Stone-like creatures on a desert world roared with happiness.


On a metal planet, robotic citizens ran to and throe, crying out "We are free!"


Creatures made of ice danced in the streets.


Beings on worlds of swamp and water raised their glasses in a toast.


Bells rang in high festivities all across the universe.


On a far away planet, a grand celebration was taking place. Tentacled creatures were blowing trumpets while pig aliens pounded on drums.

Eventually, the being that seemed to be the ruler of the planet appeared before a podium.

"This is a grand day!" he cried to the masses who cheered "At long last, the terrible Warhak is no more! With the destruction of their greatest general, the Lorwardians have lost their mightiest military power. Even as I speak, their forces are being routed off every planet they have enslaved! The universe is now free of their tyrannical rule!" As he spoke, the crowd cheered louder and louder.

The king then made his way over to a tarp covering something a hundred feet tall.

"And thus, it is with great privilege that I unveil this commemorative statue in honor of the brave being who made this possible!"

With that, he pulled the cord and the tarp fell away, revealing a gigantic statue of a lanky young man with a cowlick in a heroic pose.

"Three cheers for Ron Stoppable, the greatest hero in the universe!"

"Hip Hip, Horray!"

The End

A/N: This idea came to me out of the blue. After all, you have to wonder what affects Ron's victory over the Lorwardians would have on the universe.