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See-more's thoughts and when he's talking to us.

* See-more's POV *

I walked into the common room, where everybody was sitting around doing their thing.

"Guys! Where's Kyd? He isn't in his room."

"What ever, he must have taken a walk like he always does."

"Gizmo, he didn't come back last night."

"How would you know that?"

"All night video games, he didn't teleport or walk in."

"So, did you try to call him?"

"Yes. You think I'm stupid? I also send him like a hundred texts."

"Stop exaggerating, you didn't send him a hundred texts."

"Yes I did, look."

I took out my communicator showed it to them. Their eyes all widened.

"I can't believe that you actually sent one hundred texts."

"It's called being worried about your friend. Gizmo, can you locate where he is?"

"Sure, it'll be a piece of cake, unless he's in another dimension, which I really doubt that he would be in."

Gizmo walked over to this huge computer screen and started pushing some buttons. Then a map of the city appeared, then one of the state, then of the continent, then of the world.

"Right now, he isn't any where in the world, but I can see where he was last night."

Gizmo bushed some more buttons and the map changed to one of the city.

"He was walking close to the base, fast forward some time, there."

He said while stopping at a precise moment.

"You see, he was in this alleyway and then, gone."

"We should go there and see the crime scene. Right partner?"

"Right Billy."

You know sometimes I can stand Billy talking with himself, but there comes a time, were everything has a limit, and he just crossed it.

"You're right Billy, let's go."

We changed into civilian clothes, I put on some sunglasses, but the rest just went with normal clothes. Billy was insisting to go with his clones, but we just let him take one, so that it will be his 'twin brother'. We made our way to the alleyway, guided by Gizmo. We reached the alleyway and we were shocked to how it looked like.

"Guess little Kyd went KABOOM."

"Yeah, Billy, guess that we won't be seeing that teleporter anymore."

"Stop it with you're Billy talk, you're not letting me think. You stupid crud filled idiots, Kyd didn't explode he was transported to another dimension!"

"Are you sure?"

"There's only one way to be sure, we need to talk to her."

"No, absolutely not! We are not going to the Titans for help!"

"Yeah, they'll attack us when we show ourselves at their door!"

"Or you two don't want to go because Jinx is there?"

"What! No!"

"Fine then let's go!"

"Sometimes we can't argue with him."

*In front of Titans Tower *

"Hey BB, get the door, I'm busy cooking lunch!"

"Too busy Cy, playing video games!"

"Will you just get it?"

"Dude, you're no fun!"

"Just do it!"


"What do you -?"

"Hi there!"

Before we could do anything else, that stupid green changer hit the alarm.

"Beast Boy what is it?"

"Robin the HIVE 5 are here!"

"Teen Titans-"

"We didn't come here to fight!"

"Then why did you come here?"

"We need her help."

"My help? Why?"

"It's kind of a not so long story."

"Hey, where's the red-eyed dude?"

"That's why we came here. We think he was teleported to another dimension."

"And why would you think that?"

"Gizmo, explain."

"Well, we went to the area where Kyd disappeared. The alleyway was a mess and I didn't pick up any signs of explosive material. Instead I found a signature, close to the one of Raven's magic, so we came here so that you could help us."

"How do we know you aren't lying?"

"You're the detective, does it seem like we're lying?"

"Friend Robin, the one-eyed one seem like he is saying the truth."

"I have a name you know!"


"They aren't lying."

"This is the first and the last time we're helping you. Nobody else knows about this."

"What do you think we are? Stupid? We have a reputation to protect!"
"Come in, it's outside isn't the best place to talk."

So we made our way inside their base. Man it was huge! They had a giant TV screen and the view from their living room is amazing. Why do the good guys always get the good stuff? Not fair. Billy made a couple of clones and started looking around.

"Hey don't touch that!"

"Sorry partner!"

"Billy, no touching things, I bet they think we're going to steal something."

We sat down on their couch and the Titans sat in front of us.

"Tell us again what you found in the alleyway."

"Well, we went there and the place looked blown up!"

"There was no sign of explosives, just dark magic. So we came to you."

" Friends are you sure their nobody else that uses magic?"

"I know one person, but she won't want to help."

"And whose that See-more?"