts from his friends. Apparently Jessica and Mike were fighting again and both changed their status to single… again. Idiots.

Edward had no time for high school romance. He'd never had a girlfriend and he'd never had sex or even close to sex. His brother was always trying to set him up with some 'sure things', not wanting Edward to get to College a virgin.

Edward didn't care at all though. He sometimes wondered why he didn't seem to really be interested, he was eighteen, fairly good looking, smart, and had money. He should've been up to his dick in pussy but he just wasn't interested. He wasn't interested in guys either. His brother tried to set him up with some gay dudes too, which goes to show what a stand up guy his brother really was. He didn't care if Edward was straight or gay, he just wanted to get him laid. He wasn't gay though, he just wasn't interested in casual sex and none of the girls at school came close to getting his attention.

"Where do you think Mom is? Pretty rare for her not to be home when we get here? She doesn't have a book thing that I've forgotten about does she?" Emmett mused standing in Edward's doorway and breaking Edward from his own thoughts.

"Nah, she always times those things around our breaks from school. I don't have any messages from her, do you?"

Emmett checked his phone and shook his head:"No, but I see Newton and Jess the Mess are on the outs again!"

Edward nodded, not really caring too much.

"You should call her Ed, she's a sure thing and you don't have to worry about emotional entanglements because she'll be back with Mike before the end of the week."

Edward groaned, "Why the fuck would I want to fuck Jess the Mess, Emmett? She's an idiot for a start, she screwed everyone on the football team and the basketball team, some of them twice. I mean, no offence man, but I have no interest in dipping my dick where your dick has been at least once."

Emmett laughed, "You're probably right. I screwed her on our second day back here and then again in that week when Rosie and I were fighting. That's why Rose hates Jess, she forgave me but not Jess; chicks are weird. Jess is a good lay though Ed and she gives great head."

Edward groaned again and rolled out of bed. He really didn't want to have this conversation again. Trying to explain to Emmett his feelings on sex without love was a waste of time.

He tried to call his mother but it went straight to message bank. He was starting to get uncomfortable so he tried his father's number. The boys rarely called their father since he was usually either in surgery or too busy with patients for casual conversation. They had an unwritten agreement that no-one would call Carlisle unless it was a real emergency. With Esme always available it had never been a problem but Edward was starting to worry that there was something really wrong.

"Dad's phone went to voicemail too, what the fuck is going on Em?"

When their dinner arrived the boys headed down to eat, sitting in front of ESPN watching sports while devouring their food. With the food consumed and no sign of either of their parents, they threw the empty boxes into the bin and headed in their separate directions for the evening. Emmett went to his room and called Rose while Edward headed to his room for a shower.

When 9 o'clock came around and still no word from their parents, Edward went to bed with his latest book 'The Good Earth'. At some stage he fell asleep and several hours later he woke to hear his parents talking in the kitchen. He staggered down to join them and found Emmett also making his way to join them.

"Hey dad, mom. Where the hell have you guys been?" Emmett asked.

"Hey boys, sorry we woke you. Do you want a warm milk?" Esme was already getting the cups out so Emmett and Edward pulled up a chair at the kitchen table across from Carlisle.

There was definitely something weird going on.

Carlisle looked to Esme who nodded agreement to his silent question and then he asked: "Do either of you boys know a girl named Isabella?"

The brothers looked at each other and shrugged replying in unison, "Nope."

"That's odd, she's in your year and actually Edward I think she's in a lot of your classes."

"Sorry Dad, there's no Isabella in any of my classes. Why?" Edward took the mug of warm milk from his mother.

"Well boys, Isabella is going to be staying with us until the end of the school year."

"What? Who the hell is she?" The boys were both alarmed at the idea of a total stranger coming into their home.

Just then Isabella came in to the kitchen wearing little sleep shorts and a tank top. She stopped just inside the door behind where the boys were sitting: "Mrs Cullen, is it okay if I go straight to bed. It's been a really long day."

Emmett's eyes popped out of his head as he moved Edward's shoulder making him turn slowly to face the freshly showered, barely dressed brunette.

Edward leapt out of his chair and shouted: "Busy Bee!"

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Book reference (probably be a few of these in this story) this is a favourite of mine.

'The Good Earth' by Pearl S. Buck

ISBN 1416500189 (ISBN13: 9781416500186)

Paperback, (Enriched Classics), 418 pages

Published March 29th 2005 by Simon & Schuster (first published 1931)