This is the epilogue my friends. A lot aked for it so here it is. It's small, really small. But I think it is a good and more joyful way to finish the story. You don't have to read it if you like how it ended in the last chapter.

So my friends. After this, no more post on The Son of Hestia. But don't worry! I thought that, later, I could make side stories! Like random and WTF adventures at random times in the main story's timeline, or the meeting with the master and the training of the Fighters. Things ike that. But it won't happen soon. I have to think aout it for a while.

Anyway! Enjoy!

A week later, the assassins, the Fighters, the Flaming Doves, the Hunt, the Olympians and Khione were all together in front of a statue.

This statue was one of Elveril, of human proportion. All in marble. It was picturing him on a pedestal, looking in front of him with a determined face. In his left hand was a reproduction of his ninjato, Blaze, and in his right hand was one of his guns, the real one. On the blade and in his eyes was burning an eternal fire, gift from Hephaestus and Hestia. And on the pedestal was a gold plate with written on it:

Elverilae Réng
Slayer of Darkness
Son of Hestia

At the front of the crowd were three people in particular. Percy, Angel and Khione. The two girls were crying but Percy was looking at the statue with a proud face. He took a step forward and began to speak.

"Elveril was a great man. No one can deny that. He wasn't perfect, no one is. But he was a good man, a good friend, a great lover and a great brother. He always fought for what he thought just. And he always did his job, protecting and avenging Angel. He was always serious in family matters, but apart from that, he never took one thing seriously. I'm sure that this idiot would have asked for us to pass TNT from AC/DC just for the joke." Began Percy as he chuckled sadly.

"He was an amazing tactician. He managed, with his plan, to defeat Erebus. He was courageous too. He knew all along that his sacrifice would be necessary, and he didn't back down, he sacrificed himself for our freedom. Rest in peace Elveril. Greet Khaos for me would you?" Said the lieutenant, a single tear falling at the end of his speech.

Next was Khione.

"Elv… What to say? You were great, yes, you weren't alive in the proper way, but for us, you were. I love you Elverilae. And I always will. And, so you know. I'll look after your sister for you. She'll be safe." Simply said the snow goddess. Khione then looked at Angel who shook her head to show he reluctancy.

"I… I can't…" Sobbed the demigoddess in the arm of her girlfriend. Percy only smiled and nodded, understanding her. He looked one last time at the statue.

"Elv. This statue is an automaton. This way, you will always be able to protect Olympus, and Hestia." Said Percy.

Angel smiled a bit and nodded before looking on her back. There was Blazing Sacrifice, resting on her back, the inscriptions pulsating in a soft and warm orange glow.

He woke up with a gasp, sitting up in a hurry. He looked around him, and there was nothing. No darkness, no light. Pure nothingness. This was a strange experience.

"Where the fuck am I…" Wondered the young man. "I was in the throne room… fading away… Hestia. No. Mom told me she was proud of me… Then nothing." Frowned the golden eyed man.

"You're in the Void!" Said a cheery young female voice. The man faced the owner of the voice and took a defensive stance. Before frowning in confusion.

Before him was a little girl, apparently of ten years old, dressed in a pink fluffy dress, a magic stick n her hand. The dress of a Magical Girl.

"Oookayyy. I'm insane." Said the man. The girl laughed.

"No Elverilae. You're not. Welcome in the Void. My home… And me." Said the girl. Elveril frowned and began to process the information.

The Void. Which mean I'm dead. Her home? And her? But the Void is… Oh. Thought the protector. He then faced the Magical Girl.

"Wait. The almighty Creator Khaos is dressing like a Magical Girl? You know what. Don't mind that. Weirder stuff happened." Dismissed the protector. The creator giggled.

"You're funny. And interesting. You know, I didn't approve your creation, you were out of my control. You could have done anything, like conquering the world. But you sacrificed yourself. An interesting being indeed. Anyway! Wanna spend some time with a lonely little girl?" Asked Khaos with a puppy dog face. Elveril chuckled.

"A lonely over powered little girl who could create company to spend time with. But… why not! You have Netflix?" Asked Elveril with an eyebrow raised. Khaos laughed.

"I am the creator! I created Netflix! Why?" Laughed the creator as she popped in a couch and a TV. Elveril dropped on the couch and switched on the TV.

"I never finished Breaking Bad. I hate wars! Always when there is a good show." Said Elveril. Khaos sat next to him and summoned pop corn.

"Okay. Which season are you at?"

"Second. Never went further. Always protecting Angel." Answered Elveril as he launched an episode. Khaos put her head on his shoulder.

"You know. I said you were in the Void. This is partially true. You are in your sword, which I reforged from pure nothingness. And your skills are imbue it." Explained the Magical Girl.

"Hmmm. Who wield it?" Khaos smiled.

"Your protégé. This way, you're still doing you job." Explained Khaos. Elveril smiled.

"Good. That way, I can enjoy the serie." Answered the son of Hestia.

Looks like afterlife for me is rather sweet.