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Brief conversations between Daria and Jane: A diagnosis, a transfer, and a birth.

Casa lane/ Janes massive loft suite. Janes artwork is displayed throughout the walls of suite along with many of her sculptures decorating the rooms. The rooms are beautifully painted with warm brown colors and plush carpeting. Daria and Jane sit on huge leather sofas watching SSW on a giant plasma screen.

Jane: "So, she's being committed?"

Daria: "Yes, she's currently installed at a treatment center in Canada. The doctors' diagnosis came through, I guess all the social pressure on Quinn caused a psychological disorder."

Jane: "That makes sense, that she has mental issues. I mean we knew, that, right?"

Daria: "Well that mental disorder manifested into bad nerves or a nervous condition that is causing the rash."

Jane: "So, basically Quinn cracked?"

Daria: "Yep. Also, the doctors told my parents they can eventually cure her, but it'll take months; and advised both that this treatment center is best (Daria's cell phone buzzed and without looking at it she swiped the screen to hang up). So, my mom is taking a leave of absence from work and they will be with Quinn till she's cured."

Jane: "I'm just glad Helen and Jake are letting you stay here while they are gone. Since Trent has been in California on that hippie commune with Monique, it's been too quiet here. you'll liven the place up."

Daria: "More like bring the house down. (once again Daria swiped off on her phone as it started to buzz) With things over with Tom I may be more enjoyable than ever."

Silence hung over this statement for a few minutes.

Daria: "So how is Trent?"

Jane: "They are waiting for the baby to arrive and Trent's making sure Monique stays clean; but they will be back in a couple months."

Daria surprised: "Monique is coming back?"

Jane: "Oh Yea, she's moving in, Trent wants the whole family vibe for the baby. I mean the annulment is done but they are going to work on being there for lil Ramone."

Daria swiped her phone as it started to buzz: "Lil Ramone?"

Jane: "Yea Trent is naming the baby after Joey Ramone."

Jane grabbed Daria's phone as it once again started to buzz and threw it across the room out of frustration.

Jane: "Dammit Daria, change your number! make things easier on yourself or he'll keep begging you to take him back."

Daria: "He'll stop eventually it's only been a couple weeks and I told him we are over, its done."

Jane: "I don't know Daria, Tom really loved you. I think he's going to keep trying, maybe you should…

talk to him face to face make it clear you're over."

Daria's phone started to buzz from across the room.

Daria sadly hung her head: "Maybe you're right…"

End scene.

Weeks later- Lawndale high school hallway/ Daria and Jane are standing by a large wide window near the school entrance at which a young couple are heavily making out against.

Jane watched the couple as she spoke: "Wow it looks like he's eating her face."

Daria looked upset/disgusted: "If Tom wants to be with Tori"-

shrugged off rest of sentence as her voice broke.

Jane: "He's a jerk Daria! he only transferred here and is only 'doing' that gossip to torture you. After his begging, didn't work, and you told him there wasn't any chance with you two, it's his sick twisted revenge."

Daria warily watched through the glass as Tom and Tori went at it; with her voice shaking a little: "He can date who he wants, he can press her up against that window as much as he wants. Hell, he can throw her through the damn thing, I'm moving on."

Jane perked up at this: "Really, no more Tom? Good, for some reason, I hated that guy since you met him. I don't know maybe I knew him in a past/alternate life he's probably a cheater in that life too. So, does this mean maybe you… and Trent?"

Daria sighed: "I want to move forward Jane, Trent - that's not forward that's like regressing backward into that stupid embarrassing crush I had on him before."

Jane: "So, you feel nothing for my brother?"

Daria slammed her locker door, not answering Janes question, and started to walk away: "I'll see you tonight Jane."

Jane muttered to herself: "Because he obviously feels something for you…"

A loud group of girls were walking down the hallway passed by Jane as she headed to class.

Sandi with jealous disbelief in her voice: "Just can't believe he chose to go out with Tori when there are so many other choices at this school; I would even say more popular choices. And that he transferred for her. I also have had many suitors who wanted to transfer to be nearer to me, but I think transferring schools' borders on stalking or something."

Tiffany: "Umm yeaa stalkerrr….."

Staci with genuine curiosity in her voice: "Like who Sandi? Who wanted to transfer for you?"

Sandi caught off guard by question: "What?"

Staci: "What guys have wanted to transfer to Lawndale for you because you've never bragged- er mentioned this before."

Sandi: "Shut it Staci! Come on lets' go meet our new replacement for Quinn, and welcome Tori to the fashion club."

End scene.

Casa lane- kitchen.

Jane, Daria and Jessi were sitting in the newly remodeled kitchen as a heavily pregnant Monique walked in, glared at Daria but said nothing.

Jane: "How you feeling Monique?"

Monique: "For those of you who haven't looked at a calendar my due date was eight days ago. I'm miserable! I want this kid out! Tell Trent I'm going to pee and if I don't come back its because I've choked to death on the potpourri stink." She walked out of the room.

Jane turned to Daria: "You hold her nose, I'll blow in her mouth and the kid will just

(makes popping sound) right out of her."

Daria: "She's a week late she's got to have it today."

Jane: "I think it might be awhile still… care to make a wager Morgendorffer, I say she has it tomorrow."

Daria: "You're on, what like fifty bucks?"

Jane: "Sounds good."

Daria: "Good, I'll call Zurich later and move some money around."

Trent walked in: "Hey Janie, oh hey Daria." He looked nervous and rubbed the back of his neck: "Um hey Daria I wanted to talk to you about"- but was cut off as Monique walked in: "So are we going we can't be late to this doctor's appointment."

Trent eyed Monique who was dressed in a long skirt, sandals and a tank that showed her entire stomach popping out. "Go change I'll wait."

Monique icily: "I'm fine dressed as I am."

Trent: "Don't you thinks that's inappropriate."

Jane: "Good god man don't anger it!"

Monique: "It's 110 degrees outside, I'm not changing let's go; and Trent could you breath any louder through your mouth, geez."

Trent: "Remind me to ask the doctor is she even knows how to deliver a baby that's human, half - pure evil."

Both leave snarling at each other.

Later that day… Monique and Trent are arguing in the front room.

Trent: "The doctor said there are all these remedies..."

Monique: "We've tried all the spicy food, herbal tea, peppers it's not working. You know we need to try the last option."

Trent: "Monique, come on I'm not going to make love to you just so you'll go into labor it'll complicate things even more."

Monique: "Make love! what are you a girl Trent? Come on its just sex! Look just think of me as a ketch up bottle; something you have to bang on the end of to get it to come out."

Trent is silent throughout Monique's tirade of insults.

Monique: "I'm miserable, come on you wuss "make love" to me dammit! oh what you're not gonna talk to me now. Oh, how on earth are you ever going to annoy me."

Trent half lunges /half tries to kiss her.

Monique startled: "What are you doing?!"

Trent: "I'm getting that baby out of you, dammit!"

Monique: "Uhh, Trent my water just broke."

Lawndale memorial hospital waiting room- Daria, Jessi and Jane are in a busy waiting room when

Trent walked out of labor room. Doctors and nurses all rush by.

Overheard nurse to Doctor: "doing the best we can under these circumstances with this huge flu outbreak... "

Doctor to nurse: "just can't justify pulling our labor staff to the E.R when we are this busy!" Both walk quickly away...

Trent: "Janie, she's being examined. She's ok, everything's on track to deliver within a couple hours."

Jane: "Good, good, todays a good day to have the baby."

Trent sat down next to Jane and watched Daria at the vending machine.

Trent- "We haven't really had the chance to catch up since I got back. How are things with school, umm things with friends, anything new?"

Jane: "Well I have a nice new guy friend, Evan on track."

Trent coughed laughed: "Oh is that why you joined?"

Jane smiled: "I like running and I'm good at it, but yea he's a small part of it. Things are the same with school, Ms. Li is still kissing my ass for money and I have my same old good friend." Jane looked over at Daria.

Trent looked uncomfortable as he snuck a quick glance at Daria, who was sitting next to Jessi going through magazines.

Jane: "So did you want to ask me something about any of these particular subjects that I mentioned Trent?"

Trent: "No, I just um- how is she doing? is she seeing someone?"

Jane: "Actually, there is someone from yearbook. He's nice and well he kind of looks a lot like a blonde Jakob Dylan - a good looking slacker with a goatee."

Trent: "Oh. Is she happy, is it serious?"

Jane: "Right now it's in the early stages of only my yentaing, but the Tom thing is definitely over."

Trent started to get up and head back to the room, but called back to Jane right before heading in: "Wall flowers suck Jane, just so you know."

Jane smiled at this.

End scene.