Present Time.

Inuyasha Fanfiction

By alandrem

This is my first Inuyasha Fic, so some characters may be a bit OOC. Hope not too much. I'm lousy making summaries, so don't pay much attention to it. Inuyasha discovers the present time is not as safe as he thought. Please R&R.

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha. Although I'll probably add a couple more characters of my own imagination.

I'm going to rate this R for violence, the mention of drug use, of rape, and bad language.


It was late, and she should have been home two hours ago before it got dark, Inuyasha was probably waiting outside her window in a foul mood, but she could not help it. The temptation to spend some more time with her friends and watch a decent movie was just too much, so she gave in.

Kagome decided to take a shortcut through the park although it was really dark, not realizing that lately there had been several muggings and a couple of murders on the area. Spending so much of her time in the Sengoku Jidai did not leave her with the chance to get updated on the city news.

She had been walking at a fast pace for at least 10 minutes, when the feeling that she was being followed started. The young woman turned around to see if there was someone behind her, but she could not see anyone. The fleeting thought that it might be that impatient hanyou crossed her mind, but she pushed it aside almost immediately. His presence was too familiar and she could not sense it, in fact if someone was indeed behind her tracks, it had to be one hundred percent human.

She cursed softly at not having her bow and arrows, and started walking faster, she was almost to the end of the trees, the street lights shining bright and providing a measure of safety in a more crowded area. Kagome heard steps coming closer, she turned around without stopping to see a large dark silhouette that was gaining on her, she felt fear run through her veins and she started running only to crash against a form standing in her path. She fell on her butt with a thud, and looked at the obstacle her eyes wide with fear.

"Hey Takashiro look at what we've got here!" The figure in front of her called her pursuer, who had just caught up, "ain't she a beauty?"

"Yup, she's a hot lookin' chick. Wanna play with us darlin'."

"Look sirs I have to go home," she said nervously standing up, her eyes darting every which way to find a way to escape.

"Nah, you won't be goin' there in a while girl."

'INUYASHAAAAAA!!!!!' She screamed in her mind.

"Me and Bunko wanna take you to a lil' priv'te party." The one behind her said getting a hold of her hair and pulling the frightened young woman close.

Kagome began to panic, how was she going to get out of this situation on her own? Usually Inuyasha rescued her, or Miroku, Sango and even Kirara. And they were all at the Sengoku Jidai. She tried to scream for help but the guy Takashiro placed a hand over her mouth. She struggled as she felt the guy's hot breath on her neck before he licked and then bit her. He reeked of sweat and alcohol, and something she could not identify; it made her nauseous. The hand that only a moment before grabbed her hair was now roughly and painfully caressing her sensitive breasts. She realized in a panic filled mind they intended to rape her unless she found a way to escape.

        The young woman could see people passing by on the nearby street, if she was able to scream someone might hear and either come to check or call the police, so gathering all her strength she bit the hand that was clamped on her mouth. The man yelped in pain and removed it giving her the time she needed to scream her lungs out for help. The other guy reacted promptly and tried to silence her with a hard punch to her cheekbone that bloodied her nose and lip. Kagome was left feeling dizzy and having trouble to focus.

"Shuddup you bitch!" He hissed not wanting to draw attention, but Kagome just opened her mouth again and kept screaming. He approached to punch her again and she managed to plant a kick to his loins. "Arrrrrrhhhhhh! Fucking whore!" He cried out as he doubled up in pain, but still managed to hit her again.

The one that held her; slammed her face first against a tree and she almost fainted this time. But by shear will power and stubbornness Kagome managed to avoid passing out, if she did; only Kami-sama knew if she would survive. She felt a hand fumbling with her panties then felt them being ripped off, her blouse and bra were thorn leaving her back exposed, his rough hands bruised her body in the process. And he did not stop there, as he pressed her to the tree with his body while his now free hands roamed painfully at will all over her.

Kagome was so scared that she could only whimper in fright, a part of her mind screaming at her to do something to stop the hands. So, in a wild and desperate attempt at freedom she managed to twist her body a bit and elbowed her attacker on the stomach with enough force to knock some air out; practicing with the bow had given her strong arms. He released her, both men a bit surprised at her resistance; it took them a few seconds to react as Kagome ran as fast as she could toward the lighted street, before pursuing her.

Thanking God for the good physical condition she acquired during her travels in the Sengoku-Jidai, Kagome managed to out run her pursuers and reach the street, right in front of her a policeman was doing his round, walking with little concern until he heard her scream for help. As he turned in her direction the scene appeared to come out of one of those American B movies, young girl running half naked from some punks. He took out his gun and shouted at them to stop and surrender. But instead of doing that both men turned around and ran back to the protective darkness of the park. He went after them gun in hand, calling for reinforcements on his radio.

Kagome had not stopped running, fear driving her mindlessly to the security of her home, not even aware of the strange looks she was receiving from the people walking down the street. The Shrine was only a couple of blocks away from the park and she did not even pause at the stairs, climbing them as if they were nothing. The frightened young woman only stopped to open the door not giving Inuyasha the chance to complain about her tardiness. He was left standing outside watching her with wide eyes, the insults he was about to utter unsaid.

Inuyasha watched Kagome go in, her scent mixed with that of fear and the salt of tears. The hanyou narrowed his eyes with concern, something was not right, so he followed her inside closing the door behind him. Her family was not home, she probably knew that, because she had not called for them. His nose told him she was upstairs, and he went up. Kagome was not in her room, but he heard the sound of water running so he guessed she was showering, which was quite strange at that hour.

"Oh God I can't take it off!" She sobbed as she scrubbed her skin until it smarted. "I can't take the stink off!"

In her hurry she had not closed the door and Inuyasha tentatively entered the room. He could see her figure reflected through the shower curtains, she was scrubbing her body frantically and sobbing. He became even more worried when he looked at her discarded clothes, the blouse was torn same as the thing she used to bind her breasts, and the other skimpy under garment was no where around. He hunkered beside them and examined the blouse. It was dirty, and had blood on it. Her blood, his heart contracted painfully, she was hurt.

"Kagome?" He called her tentatively, concern tinting his voice; forgetting that he would probably get 'sat' many times for being there while she bathed. He got no answer as her litany of being unable to remove the stink went on.

'Stink? What stink?' He thought. Then sniffed carefully; he could smell soap, her personal scent, the mixture of concoctions she used on her hair that smelled so nice, there was her fear of course, but nothing more. Then on a whim he smelled her blouse and he found it there, only the faintest of traces, but enough for his nose to discover. The foul smell of a man's rancid sweat, something that had been fermented; probably some kind of alcoholic beverage and a smoky substance that cloyed in his nostrils and made him sneeze. He did not like the smell of that, just as he did not like the other odors on her blouse.

"Kagome?" He called her again. Raising his eyes from her torn garments he saw her still scrubbing herself furiously.

'She's going to peal off her skin if she doesn't stop.' He was really worried now, she was acting very strange.

"Damn it Kagome! Answer me! What in the seven hells is wrong with you?" He asked his tone a bit harsh, concealing his worry. He still got no answer, but she did pause a moment before resuming with her scrubbing. "Come on bitch answer me!" To that he did get a reaction, a loud sob and she shivered behind the curtain, but he could not see her face. "Stop that! You're going to scrub yourself bloody!"

"I can't get rid of the stench!" She sobbed, "no matter how hard I scrub." Kagome finally answered. "Can't you smell it?"

"No Kagome, your scent is the same you always have."

"It's not!" Her voice raised in pitch close to hysterics. "It's not! That awful smell is all over me. Oh God I feel so dirty!" Those words really set alarms going off in his mind. "So dirty!"

        Deciding to risk being sat, he turned the shower off; a few visits during the new moon had shown him how to deal with the thing; then grabbing a large towel and keeping his eyes on her face he wrapped her in it, firmly pinning her arms to her sides under the fluffy thing. For a moment he thought she would object, but as soon as his arms held her she sagged against him, and started crying hard. He took her to her room and sat on the bed beside her. She kept crying, her arms came out of the towel and wrapped firmly around his neck. With this movement the cloth fell all the way to her waist, making the young hanyou a bit nervous.

        Awkwardly Inuyasha re-wrapped the towel to her half naked torso; he did not know what to do to comfort her and maybe get the young woman to tell him what had happened. But then he remembered that when he was a small child and he was afraid; not that he would admit it even to his mother; or hurt she would cradle him in her arms; sometimes rocking him, caressing his hair and ears or murmuring comforting words. So he did the same. He rested his back against the wall and cradled Kagome on his lap stroking her wet hair gently.

'What the hell am I doing?' He thought to himself. 'It's not as if I care about her…' He sighed, truth be told he did care, more than he wanted to admit. Seeing Kagome like this was breaking his heart.

"Do you want to tell me what happened?" He asked softly in a tone she had never heard him use before, full of concern. It was enough to make her react, and she slowly told him about the thugs. He was furious.

'Damn! What kind of a protector Am I?' He berated himself. 'She's in danger even in her own time, and I wasn't there to save her!'

'But you do protect her!' A tiny voice in the back of his mind argued.

'She wouldn't have been attacked if I had been protecting her!' His thoughts were tinged with guilt.

'How were you to know this time was dangerous?'

"Inuyasha can you teach me to defend myself?" She said in a very small and hopeful tone.

        He had never expected her to ask something like that, teach her to fight? He was not sure he could do that. He had never taught anything to anyone, he learned to fight and wield a sword by watching samurai train, and then practiced on his own. Knowledge about his power had come as accidents or necessity to defend himself from bigger Youkai; the only one who ever taught him something had been his mother. He learned how to read, write and do very basic adding and subtracting because of her loving patience. He had not been really interested in learning those things then.

        Kagome thought he was not going to answer her question because he was silent for a long time, had felt him stiffen for a moment and then relax. She was about to ask again when he finally spoke, but it was not the answer she was expecting.

"Why?" Was Inuyasha's simple question, and she looked at him a bit confused.

"Isn't it obvious?" She asked back a tinge of annoyance in her voice; it brought a slight smile to his lips that angered her.

'She's back to her normal self,' he though, his concern for her lessening a bit. 'That's good,' but he still seethed; those humans were going to pay for hurting and scaring Kagome.

"What's there to smile about? I almost got raped!" She shuddered at the thought, but then realized that she could count the times he had smiled almost in one hand.

"That's not what made me smile Kagome. I'm glad you seam to be more yourself." The hanyou surprised her by saying.

"Are you going to teach me how to fight?" Kagome insisted; she needed to know she would be able to defend herself if she ever got assaulted again.

"Are you going to tell me why you want to learn?" Inuyasha countered. The young Miko was silent for a moment, her anger evaporated and she said.

"I was afraid… No, I was terrified that I could not protect myself. I… learned to rely on you, or Miroku or even Sango for protection, but none of you are here in my time to defend me."

'I should have been there to protect you.' For a moment a slight tinge of regret flashed in his eyes.

"But you did," he stated calmly, ignoring his guilt.

"Did what?" She looked at him wide eyed, not really understanding.

"Protect yourself dummy!" His tone was still calm. "You managed to disable your opponents and run away, it's true you did not come out of that unscathed but you did escape before real harm was done. Is that the only reason you want to learn to fight? You've gotten pretty decent with the bow, although you'll probably never make master."

'Is Inuyasha complimenting me?' She thought not believing what she heard, 'even if he tried to conceal it by putting me down, it sounded as close to a compliment as he would ever give. He's acting strange.'

"A bow would have served no purpose tonight. Besides, I just realized I must be a burden to you all during battles, I can't defend myself and that makes you all vulnerable! You're right I'm pretty useless during a fight," she said a bit heatedly.

"Aw come on Kagome cut the crap!" He exclaimed a bit exasperated, sounding more like his usual self. "You know as well as anyone that your arrows have been quite useful during a fight, except from those times with the crow and Yura of the Hair."

'Besides I said I'll protect you.' He thought, although he was not sure how he was going to do that in her time.

"I still want to learn. I trust you Inuyasha and I know you're a good fighter, will you teach me?" When he heard that his eyes opened wide.

'She trusts me?' The young hanyou's heart skipped a beat.

"Yeah" He said with a sigh. "But I'm not sure if I'll make a good teacher Kagome."

"Look at it as a challenge," she said sounding confident.

"Hmmpf" He grunted, and then decided a bit reluctantly that it was time for him to leave and search of those thugs. It felt good to be like that with her. Her body relaxed against his own without the self consciousness they usually felt when they were together.  But he should not get used to it. "If you're feeling better, I suggest you put on those silly things you wear when you sleep."

"Huh?" She said then looked at herself and realized she was completely naked under the towel. Her face turned beet red in shame, for she had been sitting on his lap and snuggled against his chest for a long time. The young woman was mortified. "Huh? I… it's… well…?" She stammered.

"Look, you were not yourself before Kagome, for your sake I'll pretend this did not happen." He said trying to ease her mortification and a bit worried because she might still sit him.

        Kagome scooted off the bed and went to her closet to get a pajama; he stood and went back to the bathroom. Picked her torn blouse and went back to her room walking straight to the window. She turned in time to see him about to leave.

"Ar… Are you leaving?" Her voice sounded a bit panicky and he regretted having to leave her, but if he waited any longer he might have a hard time finding the thugs.

"I'll be back in a while," he told her not turning, knowing that if he saw her fearful expression he would stay.

"Where are you going?" Kagome asked softly, although she had a fairly good idea of his destination.

"Hunting," was all he said before jumping to the windows sill, ready to go down.

"Inuyasha wait!" He remained perched there waiting for what she had to say. "Be careful, the police might have captured them already and they'll probably try to question you if they see you near, especially if you carry that." She pointed at her blouse.

"Police? What is this police? You mentioned it earlier."

"The police are like soldiers that are in charge of dealing with those who break the laws. Killing is a crime in my time… you know what crime is, don't you?"

"Feh, Of course I do!" He retorted indignantly.

"Why are you taking it anyway?"

"The scent of one of them is on it, but it's a bit faint among other odors I can't place. Taking it will help me track him and not get misguided by those other smells." She nodded and approached him; taking a pair of scissors from her desk drawer she took the garment from him.

"Is there any part where the scent is stronger?" She asked and he looked a bit puzzled, then sniffed carefully the whole cloth and pointed to a part of if. She cut the patch and gave it to him. "If the police happen to question you, my blouse will make them believe you are one of my attackers…" He was about to protest but she stopped him. "We know you're not, but your presence is not easy to explain. A little piece like this is easier to hide and carry around. And the blouse is torn, I can't fix it, cutting it doesn't matter since I have to throw it away." He nodded in understanding and leapt down.