Title : " Changes " But I might change it if I start writing and can think of something better.

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Rating : R because I used the f word in it and if I add more I might add the sex too.

Summary : I really don't know how to summarize it as I really don't know were I'm going to take it or where it is going to take me. It's a story and it will have wrestlers in it.

Author Notes: Please Review if you read because I'm not sure if I should turn this into a story of if I should just chalk it up to the ramblings of my mind after three glasses of wine. I also can't figure out who I want the man to be.

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** As I pulled up outside I almost didn't stop and go in. I mean it wasn't the kind of place that I had been raised to visit. For that fact it was the total opposite of what I was raised with. But then with the week I was having I really didn't give a damn. The bar looked like a dump on the outside and turned out to be an even bigger dump on the inside. It wasn't the place that you went alone but for some reason that night I had. I just wanted a drink and to be left alone. In a way I guess I just didn't want to be found that night. It had been a long bad week and an even longer bad weekend. I lost my job, my home and my family all in one week. I figured that it couldn't get any worst then that. I really didn't have anything to lose and I was on my way out of town anyway. It was a Sunday night at about ten o'clock when I walk in and the place reeked of bad booze and cigarette smoke. Some Country and Western rock was blaring for the jukebox in the corner. There was maybe about a dozen or so customers there most of who looked to be regulars. Most of who where also sporting cowboy hats of some type. The place had a handful of stools around a beat up bar and maybe dozen or two tables scattered around the room. There was a small dance floor at the back of the room but no one was using it. I stopped at the bar and ordered a double Jack on the rocks. After paying for it I took it and went to a table against the wall in the back by the dance floor. I was hoping that I would be out of sight and out of the mind of some drunk who might want to see if I could be picked up. What I hadn't noticed was that on the other wall across from me was a man sitting by himself. He wasn't a regular either that I could tell and just maybe he had the same idea as me. To hide and not have to deal with the world. He had a beer in front of him and it looked to be about half gone. He was good looking in a sort of rugged way and by the way he was sitting I would say he was pretty tall. Plus by the looks of his clothes I would say he was most likely a biker of some sort. I'll admit that I checked him out and I know that he did the same to me. He smiled and nodded his head at me, which I returned. We then both went back to drinking our drinks each of us I'm sure in our own world of pain. All of a sudden out of no where one of the local drunks had decided that it was time to see if I could be picked up. And of course he wouldn't take no for an answer. He sat down in a chair so close that I had his stinking breath in my face telling my how lucky I was that he had chosen me. He also had his hand on my knee trying to snake it up my leg. I was just about at the end of my rope and out of ways to tell him no when all of sudden he was moving backwards chair and all. I looked up and into the most gorgeous set of eyes I have ever seen. It was the handsome stranger from across the dance floor coming to my rescue like a knight in shining armor. The drunk stood up but as soon as he seen that the stranger was about seven feet tall with more muscles then three men had he backed off. He was a drunk but he wasn't a fool. The stranger smiled down at me and then before I had even said thank you he turned to leave. I don't know what caused me to do it but before he had completely turned away I reached out and touched his hand. He turned back around and smiled once more. It was as through his eyes made us one. He then went across the dance floor and got his beer from his table where he had left it to come to my rescue. He picked it up and then returned to my table to sit at my side. I don't know why but for some reason I knew I would be safe at least for the rest of the night. We sat and had another drink or two not really talking but yet enjoying each other's company. I never asked his name and he never asked mine but yet even that felt right. At one point the song Remember Me by Journey came on the jukebox. We looked at each other and smiled. He held out his hand and I gave him mine and we got up and danced to that song. We were dancing close and a little slower then the music but yet it was as if the touch of each other was all that matter. Near the end he had leaned down and gentle kissed my lips. At first as soft as a feather and then a little more demanding. I think I knew then and there that I would be going home with him that night. Home what a funny word because in my case it was my car. And in his I was sure that it was most likely the little motel across the street. It wasn't something that I had ever done before and I knew that in the wrong situation it could be very dangerous. I also knew as he did at the end of that dance that just this once it didn't matter. That I or we were going to take that chance. He helped my put my coat on and then he put his on too. Then he took my hand and led me up to the front of the bar. We passed the drunk who had put moves on me and as we did I heard him call me a whore. I think that my tall stranger or maybe I should call him my knight in shining armor would have stop. I'm sure that he would have made him apologize but I keep walking. Because unbeknown to him or anyone else I could not have been a whore. Not before that night as I had never slept with anyone before. We went out the door and as I had figured across the street to the small motel. His room was on the bottom floor at the north west corner of the building. It was room 13. I almost laughed because in a lot of ways it was very fitting. His bags were packed and against the wall so like me he was on his way out of town. We didn't talk or tell lies of love or even friendship. What we did do was to kiss and then to slowly undress each other. And then for lack of a better word we fucked. We did it out of need and out of want. I can't say that a first I wasn't scared because believe me I was. Especially when I had seen how big he was. But he was so gentle almost as if he could sense that I had never been with someone before. Sometimes I still swear that somehow he did. He did find that out that night when he took me for the first of many times that night. I could tell after that first time that he wanted to say something to make sure that I was ok. But I just put my finger to his lips instead. We had sex because I don't want to call it making love because how do you make love to a stranger till early morning. He then drifted off to sleep holding me close as the radio in the next room was playing Please Remember Me by Tim McGraw. He smiled down at me and I smiled up at him. Once again those eyes looked right through me as if we were one. I waited till he was asleep and then slipped from his arms and his bed. I dressed quickly and left that room looking back only once. I know I would never forget my stranger or as I like to call him my knight in shining armor. As I was crossing the parking lot heading for my car I passed another stranger one who looked at me as if he seen something of me he shouldn't. But he just nodded and kept on walking. I got into my car swearing that I would always remember him even though I didn't even know his name. I only hoped that he would remember me also. I started my car and drove out of town looking back only once. Once for the stranger that had changed my life forever and in ways that I wasn't even aware of yet. But as hard as those changes could be always for the better. And always I would remember. **