Kindred Spirits-prelude

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Siegfried Schtauffen. A young man who had only recently become a soul in Purgatory. He knew he had to attone for the horrible sins he had commited. He knew that for what he had done, he was going to Hell. His quest for redemption was a slow one. Today, Siegfried had returned to the City of Water, to Venice, Italy. Another evil vanquished, and one more step on the path to return under God's light. As he lifted his enormous zweihader sword, Requiem, a strange thought crossed his mind. He unconsciously began his exercises as his mind flooded to a peculiar dream he had been having lately.

Siegfried was alone in the shadows. He heard a voice say his name. The voice told him to follow it. Siegfried ran towards the sound of the disembodied voice. Finally, he reached it. He saw a woman standing alone, her face obscured in shadow. Though she spoke clearly, Siegfried was unable to listen to her, as he found himself captivated by her presence.

The girl finished speaking and the last thing Siegfried Schtauffen could remember of this dream before waking up was the feeling of that young woman's lips, soft as silk, against his own.

In another land, the ninja known only as Taki, finished her training session with the memory of a strange dream herself.

There was a young man with blonde hair, whose steel armor shone like the sun and banished the darkness and loneliness around her. Although this armored boy spoke to Taki, she could not remember his words, as if he had not spoken at all. What she found unusual about this dream is how she never saw his face as she always woke up the instant he turned around and wrapped his strong arms around her.

That evening, two warriors gazed to the sky and wondered what their dreams meant and if they would ever find out.

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