UPDATE 3-4-16: I Originally had this up here about a year and a half ago but didn't continue because of certain complexities with my life. However, I'm happy to say that I'm reviving this series and will hopefully keep this moving until it's finished. I've altered the story from what I've originally had in mind since then. I've fixed grammatical errors and changed a couple words here and there. But overall, I didn't rewrite any events that happened in this chapter. Though I've added a little snippet at the middle and end in attempt to give some transition in the next chapter and to provide some sense of direction I'll be steering this into. I hope y'all enjoy :)

Authors Note: Hi. As long time Earthbound/Mother fan, I've decided to write a fanfiction since I've always wanted to create a fan series that is centered around Lucas. This has been an idea that's been going in my head back in Middle School so this is pretty cool to finally put this out openly.

Anyway, this is sorta AU-ish since the characters are going to school and Ninten, Ness and Lucas, who are known to be from 3 separate timelines (or worlds) are now coexisting in the same world.

Disclaimer: I do not own Mother 1, Mother 2, or Mother 3. Mother series is owned by Shigesato Itoi. Please support the official release.

Chapter 1 ~ Luminous

How many stars are in your bowl?

How many shadows are in your soul?


The cool morning breeze coming off the ocean blew across Tazmily Village. The air was thick as it plastered its wet self to your skin and the wind didn't make it any better. The atmosphere was however covered with a heavenly aroma of sunflowers which masked the awful smell of salt water. The sun started to make way over the deep mist as its dazzling light shined down upon the quiet village. Anyone could make out the foul stench rotting corpses of the Sunset Cemetery from the north end of the Crossroad Station. You'd think the villagers would have some decency to plant beautiful green grass and establish fresh trees within the cemetery instead of leaving it dead as it already is: black soil, contorted trees, half buried bodies, beaten tombstones. Though, no had ever died within village, so there was no need to refine the last resting place of the dead. Except maybe, for one. At the topmost part of hill, there lays a single tombstone, sheltered by a gorgeous patch of yellow sunflowers. Every morning, a boy with blond hair would show up to that very tombstone. He will spend ten minutes at the scene praying to give his best wishes to the one who had passed off. Actually, there were now two gravestones. The one of the left read:

"Wife of Flint, Mother of the twins Claus and Lucas, Daughter of Alec. May the beautiful Hinawa rest in peace here for all time."

The one to the right read:

"Our dearest son, our precious friend, our beloved brother. Let our love be able to reach you, Claus."

The boy would shed tears each time he would visit. Whimpering, he wiped the tears off his face as he took one last glance at the two stones before departing.

It has been a year and a half since Lucas watched his brother die in his arms…


Lucas was now thirteen years of age but hadn't changed in the slightest physically nor personality wise. He wore his same old red t-shirt with yellow stripes, blue jean shorts, white socks and red and yellow sneakers. Lucas walked through the moist soil of Sunset Cemetery, wiping his puffy red eyes with his messenger bag occasionally hitting his side. Today was his first day of attending middle school. Flint thought it'd be nice for his only son to attend school like any other child would. The birth of this new world was excellent opportunity. The young blonde stopped within the cemetery entrance. He didn't look back. Taking a deep breath, Lucas exhaled as he marched out of the remorseful graveyard. Head above in shoulders, back straight and a firm look painted across his face. He made his way down to the back of the Cross Road Station. From there, he had to the train to get to his new school, which was about thirty minutes from the village.

"Hey!" Lucas heard a familiar voice call out to him. He gazed in the direction in which it was coming from. He spotted a girl with pink hair wearing a sailor uniform. Her top was white and wore a black skirt that came down just above her knee, black tights, and brown dress shoes. She waved as Lucas approached her.

"Good Morning, Kumatora." Lucas greeted his friend with a shy smile and allowed a bit of courtesy take over as he did fifteen degree bow.

"Hey kiddo. Ready for your first day?" Kumatora returned the grin as she threw her luggage over her right shoulder.

"I guess so…" Lucas rubbed his cheek as his nervousness took over. Kumatora was also attending school just like he was. He thought it was fascinating to see her dressed so lady-like. He was always used to her tomboyish look with her usual azure sweater, red boots and slightly ruffled up hair. "So…" Lucas started "You're in 12th grade right?"

"Yeah I'm a Senior. Thankfully it's my last year so I don't have to wear these damn girl cloths." Kumatora went to an all-girl high school so wearing a school uniform was mandatory, which the tomboy was not very fond of. Lucas giggled on how she emphasized her vulgarity. Their early morning conversation was interrupted by a loud whistle. The train was pulling into the station as other civilians crowed around the boarding area. Lucas and Kumatora cringed at the deafening sound of the wheels screeching against the railroad tracks. The trains' emerald exterior shined as the rays from the sun started to beat down onto the earth. The train halted as it opened its big mouth-like entrance.

"ALL ABOARD" The attendant called out as residents started a single filed line. Lucas and Kumatora showed the train passes as the attendant gestured into the newly revolutionized train. The two stepped in as they were immediately greeted by a warm sensation. The interior design of the train was composed of navy blue leather seats and bright colored patterns on the wall and dark carpeting. They took closest seat next to the doorway. Ten minutes passed after everyone boarded onto the train. Bronson, who is now working as the new train director, signaled for the departure. Lucas and Kumatora jerked as their heads tapped back against their seats. Kumatora leaned back in the seat as she closed her eyes and exhaled deeply. Lucas squeezed himself against the window to avoid any strange physical contact. He was still rather 'guarded around Kumatora, even though she was one of his closest friends. His blue eyes watched the village fade off behind him as they were now passing by large fields of grass. He looked back at Kumatora, whom seemed to be asleep, with her hands laced around her head. Lucas turned back towards the window leaned his head against it and closed his tainted blue eyes as he too let his mind wander off in complete darkness.

He sat in solitary. The absence of color surrounded him – a vacuum. His hair resembled the color of his deceased brother. His eyes, cerulean. Dressed in a faded orange and magenta stripped t-shirt, turquoise denim shorts and black boots. He hugged his knees, pulling them closer to his face. "I don't need…" he murmured. "I don't needI don't need…" He repeated. His eyes hampered shut. Black quickly took its form. He let his forehead rest against his legs. And once more, he uttered:

"I don't need you."

"Hey Lucas, you awake?" Lucas shot head his up and turned to face his friend, who happened to be wide awake now. "Sorry. I didn't mean to wake you up." Kumatora apologized for her disturbing him. Lucas rubbed eyes as he tried to contain himself. "Hey…" Kumatora started. "If you don't mind me asking and I'm sorry for bringing this up." She paused. The tomboy avoided eye contact with Lucas as she looked the other direction. "What was is like having a mom?" This caught the blond off guard. "I only asked because I never had one growing up." Her tone was not of solitude or grief but more rather of emptiness. It was true. Kumatora had missed a mother in lifetime of growing up into an adult. Lucas wanted to answer, but couldn't bring himself to do it. He didn't want to remember his former life. A hard lump began to swell in Lucas's throat. He opened his mouth when he attempted to speak. "I'm sorry. It's ok you don't have to answer." The pink haired turned to face towards the boy and gave him a heartwarming smile. Lucas paused for a moment, and then returned the smile.

They didn't talk throughout the rest of twenty eight minutes…

The train had finally arrived at the station. The wheels screeched as it stopped. They attendant announced for passengers to exit the train if they were at their respective destination. Lucas and Kumatora grabbed their bags and proceeded to exit the train. Passing through many people, they eventually made their way out of the station. The city streets were filled with cars and pedestrians. Kumatora led the way down the busy morning sidewalk of the city. The two trekked down the pavement until they came across a horde of kids who seemed around Lucas's age. There in the distance, they spotted a big white building. The two casually approached the gate entrance.

"Spring View Middle School"

"Well, here we are kid." Kumatora gestured her hand at the sign.

"Thank you so much for dropping me off." Lucas thanked his friends with a bow.

"No problem. If ya need me, the school I'm going to is just up the street. You can't miss it." Kumatora smiled. "Well ya better get goin'. You don't wanna be late on your first day now."

"R-Right." With that, Lucas gave his goodbyes to the pinked haired girl and began heading towards the school doors. He was automatically greeted with warm air within the white building. The school was in a very futuristic style with glass walls, many windows and corridors. His subconscious went in as he wondered around looking for the main office. To his dismay, Lucas couldn't find it. He asked some students if they could tell him where it was. They all pointed in the direction of the location with kindness. He came across it and opened the glass translucent door. The short blonde quickly asked the receptionist for his schedule. The receptionist warmly gave him his schedule and volunteered to get someone to escort him to his home room. He accepted it and was accompanied by an aide several minutes later. The two arrived at Room 712. The aide then opened the clear glass door. Class had already started.

"Excuse me for interrupting Mr. Walker." The aide began. "But it appears you have a new student".

"Oh? Is that so?" The teacher named Mr. Walker stopped his lecture and turned toward the aid. Lucas then walked up to him, rather nervously and handed him his schedule, with his hand shaking. "There there sonny. No need to be scared." He smiled as he gently took Lucas's schedule from his hands and scanned over it. "Well Lucas, welcome aboard." He handed back his schedule to him. "Ok, go ahead and introduce yourself."

With that, Lucas turned to face the rest of the class. There was about 30 plus students in there. And they were all looking directly at him. Lucas's cheeks immediately flushed red out of shyness. "My name is…L-Lucas… and uh… it's v-very nice… t-t-to I-I mean….pleased t-to meet you…" Lucas finished his stuttering introduction with a 45 degree bow. While he was doing that, Mr. Walker took the opportunity to look up Lucas's background from his computer that was sitting on his brown marble desk. The slender teacher wrote Lucas's name of the board and then gestured towards him.

"Lucas here has been homeschooled for some time. So I want all of you to help him adjust to our school alright?" With that said, Lucas took a seat in the 3rd row. All of the desks were futuristic as the white chairs and desks hovered above the grey paneled floor. An hour had passed and the bell rang, dismissing the 1st hour of school. Immediately, Lucas was bombarded with questions from his classmates.

"So what was it like being homeschooled?"

"Do you play any sports? You look like you'd be really good at it."

"Wow, your hair is like really spiky. How'd you get it to stand up like that?"

Lucas was completely overwhelmed and uncomfortable. He knew they meant well but felt like he needed some space to breath. He wanted to answer them, but he couldn't bring himself to do it as he stuttering trying to find what words to say.

"Lucas," Someone called out to him. The blonde looked up to see a boy approach him. He had dark hair, wore a red baseball cap, a blue and white striped shirt and a red bandana. "Do you need to go to the nurse's office? Do you know where it is?" He asked kindly.

"Huh? Umm…no" Lucas had no idea where the nurse's office was.

"I can take you there if you want. I'm the nurse's aide for our classroom." The boy looked up and turned his attention toward the students crowded around Lucas. "Sorry guys, when it's break time Lucas has to go to the nurses to take his medicine." The boy glanced down back at Lucas. "Isn't that right?" The petite blonde started at him for a couple of seconds, and then nodded.

"Really? Sorry about that. We didn't mean to keep you."

"Yeah we can talk some more when you get back, ok?" With that, the students parading around Lucas walked off. What they didn't catch was the dark haired boy winked at Lucas as they trailed off.

Lucas was soon walking down the glassed hallway with the nurse's aide escorting him down.

"Don't mind them. They're harmless. They're all just excited because we don't get many transfer students here." The boy dressed in blue and white snickered as he walked in front of Lucas with his hands stuffed in his pockets.

"Uhh…" Lucas started. "T-Thank you very much for that…" He thanked him while still looking at the paneled floor. He caught on that the aid helped him get away from that awkward position he was in.

"Hey, you don't have to be so nervous around me. We are classmates now." The boy smiled. "I'm sorry. I haven't introduced myself yet. I'm Ninten. Nice to meet ya!" The boy named Ninten turned around a flashed Lucas a wide grin.

Lucas felt welcomed by this boy. But was also thrown off in the process. And also, his name. Ninten?

"I know it's sort of an odd name. But it's mine, so I have to accept it." Ninten started to ramble. "But 'Lucas'," Lucas looked up. "is a really cool name if you think about it. Ninten turned around again and walked forward, with his hands now laced around his head." It means illumination, like you're radiating passion or something!" Ninten's tone of voice beamed as it echoed through the hallway.

Lucas looked back down again. "I'm not really like that…" He said in his trademark undertone voice. Ninten stopped and turned around to face Lucas with his hands now at his sides. This made the blonde jump a little.

"Hey! Come on don't say that!" Ninten said with a stern look on his face. "If you were blessed with an awesome name, you gotta make it your mission to be twice as cool!" Ninten face turned back into beaming smile. Lucas only stared. He looked back down again. His face cheeks turned red. And then he frowned very covertly to himself…

The words echoed within. He crouched down, gripping is head. It rang in through - those words. "Stop it…" he muttered. His voice stained in malice. "Stop it…" he mumbled once more, rocking back and forth, pushing up and down on his heels. "It's useless…" his voice croaked. "It's all useless…" He tugged on his tainted crimson hair. His lips started to tremble, salvia dribbled down his chin. Tears overflowed from his blue irises. There was pressure welding up, such much that he felt his entire essence collapsing. "I don't need…I don't need!" He was gasping for air as his eyes dilated.


Next Circle…