Hello I'm finally back with a story I adopted from Insanity of Anime. This story is actually a story I wrote myself a long time ago but I didn't have a fanfiction account so I had my sister post it for me on hers. Now I adopted it and am remaking it much better than it was the first time. Enjoy!

~ Silver

I stared at the clear azure blue sky lazily from my spot atop the dull wooden building. It was a stereotypical dusty motel in some worn down little town on the far outskirts of Las Vegas. I had just completed my latest job for Chaos in the city, I had taken out a wealthy casino owner who had been cheating his customers and ruling over the city like a monarch. People were beginning to get hurt by his dictator-like ways so Chaos sent me to take care of him. Let's just say that he will no longer be a problem. I used my powers to erase that scum and his empire out of existence.

Now you may be wondering who I am, well my original name was Perseus, or Percy, Jackson. I used to be the mindless puppet of the Olympians but soon after I saved their pathetic lives for the second time they turned on me. My girlfriend cheated on me for a weakling son of Ares and all of my friends either abandoned or forgot about me. Now however I work for Chaos the creator of everything. I am his assistant and the general of his army. I also do assassination jobs for him to keep the piece all across the universe.

Most of my assassination jobs were unfortunately on Earth though so it was sometimes difficult to remain inconspicuous to the Olympians. But as you could probably guess being an assassin made me some powerful enemies. The most dangerous of which would be S.H.E.I.L.D. They were constantly attempting to hunt me down and capture me. Speaking of which I felt a disturbance in the air above me which, if I was to guess, was due to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s helicarrier hovering above the old town dauntingly in camo mode. "Well I suppose I had better go say hello," I thought to myself with a wry smile.

"Angel Form," I whispered out-loud causing an instant reaction. I was surrounded in a pure golden light as my body began to change and one of my forms that had been given to me by Chaos activated. My eyes changed their color to a startling blue, the same color as the sky above me. Soon after, my raven black hair turned a golden blonde even more golden than that of Jason Grace. Then huge golden feathered wings sprung outward from my back and I was covered in golden armor with a stark (AN: get it stark= Stark lol my jokes suck) white cape adorned in pictures of golden lions and eagles.

I smiled at my angel form and summoned my sacred weapon in this form. The Spear of Revealing Light a.k.a. Angel Feather. It was an ornate unbreakable spear that was pure chaotic gold with a chaos silver tip. I smirked upward venomously at the helicarrier that had come out of camo mode the moment I had started to change knowing that there was a one eyed black cloaked man watching we on a screen from inside the helicarrier. I let out a chuckle as I flew upwards swiftly to the large bay windows of the helicarrier before summoning a dozen angel spikes. Angel spikes were long golden sharply pointed spikes about six inches long each and were very powerful. With my angel powers I could summon endless amounts of these terribly powerful spikes.

With a smirk at the dark skinned one eyed man who glared at me from inside the helicarrier I sent the spikes hurtling into the glass, shattering the bulletproof material like it was paper. I landed inside the carrier careful to avoid the broken glass on the floor as I approached the one and only Nick Fury. I looked up only to have two dozen guns and lasers pointed at me threateningly. I sighed disappointedly as I summoned many more angel spikes and sent them flying pinning everyone in the room to a wall around them.

"Well how are you doing Nicky," I smiled wryly at the eye patched man who glared at me with absolute loathing.

"I've been better Wolfclaw," he replied using my assassin alias.

I smiled maliciously once again, "You know Fury I like you, you're very persistent but this game of cat and mouse is getting really old don't you think." I expected him to give a snarky reply but he just gave me a victorious smile that confused me to no end.

"What's so funny Fury?" I questioned him with a raised eyebrow. That's when I smelled it. The smell of a storm that was about to break and a presence that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up straight. It was a presence that I had only ever felt around Zeus or his children. My newly blue eyes widened with realization as I glanced upon Fury's smug face again.

"Oh shi-," my swearing was interrupted by a huge metal hammer alight with lightning broke a hole through the side of the helicarrier and slamming into my side sending me flying out the other side of the floating ship. I fell to the ground unable to fly back up due to the golden wing the hammer had broken. I hit the ground painfully sending dust flying and creating a crater in the ground. I laid there staring up at that beautiful blue azure sky lazily with a smile upon my face.

I let out a barking laugh as I laid there admiring the sky from my own personal little crater. Of course all good things must come to an end as I was snapped out of my daze by the sounds of rocket boosters and loud thuds of falling people and one falling Hulk who had leaped out of the helicarrier to face me. I stood up a bit warily as I faced the six proclaimed earth's mightiest heroes. They were battle ready and looked perfectly happy to pound me in top dust at a moment's notice.

However the only response I offered in return was a devilish smile and laughing, "This is gonna' be fun," before I rushed them.