Stigmatize - 1. To characterize as disgraceful; brand. 2. To mark with stigma

-------- Stigma - 1. A mark or token of infamy or disgrace.

While this describes Yami Bakura, the title is also mocking the authoress. It is my feel at this story so far if it represented me. Lots of love, eh? Go look up infamy!

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Chapter 17: Optimism

Ryou was still watching the wall in the morning. He wasn't exactly sleeping, but he didn't know his Yami was gone till he heard the bedroom door close. The Spirit was saying something to the boy's father and kicking his suitcase down the hall. Another lay still on the floor.

Quickly, Ryou tried to get up, forcing himself out of the mesh of blankets. The Fiend reentered the room as his light reached a sitting position only halfway free of the covers.

The Spirit walked behind the boy and grabbed to two small shoulders lightly. He directed the body back down. Ryou was soon staring at him upside down.

"You don't get up till I'm gone," the Spirit informed him. Ryou opened his mouth in protest.


Once again the Yami thought it necessary to cut Ryou off with another kiss over the boy's lower lip. He caressed the skin softly with his mouth before pulling off and shushing the child. He brought his head up to stare into Ryou's eyes, his chin in the white hair and lips less than an inch away from the smooth pale forehead.

Ryou was breathing heavily, looking up at him. There was the slightest trace of tears in his eyes from both sadness and anger. He silently waited for the Yami to speak.

"You mustn't move until I'm gone, Hikari," the Fiend commanded in a quiet yet threatening voice, "I don't want to be delayed. You understand, Child, I have to go. Even if Romania is the middle of nowhere, at least I'll know where the middle of nowhere is. I suggest your sorry mind doesn't dwell on me too long."

Ryou nodded quietly. The Fiend released him and retrieved his last piece of luggage. Ryou watched the Spirit cross the room and exit, his footsteps fading down the hall. He heard the deep voice speaking to the boy's father but the thick walls muffled it.

At the sound, Ryou felt a pain in his chest, a heartbreaking wretch at his insides. He bolted from the bed and ran to the living room. The Fiend turned around glaring at him.

"Don't leave me too!" the boy exclaimed, crying as he stopped, "Everyone leaves me here. I don't want to be left behind."

"That's because no one can stand you, Mortal," the angry Fiend snapped, not looking Ryou straight in the eye.

"But without you I'll be completely alone."

"So, get over it," the Spirit shrugged coldly.

"I know you say you hate me," Ryou continued, "But you stayed longer than anyone. You're always there, but if you leave it will prove you'd given up too. I just can't be made into you by you or anyone else, and my Father knows this too. I can't be like him, you know. He thinks he failed too. He can't stay in this place because, as you said, no one can really stand me."

"Then why did he want to take you to Romania?" the Fiend asked sharply.

"To see if I'd become interested in what he was doing. But now you're going instead. You are abandoning me."

"Do you have a point to make before I go or are you just wasting my time? I'm getting bored," the Yami growled.

"Yes, I do," Ryou replied, letting his voice get louder, more confident, "You'll miss me. You'll never forget me. While you can be miles away from my presence, you're a mirror away from my face, our face and expressions, your face. Have fun repressing."

The Spirit grew instantly angry with the child and rushed at him.

"Shut it!" he roared, knocking the boy down.

Ryou lost his balance at the blow and fell back, his skull knocking the floor with a disturbing clunk. The Spirit did not flinch, just stared down emotionlessly. Quickly he grabbed his suitcase and left the room.

Outside he tossed the bags into the boot of the car violently and slammed it shut.

"Hurry, let's go," he commanded, getting in the passenger side. The boy's father started the care and sped out.


When Ryou came around again he knew the Spirit had been long gone with the boy's father. Malik, obviously as it was now safe, was soon to arrive. He looked at Ryou in shock.

"Ryou, you're bleeding," he informed, seeing brown and rusty red on the usual white.

"Am I?" Ryou asked vaguely.

"Yes, there a cut on your forehead, Einstein," Malik answered, leaving to get a wet towel.

Ryou sat patiently as the other cleaned his forehead. The injury he hadn't been aware of slowly started to throb. He bit his lip and kept quiet until the task was finished.

"Why are you still in town, Ryou?" Malik asked finally done.

"Yami left. He wouldn't listen to me. I'm all alone now."

Malik nodded sadly. He tried half-heartedly to correct the boy's error, "You're not alone, and you have friends in Domino."

"Good for me," Ryou mumbled again. Malik scowled.

"Snap out of it, Ryou. Your yami left and moping around all day isn't going to bring him back."

Ryou nodded, not caring. His eyes watched the floor remotely.

"Ryou, I'm going to slap you if you don't quit it," Malik threatened.

"Quit what?" Ryou asked, looking up quickly.

"Looking at your own world. You need to wake up,"

"Oh yeah, sorry about that Malik," Ryou apologized quietly.

The blonde's expression lit up slightly with a sudden inspiration, "You need something to do Ryou, get your mind off things."


"NO!" Malik corrected, "Play guitar or something."

Ryou shook his head and smirked faintly.

"A parting gift from my Yami: He cut the strings on my acoustic."

"Get new ones then."

Ryou pouted slightly at this, "I don't feel like it."

"I don't care," Malik mocked in the same tone. Ryou frowned at him.

"In fact, Ryou, I'll personally make sure you buy those new strings. You need to get out of your house."

Ryou shook his head as he was unwillingly dragged out the door. The absence of a car in the street only made his heart sink lower. Malik was trying vainly to make him cheer up and it wasn't working. Nothing was working.

"Owe!" Ryou yelped as Malik just jabbed him in the ribs, "What the-?"

"You were spacing out again, Ryou," the blonde haired Egyptian announced, "You aren't allowed to do that."

Ryou frowned. There where lots of things he couldn't do and now they involved thinking as well? He didn't agree with it. He wanted his Yami to come back and chase Malik away for him. It's not that Ryou didn't like the blonde, it was just he tended to be so annoying.

"Malik, I don't want to go."

"I'll use the Millennium Rod," the other threatened.

With a sigh, Ryou trailed behind. He thought of where his Yami must be. Maybe he was on a plane in one of his several flights to reach Romania? The boy didn't know. He didn't want to know. He just hoped the Spirit would miss him; notice he didn't have zero feeling for his hikari.

Ryou believed his Yami loved him and would realize this eventually. His dark was sure to return and not flat out apologize, granted, but maybe make up for his behavior someway.


"You walk so slow, Ryou," Malik admonished, stopping and waiting for his friend to catch up.

With a faint grin, Ryou sped up, causing Malik to smile. No point in upsetting people, right?


Ryou flipped through the pages of his small blue notebook carefully. He reached a clean page and with his pen wrote, simply:


'I can wait. I will wait."

With a sigh he closed the pages and walked to the window, staring down the street.

"Goodnight, Yami," he muttered.

Ore no fuku kuchibue wa wari to akarui uta de

Zen sekai no hitotachi ni sasagerareta noizu

Dare hitori shiru hazu no nai kono merodei ga, omae ni wa kikoeru ka?

Sayonara da

Love me

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Don't ask me what optimism is, I couldn't tell you.

And which song do you want to thank for this update inspiration? Uh, "Love Me?" I think it's by The Hong Kong Knife. Ending song to Yami no Matsuie *grins impishly*. Last lyrics translation:

"The whistle I give is the bright noise / that's dedicated to the people around the world / Can you hear this melody that no one knows? / It's over / Love me" (Note: Dashes are where line ends, not sentence. Yeah, one's cut in half. ^^U)

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