Chapter 6

With great care, fingers gently ghosted over warm flesh having long since committed the luxurious map to memory as her thoughts reminisced of the years spent in Hermione's presence.

Minerva never thought she would be the other woman, so to speak. Then again, she mused, she never expected to discover love again, especially at her stage of life. Not that, she hadn't aged even slower than she had previously, Helena attributing it to the volume of Phoenix tears she had ingested almost two decades prior.

And, Merlin forgive her, she had found love like never before and dare she believe – never again; in the willing arms of a married woman.

It had seemed, unfathomable, all those years ago when Hermione had heart-brokenly stated that she couldn't live without either she or Ronald. And she had begged both of them to help find a way to make it work.

Even now, all these years later, Minerva didn't know why she had agreed; as the very notion had gone against everything she had previously believed in. However after a lengthy evening between she and Hermione in a multitude of heated debates, she had found herself caving, her normally staunch pride bowing…and Hermione slowly kissing away the last of her resistance.

Shortly after that evening Minerva had been invited to Hermione and Ronald's home; and knew the conversation was going to be different when Hermione greeted her at the door with a warm, intimate kiss. And it was. It had begun stilted; as both her and Ronald gallantly tried to accept that neither had been enough for the woman it seemed they both loved, but their pride had been unrelenting.

It had taken them close to six months for she and Ronald to reach a detente, and slowly over the following year; even develop a friendship.

But like all things, life is change. And Minerva couldn't help but notice that something had changed between she and Hermione over the past several years. It had been subtle, much akin to the final stages of summer as it fades into fall. Their relationship having become deeper, the additional time spent…

Hermione's breathing shifted, and Minerva paused in her ministrations hoping she hadn't woken Hermione.

"You didn't have to stop," her sleep addled voice muffled by the edge of the pillow.

"Ummm, but I did." Minerva leaned down kissing Hermione's temple, "As it's still quite early, and you, my dear need to sleep. It's going to be a long day."

Hermione blurrily blinked into the darkness, and pushed herself over enabling her to trace Minerva's soft cheek. "It is for you too, love. You need to get some sleep too as Hugo is expecting…"

Minerva didn't let Hermione finish her sentence as she leaned forward and kissed the very breath from her lungs as long fingers gently tugged the cotton nightshift out of the way; only breaking contact as she slipped the material over Hermione's head as she rumbled, "Why didn't I ever ask you to leave him?"

"Because," Hermione stilled Minerva's movements and waited until sparkling eyes met hers, "I asked you all those years ago, not to."

"And now?" Minerva gently questioned as she stared into loving eyes.

Hermione knew why Minerva had asked because while Minerva hadn't said anything, she was sure that Minerva had noticed how their relationship had altered. How she had spent more time with Minerva versus Ron of late; to the point, that her evenings were predominately spent curled up at the Manor and not the Hollow. Minerva had somehow become what Ron had once been…and Ron what Minerva had been. Even Ron had noticed it last week, and has asked when she'd be spending more time at the Hollow, with him. She had smiled and said after Hugo returned from Hogwarts, but as Minerva stared into her heart, she now knew that her words to Ron had been false…

As she had no desire to return back to him as a lover or even as a mistress; as she no longer wanted the mere physical aspect, but craved the intellectual part too. Hermione didn't reply as she leaned forward, wandlessly banishing Minerva's silk nightshift, as their breasts brushed across the others and their lips began to dance once more. It was sensual. Wet. Loving. And the last of the doubt held within Hermione's heart that the time had come to part ways with Ron dissipated, as Minerva's tongue drug across her own and long fingers threaded through her hair and up her back as legs slid between hers…and she found herself momentarily pulling away to stare into loving, passionate eyes sparkling in the moonlight. "Make love to me," she breathed into the heady stillness, "like you did our first time…"

Instantly doubt began to overtake passion, "I love you but I cannot replace Ronald and if you desire…"

"I desire you." Hermione said as she leaned forward, gently taking Minerva's bottom lip between her teeth and slowly dragging the supple flesh through her mouth. "All of you. I want you in me. Through me," she rasped as she shifted her hips, their waists connecting, "I never want to be separated from you, again." She admitted, "As for asking me to leave him," she dipped her head once more to languidly kiss inviting lips, "you don't have to as I'll do so on my own, my love."

Minerva blinked in disbelief, heart soaring at the mere possibility but she had to be sure and found herself asking a solitary question that could crush her spirit just as quickly, "When?"

"After graduation this evening." Hermione breathed, "I'll ask Ron for a divorce."

Minerva tamped down her immediate jubilation as she asked one more question, "Are you sure?"

Hermione didn't equivocate as she leaned forward and kissed her once more pouring every ounce of love she felt for the woman beneath her before pulling back, voice breathless as she finally answered, "I love you, Minerva McGonagall." She paused for barely a heartbeat as she finished, "And I want to marry you." Hermione scarcely finished her statement before she felt her body being pushed over, back connecting against the mattress as Minerva's body covered her own and warm lips met in fervent kisses as both women poured their love into the moment. Release was slowly found in the other's arms as the final rays of moonlight gave way to the morning twilight; Hermione's legs still wrapped around Minerva's waist as their bodies quaked in aftershocks from the intensity of their coupling as Minerva leisurely kissed Hermione as their breathing slowly began to return to normal.


Hugo felt his cheeks turn pink as he stared at him mom and mother, "Pregnant? Really? Geez, mum, don't you know that…well…there's you know, spells to keep that stuff from happening. And aren't you two a little, you know old to have any more children?"

Hermione outright chuckled at her son's response, "Are you saying that we are too old to have sex or children?"

"Ahh, mum…" he spun his gaze to that of his mother, whose eyes held an equal amount of mirth, "and how did you let that happen when you aren't even married and mom only just divorced from dad?"

"Your mom and I are going to be married before the end of the summer young man, and as for timing – it was something that has been building for quite some time."

"Then why didn't it happen before now?" Hugo honestly asked, "The love between you two…I never did understand why you were married with dad. It wasn't that you didn't love him or weren't happy with each other, but…" he paused as he looked at his mother and then back to his mom, "it was never the same as what you and mother seem to share."

"As you know, our lives have been complicated."

"Yeah, I know." He shifted but forged ahead with what he and his sister had wondered countlessly throughout the years, "Is that why you never had any other children?"

"Were you not just chastising your mother and I about forms of protection we could have taken before having sex to ensure I didn't become pregnant?"

"Yeah, but…"

"Alright I think we've covered the topic in as much detail as we are going to, young man." Hermione stated as she tipped her head to the side, "Now, I believe we had interrupted you on your way to the Burrow. Off you go."

Hugo began to stand.

"And we ask that you not share our news with anyone yet."

He met his mom's gaze and then turned to his mother, "I won't." As a smile slipped over his features, "And congratulations," lips broadening, "that's wonderful news." He nodded, "Really, wonderful."

Hermione met and held Minerva's gaze, "We think so too."

Hugo glanced from one to the other and chuckled, "Yeah," he rumbled, "I'll see you both later." He paused at the edge of the room, "And not for nothing, you'll be descent if I come home early?"

Minerva's crisp voice clipped across the room, "Out, Hugo."

Hermione leaned back as their son's heavy footsteps continued on their trek towards the main entry, "That went better than I thought it would."

"He's our son," Minerva countered, "I wasn't worried about his reaction."

Hermione nodded in understanding, "I know, I'll talk to him."

Minerva stood and moved toward Hermione as she extended her hand, "Not tonight," she stated as she pulled Hermione to her.

"Ohh…." Hermione's hand fell to Minerva's waist, "do you have plans?"

"So do you." Minerva countered.

"Such as?"

Minerva's hands rubbed across the back of Hermione's shoulders, "Dinner with me."

Hermione scanned Minerva's eyes, "This is the fourth time in less than two weeks that we are going out to dinner, Minerva. I'm not leaving, I'm divorcing Ron and…I…"

Minerva gently placed her finger upon Hermione's lips, "Now that I am able, I merely want to spoil you every moment of your life merely because I can and am able."

Hermione kissed the warm finger pressed against her lips before shifting her head, and letting it rest against Minerva's shoulder as she let out a sigh, "Will it always be like this?"

Minerva kissed Hermione's hair as she held the woman she loved closer, "I can't foresee why not."

"That good," Hermione snuggled deeper into Minerva's shoulder, "because I finally feel like I've come, home."

"Me too." Minerva whispered as she tightened her grip slightly more while repeating, "Me too, my love."


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