Now it's My Turn

Sequel to "Gibbs' New Girl" & "Switching Places"

By MchakotayParis (R. Mason)

Chapter 10

On Monday Tim was able to get the footage from the traffic cams but it only led them to an abandoned car that was totally wiped clean. So everyone was once again on high alert while trying to keep the holidays as "normal" as possible for were able to make it for two weeks before the next crises hit.

The day had started normally with Gibbs waking Ali, changing her then together fixing their normal breakfast. They made plans to meet after work, then head to the store to pick up a few things then have a quiet night at home. So when Ali turned up a little early at NCIS she found everyone still working in the bullpen.

"Hey guys, what's up?" called Ali as she exited the elevator then came into the bullpen.

"Hey squirt, what are you doing here?" asked Tony as he came up and gave her a hug.

"Gibbs and I planned to meet after work but I finished early so I thought I'd surprise him." said Ali as she came over and wrapped her arms around Gibbs' shoulders whispering "Surprise Daddy"

"Hello princess" answered Gibbs softly then reached up and gently patted the side of her head.

"Are you ready to go or do I need to wait?" asked Ali as she stood up and went over to the empty desk at the end of the bullpen.

"Give me about twenty minutes then I'll be ready to go. Why don't you go down and see Abby or Ducky until then?" suggested Gibbs.

"Great idea, call me when you're ready. Bye guys!" called Ali as she bounced out of the bullpen and into the elevator, then waved as the doors closed.

"Any more problems Boss?" asked Tim as he watched the doors closed.

"Not so far, I'm hopping that whom ever is doing this has given up because of the holidays." replied Gibbs then returned to his report so he could leave soon.

For the next twenty minutes Gibbs and the rest of the team worked silently until he shut down his computer, getting his gun and keys then standing.

"We'll I'm out of here guys, finish up then head on home." said Gibbs as he headed towards the elevator to retrieve Ali.

"Night Boss, have a good night." called Tony as Gibbs entered the elevator.

Gibbs found Ali in Autopsy standing with Ducky and Palmer standing over the body of a recent case. After watching a few minutes he finally extracting Ali from the table after promising that she could return at a later date. Ali was taking biology and anatomy courses online and Ducky and Palmer had been helping her. As they exited NCIS, they each went to their own cars, Ali parking just a few cars away from Gibbs then following him to the store. After quickly getting what they needed at the store, they put the groceries in Ali's car then she followed Gibbs home.

As Gibbs unlocked the front door Ali had a feeling something was wrong. She couldn't quiet put her finger on it but she felt that the house just wasn't right.

"Why don't you go up and get changed baby girl, while I put these up then we'll start dinner." said Gibbs as he went into the kitchen and placed the bags on the island.

Admiral Grayson had been standing by the railing on the upper landing when he saw Allison and Gibbs come in. As he watched Allison's demeanor change he knew that his time was up. He'd hoped he would have some time to watch Allison and Gibbs to see for himself what their relationship was. But now he knew it was confrontation time. As he headed down the stairs he saw Allison turn to face him then call out.

"Gibbs" her voice slightly shaking.

When he heard the slight tremor in Ali's voice, Gibbs reached for his gun coming into the living room just as Admiral Douglas Grayson descended the stairs.

As he realized who he was Gibbs drew his gun saying "What are you doing here?"

As soon as Ali saw Gibbs draw his gun she ran to him putting herself between Gibbs and Grayson. saying "Daddy no!"

"That's touching Allison, but I doubt that Agent Gibbs would shot me in front of you." said Grayson.

"Oh shut up! I don't give a rat's ass about you but don't think I could stand losing Gibbs. Besides you're not worth the jail time." answered Allison angrily as she rounded on her biological father.

"Are you sure baby girl?" asked Gibbs as he looked at her standing before him.

"I'm sure Gibbs. Please don't give him the satisfaction of taking you away from me." said Ali as she turned then moved closer to him and put her hand on his arm.

With one more look at the daughter of his heart Gibbs lowered, then holstered his gun pulling Ali into his arms.

"What do you want?" asked Gibbs he kissed the top of her head then turned her around in his arms keeping her securely in his arms.

"I had to see for myself if what the investigators told me was true. You have taken my place as Allison's father." said Grayson as he came into the living room and looked around.

The living room was a cosy room with a few personal items from both Allison and Gibbs. On the mantel above the fireplace were several pictures of a younger Gibbs with a woman and child, then at least two pictures of both Allison and Gibbs over the past few years.

"My father!" yelled Allison as she pulled out of Gibbs arms and advanced on Grayson. "You were never a father to me. I was only ever a means to get what you wanted and when I didn't live up to you're grand destiny for me you disowned me and never looked back. You purposely talked trash about me to my younger siblings turning them against me, and then tried to take the only home I've ever known away from me. If it hadn't been for mother standing up to you for once I would be homeless or living somewhere else. So don't you dare compare yourself to Gibbs. He loves me for who I am and excepts me the way I am."

"Yes I've seen the way he "takes care of you" answered Grayson with a sneer in his voice.

Before Gibbs knew what was happening, or could reach out and stop her Allison advanced on Grayson, slapping his face sending him staggering a few steps backwards.

"How dare you! Owwww, Gibbs give me your gun" said Ali as she turned the went back to Gibbs holding out her hand.

"As tempting as that sounds baby girl I'm afraid I can't. As you told me earlier, he's not worth jail time." answered Gibbs with a smile as he pulled her back into his arms.

"Now that you've appeased your morbid curiosity I think it would be best if you left our house and never returned." said Gibbs.

"I plan on it Agent Gibbs. Oh you might want these" said Grayson as he tossed a large yellow envelope onto the coffee table.

"What's that?" asked Allison as she moved out of Gibbs arms and picked up the envelope but didn't open it.

"Surveillance pictures from the investigator's I hired to follow you. You have amassed yourself quite a protective little family Allison. It makes me wish I had a second chance with you and your brother's and sisters."

"You're the one who tore us apart Admiral, whither you know it or not all I ever wanted was for you to be proud of me." said Allison softly.

"I realize that now Allison. And I always was proud of you, but my pride and vanity wouldn't let me admit it to even myself. Now that your grown I'm astonished at all that you have accomplished."

"I did it all for me. I wasn't about to let you're opinion of me define what I could do, or who I became. I worked my ass off to accomplish what I have and no one, not even you are going to take it away from me. I'm damn proud of what I've done and the new family I have, so as far as I'm concerned you lost me as your daughter the night you walked out on me when I was ten."

"Then I guess, I'm truly alone now. You know you look a lot like her you know?"

"Who?" asked Allison although she had a feeling that she knew who he was talking about.

"Adrian, your mother. That was always the reason why I did what I did. Whenever I looked at you I saw the potential that you're mother threw away. She tried to be strong during the pregnancy but after the baby was born it all became to much and we always ended up giving the baby to you. I guess I was a little jealous that at such a young age you handled what your mother couldn't."

"But I didn't handle it like I should have did I. I turned to Adult Infantilism, and you stole from my childhood from me! Along with any chance that I might have to have a loving family, well now I've found one and I want no part of you or my former family. I'm a Gibbs now." said Allison proudly as she moved away for the last time from her biological father and into the arms of her new "Daddy"

"As you wish Allison, for what it's worth I'm sorry." said Grayson sadly. As he looked at the women in Gibbs' arms he felt an overwhelming sense of loss. Loss for the family he once had and the eldest daughter that he had pushed away. Gathering what was left of his pride he took a step towards Allison noticing that Gibbs tightened his arms around Allison as he stepped closer. "Take care of her Agent Gibbs, she's a very special woman."

"I plan on it Admiral" answered Gibbs.

With Gibbs answer Admiral Douglas Grayson walked out of the Grayson family home for the last time giving up his eldest daughter. As the door closed behind Grayson Gibbs scooped Ali into his arms and carried her to the couch. As he sat down he cuddled her in his arms and held her as she cried. After a few minutes Ali raised her head and Gibbs looked into the tear streaked face of his little girl.

"Ali, I'm so proud of you. How about we skip fixing dinner tonight and order a pizza?" asked Gibbs as he gently wiped her face.

"I'd like that Daddy, can I have a coke to?" asked Ali with a smile.

"You can have anything you want sweetheart. Now why don't you go wait for me while I order the pizza then I'll come up and get you into you're "Ali mode" said Gibbs with a returning smile and then kissed her on the forehead.

Ali threw her arm around Gibbs neck then bounced up stairs. As promised Gibbs ordered the pizza but made one more call before he went upstairs to Allison. He called Tim and asked him to come over tomorrow and check out the security system. After finding out what had just happened Tim wanted to come over tonight but Gibbs told him it could wait until tomorrow. Tonight he wanted it to just be him and Allison. After hanging up with Tim Gibbs quickly headed upstairs to find Allison sitting in the middle of her bed clutching her white duck Puffalump. At the look on her face Gibbs quickly came over to the bed and sat down on the side of the bed.

"Ali baby what's wrong?" asked Gibbs as he gently brushed the hair out of her face.

"He was here...he was in my room" said Ali in a shaky voice.

"Oh sweetie, I'm sorry. I should have checked before I sent you up here. Do you want to pack up and spend some time at the beach house?" asked Gibbs as he rubbed her back.

"No, I want to stay here and have a wonderful holiday with my new family. This is my house now and he's not going to run me out of it. Maybe after the new year we can go to the beach house and spend some time there." said Ali as she looked up at her Daddy.

"Then that's what we'll do, now how about we get you changed, then we can have a quiet night just the two of us." said Gibbs as he got up and started leading Ali towards the bathroom.

"Daddy, can we asked Tim to come over and find out how Grayson got into the house?" asked Allison as she gave a small shiver after she said his name.

"Already taken care of princess, he's coming over later on to check out the system." said Gibbs as he pulled her to his chest.

"Thank you Daddy, I love you." whispered Ali as she leaned against his chest.

"Love you too baby girl" answered Gibbs.

They stood there for a few minutes longer then Gibbs started their nightly routine changing Allison in Ali. After a quick warm shower, Gibbs changed Ali then left her to change while he quickly went back downstairs to retrieve the envelope Grayson had given Allison. She'd dropped it back on the coffee table and he wanted to get it to Abby to analyze before he showed them to Ali. He wanted to know just exactly how Grayson had gotten so close to Ali and prevent it from every happening again.

As Ali came downstairs Gibbs put the envelope in the small table in the foyer, then went to lead Ali to the couch. As he settle her on the couch the doorbell rang, retrieving his wallet he went to the door to pay for the pizza. Placing the box on the coffee table he went to the kitchen to get plates and glasses for himself and Ali, then sat down on the couch beside her. As they ate Gibbs watched Ali noticing that she was still a little upset but slowly calming down. After the pizza was eaten Gibbs took the plates and glasses to the kitchen then turned on the television finding a game and soon had Ali curled up against his side. By halftime Ali was asleep against his side and he gently moved her so he could lay down then pulled her against him so she was laying with her head on his chest.


The next day Gibbs called Ali's office telling them that she would be in late, then let her sleep until she woke up. It was after ten o' clock before she woke up and as Gibbs changed Ali he outlined the day for her. When she didn't object Gibbs knew that she was still spooked by Grayson getting into the house. He'd considered keeping her home today but knew that she would just brood about it so the best thing was to let her go to work but keep her as close as possible. So he planned to take her and pick her up from work along with sending someone to her office to make sure she ate lunch.

As they fixed then ate breakfast Ali's mood slowly improved until by the time they were driving to work Ali was once again chatting away happily. Once Gibbs dropped Ali at her office he drove to NCIS headquarters and went directly down to Abby's lab.

"Abby, I need you to do me a favor" said Gibbs as he entered

"Sure Gibbs, what is it?" asked Abby.

"I need you to look over some photo's and find out from where and how far they were taken." said Gibbs as he handed her the envelope.

"Sure Gibbs, are they part of a case?" asked Abby as she opened the envelope and the photos dropped on the desk.

"No, Grayson stopped by the house last night and gave these to Ali. They are from the investigators he hired to trail us."

"That bastard! Has Ali seen these yet?" asked Abby as he quickly leafed through the photos

"No, I want to find out where and how close these were taken then get Tim to improve the security system."

"I'll get on it right now boss man, and I'll e-mail Tim a copy so he can get started working on updating your system."

"Thanks Abs, and I need you to keep this quiet until I show these to Ali" said Gibbs as he leaned over and kissed her forehead.

"You got it boss man, mums the word." replied Abby as she turned and started analyzing the photos.

Gibbs watched Abby for a minute then left the lab returning to the bullpen. When he entered the bullpen he could see that had Tim already had received some of the photo's from Abby and was analyzing them mumbling to himself under his breath. As he secured his keys and gun in his desk he had to smile. Admiral Douglas Grayson might have given up on Ali but he damn sure hadn't and would do everything in his power to keep her safe.

It took two more days before Abby finished analyzing all of the photos, and Tim spent the weekend over at Gibbs' and Ali's house updating the security system. By Thanksgiving Ali was back to her normally bubbly self and it was a very festive group that met for their traditional Thanksgiving feast.

As they gathered around the table for dinner Ali stood and quietly asked. "I'd like to make a toast."

"Quiet down everyone" said Gibbs loudly then looked at Ali "Go ahead princess"

"I just wanted to let you all know how thankful I am to have you as my family. I know it's been a difficult time for me recently and I appreciate you all sticking by me through it all. I might have lost one family, but I've gained a much better one in return. So here's to family."

"To family" replied everyone as they leaned forward and clinked each other's glasses.

"Now lets eat, I'm starving!" said Tony as he was the first one to sit down.

"DiNozzo, you're always starving" replied Gibbs with a smile then pulled out a chair for Ali and sat down beside her.

After that the meal was eaten, the traditional Thanksgiving Day football game was watched with Ali, Abby, Ziva, Tony, Tim and Palmer on the "play" comforter in front of the fire and Gibbs and Ducky watching on the couch.

Christmas and New Year's Eve were a festive time full of family and lots of laughter and love. As always everyone came over to Gibbs' and Ali's house and watched "It's a Wonderful Life" then spent the night, getting up the next morning to go to morning mass then opening presents.

As promised Gibbs and Ali spend three weeks at the beach house when the weather warmed up and then returned to their normal routine. All in all Gibbs couldn't help but be thankful that Adrian Grayson had died, because with that lose he had once again gain a great joy in his life. His new daughter Allison Gibbs.