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Teeth: Horrors

The green thing, with its disturbing eyes that only seemed more eerie in the firelight, was considering the bite marks on her skin where her thumb became her hand. Nanny stared too. At two years old the frog still hadn't said a word. Nanny was disinclined to believe Melena and Frex when they asserted it looked like a cabbage and had the brain of one. The girl and her infuriating eyes seemed too alert and Nanny often had the disconcerting feeling that although she remained silent, the child understood perfectly every word said in her presence. As if sensing her thoughts, those eyes turned up to Nanny and the older woman was forced to look away and return her attention to the conversation at hand.

"She's a parasite!" Melena exclaimed, echoing a thought she'd had on the day she'd gone into labour. "I will not raise another child near her to be infected."

"What do you suggest, dear?"

"Kill the little atrocity." There was a moment's pause after the hysterical comment during which the little green girl once again bit the same spot, though none of the adults looked at her.

"Melena," Frex began quieter, "I don't like the ugly little thing either, but it's wrong to kill a child. The Unnamed God would surely punish us."

"He already has! Isn't she punishment enough, what more could he do?"

"She could be of use when she's older. Someone to do the hard chores, keep the place in order, while you and Nanny care for the other one."

"She's a curse now. She'll only grow to be wicked!" Once again there was silence. Unbeknownst to the adults the girl in question had bitten down harder with every insult, though she had not yet broken the skin. Their words hurt her, but it didn't feel like normal pain, not like when she got to close to the fire. Biting was a way of making it make sense.

"So we should not do the same." Frex retorted eventually. "I will not give into her evil and kill her."

"But you would let her stay in the house and pervert another?"

"She needn't stay in the house."

"Well, where do you suppose?"

"You have a small shed out the back." Nanny responded, ignoring the brown eyes she could sense boring into her head.

"The only thing that will come of her," hissed Melena who realized she was losing the argument, "is unimaginable horrors!"

"Horrors." The green girl repeated and finally drew blood.

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