Kindred Spirits- Conclusion

Siegfried awoke to see Taki sleeping quietly beside him. He smiled slightly as he reminisced over the past month travelling with her. Taki was like no other woman he had ever met. Back home in the Holy Roman Empire, women were basically there to marry and bear children while taking care of the house. On the other hand, Taki was strong and independent. She knew how to take care of herself and had idominable spirit. While this struck Siegfried as a little unusual, he found it very... attractive? Yes. He found Takitobe very attractive. His smile widened slightly as he came upon this somewhat abrupt revelation.

Taki turned over to face him, still asleep. Her features were perfectly calm and relaxed. After a moment, a tiny smile started to dance across her lips. 'Whatever dream she's having,' Siegfried thought, 'best to let her finish it.' He quietly sat up from his bedroll, looking at his shoulder and the fresh scars where he had been stabbed before. He crept over to the small fire ring they had made last night and set about making a new fire from last night's ashes.

Meanwhile, Taki was lost in her dream. You see, she had come to the conclusion that Siegfried Schtauffen was the boy in her dreams. The visions were clearer now, and the figure within these dreamscapes was clearly Siegfried. Despite this, Taki still wasn't able to hear what he said and the dream ended as it always had. Her eyes fluttered open and the pleasant smell of roasting fish drifted to her nose. She saw Siegfried kneeling before the flames, roasting two fish on a make-shift spit. The demon huntress briefly debated whether or not to tell him about her dreams and decided once more to wait until she was sure she knew how he felt. It was frustrating, but every morning she faced the same inner debate ad always made the same conclusion. She simply sat up and smiled over at the young warrior before her.

Siegrfried smiled back at her. "Good morning," he said warmly. "I hope you don't mind waiting a while."

"It's alright," Taki replied. She stretched out her stiff muscles and reached for her gear. As she quietly slipped on her tabi boots, she clandestinely watched Siegfried from the corner of her eye. The inner debate came up again. It was tearing her apart to be this close to him and unable to say a word about how she felt. At last, she decided she couldn't take it any longer. Biting her lip, Taki turned to face the blonde warrior before her. "Siegfried?" Her voice trembled a bit and she silently cursed herself.

"Something on your mind," Siegfried asked. His smile widened sligtly as he looked over at her. He too had been having clearer visions in his dreams. However, he wasn't entirely sure it was Taki he was seeing. Doubt lurked in the darkest corners of his mind, but he pushed it back with his painful memories. He didn't want to assume anything right then, so he bided his time.

Taki finally decided to swallow her doubts as she looked into is eyes. She cleared her throat and turned to face him. "Siegfried... I've been having these dreams lately ad I think..."

She swallowed before continuing. As she opened her mouth to speak, however, shouts and woops came from the woods, and out of nowhere emerged about a dozen bandits.

Taki and Siegfried leaped up to fight, but were too late. The bandits surrounded them and held them fast. They bound Siegfried's wrists with rope and two men pulled his arms out to the side. Another two men restrained Taki as their comrades bound her hands behind her back and tied her ankles.

What must have been the leader of the group stepped forward. He was a dark-haired man with a scruffy mustache and about six feet tall. "Well, what have we here," he said with a smirk. He looked over Siegfried briefly. "We might be able to sell him as a slave somewhere."

The young warrior simply spit at the brigand's feet. "Burn in Hell."

The bandit leader back-anded Siegfried hard across the jaw and moved his gaze to Taki with lust in his eyes. "Now this one we can keep." He forcefully took her jaw between his thumb and forefinger, making her look him in the eye. "Yes, we can keep her. Naturally, I call the first fucking."

The other bandits forwned slightly, but didn't openly object. Siegfried struggled harder against his captors. "Leave her own you son of a bitch!" The young warrior tried, but couldn't seem to wrestle the ropes from the grips of the bandits that held him.

The bandit leader simply sighed. "Perhaps he's not worth the trouble. Take him to the river and kill him."

As the bandits started to try to drag Siegfried away, Taki squirmed her face loose and shouted, "Siegfried!" She was promptly silenced by a hard blow to the stomach, knocking her wind out. The blow was followed by a hard punch in the head and elbow strike to hte lower back, causing the ninja to nearly pass out.

"Taki!" Siegfried fought harder and harder. Finally, he pulled his hands toward each other and down, pulling the bandits off balance and stumbling toward him. Siegfried brought his arms up in powerful elbow strikes which made contact with the men's faces and breaking their noses.

As the two fell backward, losing consciousness, Siegfried flew into a rage. He whipped the ropes still tied to his wrists around, slapping his attackers until he could get to his zweihander. The young knight reached the enormous blade and swung it above his head with a barbaric roar. He brought the blade down in a slash and lopped off the nearest bandit's head like a grape cut from its stem.

The men all drew their weapons, but Siegfried swung his swird around vioelntly, cutting a swathe through them quickly, becoming drenched in their blood as torrents of gore sprayed from gaping wounds and lacerations.

The young knight leaped into the air ad raised Requiem above his head. He swung the blade down as he dropped to the earth. The cold steal landed upon one of the few remaining bandits, splitting him like a watermelon down to the navel. After removing the sword from the mutilated corpse, Siegfried spun one hundred and eighty degrees, slamming the flat of his blade into the torso of another man, crushing his ribs.

Soon, the only bandit left was the leader. The scruffy criminal urinated himself in fear, too petrified to move as Siegfried turned his murderous gaze to him. The last thing the man saw was Requiem thrusting forward into his stomach before the world flipped upside down and the ground impacted with his face, breaking his neck.

Siegfried vioelntly ripped his sword from the corpse and turned to Taki's half-conscious body. His expression softened and he dropped to his knees beside her, tears welling up in his eyes. "Taki..."

"Siegfried....," she whispered. "I love you," was the last thing she said before slipping into uncosciousness. The revelation had struck Taki at the same time the words left her mouth. It was love destined to be. She understood it then as her world went black.

Siegfried untied her bonds and held her too him closely. "I love you, too," he sobbed. The words flowed out of him so naturally, it just felt so right. The images of his dreams came into full focus as he stoicly lifted Taki in his arms. "Hold on," he wispered to her. "I'll get you to safety."

The young knight carried her and only the bare essentials from their camp for twenty hours without sleep. It was almost dawn by the time he reached a small hamlet, exhausted, but still carrying Taki who had yet to awaken.

The residents were alarmed at first to see the young man covered in blood carrying this woman, and the local constabulary was called in. Before Siegfried could explain, he passed out from exhaustion.


The next morning, Siegfried sat at Taki's bedside, watching over her sadly. Most of her lower torso was bandaged and she had a turban of white cloth wrapped about her head. The young knight nodded off after a while, still tired, and slipped into his dream. What he didn't know, was that Taki was facing the dream as well. This time, they could hear eachother's voices.

'We are kindred spirits...'
'Destined to be together...'
'Fate has brought us together, not chance...'
'We were born for one another. The true love that not everyone finds...'
'So you see, Siegfried, that we are exceptional. This isn't something to waste...'
'But, now, it is time to leave the dream behind. It is time to make these visions reality Taki...'

The dream ended and the two warriors woke up, looking into each other's eyes. Not a word passed between them, they simply leaned toward one another. The world became distant, unimportant. Slowly, their lips met and deepened into a passionate kiss. This was true love, and it wasn't just their lips that met, but their hearts and souls as well. Two kindred spirits, now one.

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