"Yes, my sweet, it's me. I do hope you weren't expecting another. I'm not a man who shares. You know, you are a very desirable woman. So many men would give anything to touch the places that I will touch tonight. It's almost a shame because after tonight no other man's name shall ever be on your lips but mine," whispered Vader.

Padme had never felt so angry or hurt in her life. She looked at him in near disgust. He was the man who held her captive. She should have known it would've been him.

Why was she in the least bit surprised. She should have known all along. Everyone knew the emperor was cruel. Everyone knew he killed whole systems without a second thought. He was cold hearted and evil. Everyone knew these things, including her.

"If you decided to calm down you might actually enjoy this," he whispered.

"I would never enjoy your touch.


He had wanted her for so long and he always got what he wanted. The Dark Lord pressed back against her body in order to remove all of her clothing,

"Lord Vader, please. Don't do this."

This is what he wanted more than anything, the sound of her begging did. But she who he was and was the one who was in controle, and had to be punished for that

He kissed her firmly. His fingers sank into the flesh of her hip that, clawing at her. And another delicious gasp of pain against his mouth was his reward.

This surprised Padme. She had never known a man would touch her this way and she would not feel dirty for not being his wife. She actually felt the opposite. There was a part of her that was excited by his behavior.

He pulled back to just stare at her flushed face before coming forward and pulling her dress down.

She let out another sound, but it's been a gasp, this time it was a moan. She wants it, He could tell by the moan she gave at the feeling of his desire for her.

He held her close in his tight embrace as he pressed his lips tighter to hers. He made her wrap her legs around him, but she had so little choice, the position is awkward for her otherwise and positioned himself against her. She was so tense that he could feel her heart beat. She was trembling. She was scared. He could almost hear her begging him not to.

With one hand he pulled her head down against him in order to kiss her harder and at the same time pushed himself inside of her.

She let out a whimpering, gasping moan against my mouth as I force my way inside of her. She was so tight and hot. He had always known she's a virgin,.

She's whimpered in his almost kiss, as he broke through her virginity. It was a pain she would've felt no matter who it was. However, it wasn't someone else. It was he, He was the one claiming her.

When he was fully inside her he decided to wait, to give her time to get used to it and he had time to savor the moment. Ten years of yearning, wishing for this and it was finally paying off. His patience had worked. .

Gripping her tightly in his arms he used my knees to pull out and slide back into her. Her legs wrap tighter around him and her arms as well, no longer fighting, but as he had always wanted it, submissive to his will, completely at his disposal lost in all the new sensations no doubt.

He took it slow at first, but his control is only so good. Soon he moving into her harder, more forcefully, but she conformed to his shape, stretching, getting wet, her body responding to him even though her mind probably wasn't yet. Vader began to lose track of all of his senses only few thoughts remained, making love to her, dominating me.

But he was the one dominating her body and that in itself was addicting "Anakin," his name, passing her lips on a moan, needy, breathless, begging for things she could not name. It was his true name, the name he had long ago forgotten.

He stopped for a minute. That name brought back so many memories. It brought back memories of a life he had long forgotten, a life he had shoved aside.

She had finally figured it out. HE had hoped she never would figure it out because if she did his claim on her entire soul could be more difficult. She could try to make him become Anakin again, what hell that would be. The last thing he needed was for her to be trying to get him to turn to the lightside. He would really lose it then. He ignored her as he breathed in her scent as he thrusted into her, seeking the release that will finalize his ownership to her.

It came in a sudden rush of heat, more violent than he had ever known. She cried out at the exact time he did, and together they tumbled into a world unknown by anyone but lovers. She tumbled with him into deep ecstasy.

He just layed there for a moment as he stroked her back. At first she did nothing but as her conscious thought came back to her she flinched. She realized everything she had done. Pulling up a bit she looked into his blue eyes.

"You're mine now, Padme. I recognize the look in your eye. You think all I see you as is a whore, but no, you will be my wife, I just wanted a foretaste and even though I'm letting you go right now I'll never let go of you."

He got up from the bed and got dressed. He turned back to her. He felt complete desire for this woman, she still was strong willed, but those things could be changed. He could teach her. He could train her. In time she would learn just how the wife of the emperor was to behave, and she would.