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Written for Scavenger Hunt Competition.

Everyone said that time would it make it everything easier, but it hadn't or at least not for her.

The anger still burned in her, grief still consumed her and guilt for surviving was still there every day. The nightmares were as fresh as the first time she had them.

Time had done nothing to erase or heal any it for her.

She watched her friends move on and settle down and have children. Excel in their careers while she stayed stuck in the nightmares of the past.

Her companions were ghosts of former friends and enemies.

Every day she'd imagine what those people would be doing if they'd lived and when that failed to torture her she'd remember their broken bodies, their families cries of anguish. One night she'd carved their names and ages into the wall.

No time had done nothing for her and she hated it. She hated time, the ghosts and nightmares.

But most of all she hated Dumbledore, Voldemort and Harry Potter.

The three who created warriors and heroes, killed or had others sacrifice themselves.

Yes she hated time and them.