I read only one like this, and It was good but for someone who knew about this world and know how she needed to live, she sucks. I get no one likes a freaking Mary Sue but no one wants someone so useless you want to smack your brain with a stupid stick. AND SO Chinatsu was born!

I own nothing but the necessary OC's I have to make

So apparently it doesn't matter that I died. Or the fact I died the most ridiculous death in the world. Seriously who accidentally falls from a thirty foot building? Then to make matters worse they consider it suicide because no one was within ten feet of me, but come on I practically screamed shit, very loudly. . . no takers, no believers? Okay I can deal with that, no one really cared anyway. Dad was always called in for his precious work, Mom paid more to the other siblings even thought that is something I could never hold against them, or they could help. I'm just cursed with the middle child curse of no one gives a shit about you, poor me, poor pity me.

My older brother works too, he is a construction worker and this was one of those vacation days so he came back down from some big state he worked in. Oh and the building we were standing on was lovable daddy's new work building, how precious Dad, nice road trip. Brother dearest is twenty-six, I was twenty, and my baby sister and the most amazing person ever, god I love her more than myself, and I love myself a lot! Yay self-love, she was only sixteen so we are quite literally six years a part. Thanks mom, thanks dad.

If it wasn't for the constant neglect I don't think I would be ready for my next life. So yeah thanks, oh and yeah sorry brother dearest I ate the last slice.

The next time I opened my eyes I laid in a bed with dark sheets. I looked around and saw old wooden walls and the air smelt of stale oldness. "Chinatsu," Called a very young child like voice. Before anything I found my body moving towards said voice, that includes the confounds of my not so comfortable bed. "Natsu-san, Renta-sensei told me to get you, you've slept in!" The voice chirped, but she seemed concerned it seemed to be conserved as well, a door was then slammed open and a girl who looked to be four walked into the room, she had black hair in a bun on the top of her head and stark black eyes with pale skin . . . wait. "Renta-sensei doesn't hold it against you since your Kaa-san and Tou-san are dead and don't have a proper way to wake up in the morning," Damn for a four-year old she can talk well! "Come on!" She grabbed my wrist and pulled me out of my stale home, all I could do was stare dumbly as we left.

She dragged me past old style Japanese buildings, along with people in yukata's and other Japanese clothing, but I was American! I nearly tripped several times because she was dragging me. We passed through tall gates and into an old Japanese style building. She near threw me on to fluffy mat on the floor and plopped down next to me. Looking around I found the red walled building was empty besides the two of us. I noticed that both me and this girl wore similar clothing, well hers seemed to be in better condition than mine. Hers was a long dark blue kimono with a fan on the back, simple design with an equally dark obi belt. I on the other hand have a worn pale blue short kimono top that had those familiar fans on the shoulders over a loose black haneri, my obi is grey. "I though you said I was late?" A cute voice that must be mine asked.

"I lied," She giggled cutely. "But it did get you up, right?" I glared at all her black-haired bun glory. She only offered a shrug and sat silently with her hands in her lap. This girl is about four years old and she has more grace than me in my twenty year old one, ah poo! Only moments later it seemed like the room just exploded with children, I swore they came from nowhere. All with either black or dark brown hair with stoic black eyes, they all wore similar clothing to us tow early birds. They all took to the mats, but it seemed like no one wanted to sit next to me besides the one who dragged me here, oh wait never mind someone just plopped next to me. From what I gathered this must be some kind of school considering all the kids gathered, oh joy! Not like I've been through that before. It was weird though, the class seemed to be a mix of ages, from the newly walking to maybe eight I think. Which was weird itself. Don't people start school at five or six, be pending where their birthday lands?

"Morning Natsu-chan!" Said the plopper, I assumed that was me and gave a nervous wave and a greeting, though my attention was on the man that just walked in. He was tall with dark brown hair and those ever back abyss eyes that everyone seemed to have. He then pulled out a clip board and started to call out roll.

"Asura!" He started.

"Here," stoic answer, damn these people need to lighten up.

"Chinatsu!" That must be me considering what I was called earlier.

"Here," I stated clearly just as stoic as the other one. The man nodded with a small smile, huh I must know him somehow.


"Here!" The one who dragged me chirped, she seemed to be the only none emotionless on here.



"Izuna!" Oh no, I looked around without turning my head.

"Here," Said the other sitting next to me, NO!




"Hn," No, No, No, No! I'm in the fucking Naruto world, and not just that the fucking war ridden past Naruto world, FUCK! And to make matters worse, I'm an Uchiha! Yes I get to experience sharingan, but still. Tobirama, and Hashirama are totally going to murder me! I was mentally was crying, you know I think I would feel better if I was a Senju, because seriously I'm dead. Wait does that mean the Itama is still alive, he's like the same age, no younger then Izuna and Tobirama, Fuck yes! I must find a way to defect so I can find the adorable senju!


"Hn," Ooooooh Itachi lookalike!


"Here," I' somewhat offended that he is not the red headed pineapple shinigami from Bleach.


"Here!" I was wrong, another happy camper, yay!

"Shigure!" What is this Fruits basket? and why is there like fifty guys, there is like only three girls?


"And Yukino!"

"H-here." Whispered a soft voice, I stand corrected, there are four. But the Yukino girl reminded me of Hinata, I like Hinata but not Hinata's constant stuttering when reading fanfiction. Then I did a head count . . . twelve, hehehe the Uchiha twelve. This is going to be so much fun!

"Everyone's here today, that's good. Tajima-Sama has instructed me to team all of you up, two in each group. This groups as followed are: Madara and Izuna, Satoshi and Otachi, Yukino and Fuu, Asura and Hiroto, Kojirou and Renji, and Shigure and Chinatsu. Get with your groups and discus your future training schedule, you will do this training outside of this class, and this class will now be about battle tactics and other useful things you will face on the battle field, ask Madara" Many looked back at the spiky haired boy, me included, but all he offered us was a huff. Izuna smiled proudly at his brother. I glanced at the one known as Shigure, but he ignored me, I sighed. Everyone except Madara, Otachi, and I were talking, sensei looked a little peeved at this. "Silence!" He then started to lecture us on proper preparation for battle.

Hours later he dismissed us leaving us to pair up. "Bye Nastu-chan and be careful around Shigure-san, he can be overly-"

"Annoying?" I supplied. Izuna smiled small and nodded. "I can handle it," I assured him with my own smile. If I can handle immature high schoolers when I was in school then I can handle a five year old. Izuna then turned and ran after his brother who nodded in my direction before leading. Fuu had left me to the Uchiha equivalent of Hinata so I was alone to face my fate with Shigure. "Hello Shigure-san should we go elsewhere to make a schedule?" He nodded waving by to Satoshi. We found a place under a sakura tree, perf.

"So, Natsu-chan what do you wish to improve in?" He asked hands on his knees leaning forward. Shigure actually looks just like Shigure Sohma, so in other words, I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TAKE THIS KID SERIOUSLY!

"Right now, my speed. I'm so slow a ninety year old man could run circles around me," I thought out loud, Shigure snickered. "But when I grow up I want to use Kyujutsu." I said thoughtfully. Shigure tilted his head.

"A bow?"

"Yes a bow, don't question me!" I exclaimed loudly crossing my arms and blowing away the black locks that fell in my face or tried to. Shigure was thinking, I could tell because he had that thinker face on full power

"We can go to your house and set up some targets, with those not only can we work on shuriken, and kunai. I can look into a bow since my Dad knows a guy who makes them."

"You don't have to do that." I said looking down.

"Then who is going to help you Natsu-chan, you live alone, and Renta-sensei can't look after you forever," Why is it that Uchiha children can speak so well so young? "Tajima-sama told Renta-sensei to look after you until you are five, you are barley four now," So I have a year until I'm on my own. "It's getting late so you should go home." He told me and went off in a random direction. Why is he so depressed about me living on my own, and if I'm and Uchiha why don't I live just with a cousin, oh what that's right EVERYBODY IS MY COUSIN!

What can I say, I like bows and I think I will work for poor Natsu-chan

Next chapter; Natsu-chan takes a stroll and runs into Madara-sama