A/N Bella and Sam are twins, both 17, Charlie Uley's there dad and an elder and Grace Swan is their mother, Charlie's a tribal elder and chief, so he knows what to look for in the phasing process. On with the story….

Why does my brother have to be such an asshole all the time? Sam and I just got into another one our sibling rivalry spits over the T.V remote, that's what the 4th one in the past 3 hours? we usually get along but we've both just gone through a really stressful growth spurt, which is pretty weird since we're 17 years old!

"Sam nobody wants to watch The Avengers, it sucks ass!" I growl.

Faintly in the background I can hear our father, shout "LAUNGUAGE!". Sam laughs at that and it makes my anger surge even more, I start shaking, tremors going up and down my spine. Sam notices how angry I am and he starts shaking as well. All I see is red.

Suddenly a shout sounds through the room and father appears at the door, he takes one look and just says," Outside, now!" The authority in his tone is enough for us and we make a break for the back door, reaching it at the same time. We both growl at each other. Why are we growling? We push and shove each other until we are finally outside. I feel like I'm about to explode.

And that's exactly what I do, and as it seems, so does Sam but we don't go up in flames but more fur! Fur? What on earth? What the hell is actually going on? Again I look at Sam and he's not there, in his place is a huge, black wolf, the size of a horse. I turn my head to the back thinking I will see father but instead I see the back of a wolf. A white wolf.

Well fuck I think to myself.

Then I see images of a gorgeous white wolf which looks like the one who I just saw.

Oh my jesus Christ! Am I a fucking wolf? Shit this is fucking awesome! Fuck that wasn't me that said that, who was it? I try turning again to find dad and he's sitting on the deck chair smiling proudly at me and the Sam-wolf thing. I try to ask him what's going on but it just comes out as a retarded bark sort of thing.

"Think of what it's like to be human." He says calmly. I just think to myself change back then I'm standing there naked in front of my father and a wolf that's apparently my brother.

Great! Just. Fucking. Great. What's next my whole love life gets taken away from me? If so I'd like a bit of notice please!

"You're fucking shitting me right? Right? Oh my god! The legends…. Protectors… the cold ones...wait." I was mumbling but I didn't really care! I just turned into a wolf for fucks sake, give me a minute.

"The family in Forks me and Sam walked into last week, the polite ones, urgh what was there name? The Collin's, The Clement's… Oh, oh the Cullen's. That's the cold ones right? The ones Great Great Grandpa Mason made the treaty with, the one where they ain't allowed to bite a human or come on our ground? That was a dumb move, should've just killed them there and then would've been much faster. Huh didn't think turning into a giant wolf would be this complicated." I turn and see Sam was still a wolf. "Sam turn back to an actual person please?" I said but it felt like I was lying something on top of him, more telling him than asking him. There was a word floating in my head, I just couldn't grasp it.

"Got all that right Bells but how did you make Sam phase back?" Father asked, curious.

"Because I'm the Alpha!" I say, finally remembering the word. He looks shocked, to say the least, "Well I was one of the two first to phase, if I remember the legend right, Great Great Grandpa Mason was Alpha, and I was first born, so I must be if I can order little Sammy around!" After saying that last one I gave Sam a wink, he just growls. "So…what now?"

"Well we have got to tell Billy and the other elders that you two finally phased! And-" I cut him off there.

"Wait finally? You mean you knew this was going to happen and didn't bother telling us? If I were to have a child and they were about to go through this then I'd tell them straight away!" there it was again: that red vision anger, "Why didn't you tell us we were gonna have our lives taken away from us? I was planning on getting out of this shit hole of a reservation! College, vacations, living away, starting a business maybe! Now I can't even dream because you didn't tell me and get me used to it! Sam has a scholarship for fucks sake!" Sam growls from beside me, quite frankly I forgot he was standing there, in agreement.

"Isabella Lexi Swan, you will stay on this reservation and you will protect our tribe from the cold ones. If not you are breaking tribal laws and that could possibly lead to you being put in jail! Do you understand?" I nod what else could I possibly do?

"Will there be more. Like us?" Sam asked

"Yes, Paul Lahote, he should phase in the next couple days." Father says.

Paul Lahote is our schools resident douche, jack-ass, fucktard. He's in all my classes at school, even registration. We've hated each other since we were in diapers. And I may have the littlest, tiniest crush on him. At least I'll be in charge of him. To be honest I sorta like the sound of that!

Just then we hear a heart wrenching howl cut through the air, "Looks like he went early." Oh my god are we gonna have to go find him? "Bella, Sam go find him!" For fucks sake!

I jump up to go heading into the forest, and thought about the way my bones felt when I first phased, which felt like years ago, but in reality it was only 30 minutes ago, all bones breaking and shifting into a whole new structure. And with that I was a giant white wolf again.

I started running with a jet black Sam-wolf flanking my left. I noticed some thoughts that ain't mine. Half of them were "What the fucks" and "For fucks sakes" the other half were going over all the legends. There are 3 of us phased and 3 different minds, I guess we share a pack mind, huh, that could help.

Back to finding Paul. It's easy to find him with this super-sonic hearing and sight I can see flecks of grey darting through the trees "Must be him!" I think to myself.

Well no shit Sherlock how many other horse sized wolves have you met? Not many from where I'm standing!

Shut it Sam, and keep an eye on where he's heading in case he gets away from me!

Yes boss

Fuck you!

I start nearing him and his wolf is a gorgeous grey with: 2 black paws, 1 white and the last an odd gold colour. I look down at my feet, or well paws, and see that I have one to on my left paw too. Next I look at Sam's he doesn't he's just plain. Huh I always was the plain one in the family, well that's all gonna change. If we are gonna be protectors then we are gonna be equals.

By now I'm just at Paul's tail and I nip at it. As soon as I laid my teeth on him he whipped around and the second our eyes meet the cables that were linking me to the earth are cut and now the only thing that matters is Paul. What the fuck?!

Paul you need to calm down please, it won't help anyone having you running haywire around the rez, you're a wolf and all the legends are true. We protect the tribe from the cold ones, vampires. Don't think that we didn't bother to warn you, we only found out about half an hour before you phased. We were protesting to be able to tell people who were showing signs of phasing. I am Bella, your Alpha. Sam over there I guess is my Beta, that makes you my Delta.

Shit I'm a wolf?

Sure am. Now follow us.

I lead him back to ours, and tell him to phase but away from us in this weird Alpha command thing. I phase and ran in to grab some clothes, after I grab some clothes for Paul and Sam I go to get changed in my room, but as I go to put my underwear on my bra snaps in half cause my boob have grown at least two sizes bigger and I can't get my butt into my trousers… I guess I'm borrowing some of Sam's clothes then.

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