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Chapter Seven ~ Vault 593

It felt like his heart had just sunk to his feet. What the…? No! This isn't right it can't be just empty. He looked around for Shishmack but he was gone. What had he said? 'I assure you you'll be fine,' then Shishmack obviously knew something.

Steeling himself for anything unusual and keeping one foot outside the vault in case the door slammed and left him in there for ten years. Harry was too focused on doing this, that he didn't rationalise that he actually had the key.

He put his right foot in the vault. Suddenly the air around him went hazy, it was if the air had fogged up and was swirling everywhere at once. On instinct he stepped fully into the vault and the air went still, Harry suddenly felt quite dizzy. Removing his glasses and blinking a few times, he slipped them back on and his eyes grew wide at what was in front of him.

The supposedly 'empty' vault was not empty at all. In front of him towered a high podium, which was made of solid diamond. Reaching out to touch it he stopped short as his seeker skills kicked in; there scratched into the diamond was a message. Leaning forward to read it, Harry read:

Beware friends, fellows and foes,

For the business you attend rightly shows,

At one's first touch,

If you don't amount to much,

In this precious stone you will reside in for eternity,

Locked hopeless inside that is a certainty,

If what thy seek,

Lies atop this peak,

A treasure that you consider to you it belongs,

Deem your worth for you will sorely regret if you are wrong,

And now it's time for your decision,

You'd do well to analyse with deep precision.

'So,' Harry thought, 'basically don't touch the diamond if the treasure on the top of the diamond's peak doesn't belong to you otherwise you'll be trapped inside the diamond forever. Nice.' 'Luckily it does belong to me.' Harry paused as a nasty thought occurred to him. What if the letter was a hoax? What if it was someone like Malfoy playing a joke to get him trapped inside the diamond forever? Or worse, Voldemort?

Harry replayed this thought to himself for a moment. 'No,' he thought. 'Shishmack knew my mum and said I'll be fine and Voldemort would do something a lot more painful and tormentive. He'd want the credit for personally murdering 'The Boy-who-lived!' Malfoy? Yeah… like he'd have the brains! Still… a doubt resided in him, but Shishmack's words comforted him and made him feel much more confident.

'Here goes nothing,' and Harry plunged forward and pressed his hands flat up, his palms pressing into the stone. The stone for a moment glowed gold from within and Harry suddenly thought he was going to be sucked in, when the golden light increased in brightness and the diamond started to melt.

The diamond was melting and shrinking until the golden light faded and diminished. The diamond now came up to his waist and on top lay a wrapped parcel. Picking it up gently, he settled himself on the ground and unwrapped the pale blue tissue paper and by the feel of it, Harry had a deep suspicion it was a pensieve.

Harry grinned to himself; he'd be able to view his mother's memories with his father, her days at Hogwarts, her wedding day and 'hopefully' memories of him with his family. Harry's grin disappeared as soon as he finished unwrapping it.

True, it WAS a pensieve. But it was also an empty one. Harry prodded the inside with his wand, nothing happened. Harry remembered that it was supposed to change his life forever? His world would crumble? Moving the wrappings to the side so he could look at the pensieve more closely, a note fell out of them. Of course!

Dear Harry,

By now no doubt you have found the pensieve, also you must've also noticed it was empty and you must be feeling quite depressed about that, but let me explain:

(AN: I've made this theory up.)

This pensieve was once filled to the brim with thoughts and memories, but it isn't anymore. You see, when a person dies their heart and brain stop working, the brain includes the mind. These thoughts and memories are from my mind, which means if I die then they would too.

And I have a gut feeling that James and I may not make it through this war. So I have taken all my memories out and placed them somewhere else, stored inside a single soul and can only be let out with a potion and even then they can be only viewed by this pensieve.

Harry, they are inside of you.

Deep inside your soul, held in place by love. If you died, they would be lost but if you had died this truth that I'm bursting to tell the world will be clearly visible upon you face. I know this doesn't make any sense now, but it will soon and that I promise, my son.

Please take good care of yourself.

All my love,


On the back of the note were ingredients and instructions of how to brew the potion that would retrieve his mother's memories. It was extremely complicated and more than half the ingredients would need to be stolen from Snape's stores or even acquired down in Knockturn Alley. Hmmm… he would have to think about this.

He aimed his wand at the pensieve 'Reducio!'

Nothing happened except a spark that fizzled out leaving smoke drifting. Maybe the pensieve was protected? No, it would've had to be the vault that was protected, probably so people couldn't levitate themselves or the package off the diamond top.

Heaving the heavy stone pensieve up into his arms, he stepped out of the vault and the door closed slowly with a thud, puffs of dirt and dust rising from the edges, the door vanished.

He tried shrinking the pensieve again but it still fizzled out. 'Gringotts must be enchanted,' thought Harry. 'No wonder the break-in back in first year was such big news, it would have required vast amounts of dark magic to even try!'

He touched the half-sphere above his head and appeared on the other side of the tracks. He had a loooong walk before he reached the main foyer. A note was pinned where the door was supposed to be and Harry read it.

Dear Mr. Potter,

Tap the door seven times and then walk through it.

-Shishmack Groonmobil.

Harry balanced the pensieve in one arm while he withdrew his wand again and tapped the wall seven times. The note burned to ashes and when the door appeared he opened it and walked into the room – he was in the Grand Foyer.

Shishmack stood at his register talking rather irritably to two young teens.

"I tell you he'll be here soon!" cried Shishmack angrily.

"He's been gone for two hours!" shouted Ron just as angrily back.

Hermione jabbed her finger at Shishmack accusingly. "If anything happens to him, I'll be holding YOU personally responsible!" she snapped.

Shishmack raised his scrawny hands exasperatedly. "Well I'll eat my warts if something does happen to him Miss! He's perfectly safe here at Gringotts!"

"It's alright guys, I'm fine! Thanks for everything Shishmack, really!"

Hermione looked so relieved she looked like she wanted to kiss him.

Ron just stared mouth agape while Shishmack smiled a rare smile. (Well rare for goblins anyway) "You're welcome Mr… Potter. Feel free to come to me if you ever need my assistance."

"I will, thanks. Er… please call me Harry," replied Harry, knowing Shishmack was nothing like Woodoll and was much older and wiser.

"Harry it is, thankyou," bowed Shishmack.

Ron's mouth dropped further.

"Er… Harry, shall we leave now?" asked Ron, he looked bursting to tell him something.

"Yeah, sure Ron. Goodbye Shishmack, I'll see you around then."

"Good day, Harry," and Shishmack turned to the next customer.


After being half dragged to Florean Fortescue's Ice-cream Parlour and they were sitting outside under a flowery umbrella with choco-nut sundaes with caramel and bertie Botts Every-Flavour Beans, Hermione and Ron started questioning him.

"Wait, first I need to tell you something," interrupted Harry and he told them all about his mother's letter, the proof of Sirius' innocence the vault, Shishmack and Woodoll, the dragons, the pensieve, his mother's second letter and finally… the potion.

"Let me see the instructions,' asked Hermione, Harry passed her the note and she turned it over, studying the list of ingredients and method while chewing her bottom lip thoughtfully.

"It's complicated, the most complex I've ever seen and that's including the ones I saw in 'Moste Potente Potions.'"

Ron spluttered. "Well, that's it then… if Hermione can't do it, no one can!"

"Oh shut up!" said Hermione. "I didn't say it wasn't possible, just… the ingredients are so rare, and not even the seventh years are allowed to use some of them…"

'Well, we'll just steal them from Snape's office again," Ron suggested.

Harry shook his head.

"It's too much, we'll have to go there at least 3 times to carry everything, we'll most definitely be caught!" said Harry thoughtfully.

"Oh," said Ron trying not to look too happy or disappointed. Happy at the prospect of not going into Snape's office and disappointed at not being able to torment or prank the Slytherins (namely Malfoy, Crabbe & Goyle) as a distraction.

"Well, that only leaves us with one option…" commented Hermione, a grim look on her face.

"Oh no…" groaned Harry. "Don't say it…"

"What?" asked Ron warily.

"Professor Snape, he'll have to help us."

Ron cracked up and then started to choke, "You're… you're… not kidding are you?" he looked positively horrified. "He won't help us! I mean, we're his most hated Gryffindors! Well… and the twins… but he'll have to know everything before he'll even consider it! And even then he'll probably take points!" exclaimed Ron desperately.

"Then I will tell him!" stated Harry calmly. "I don't care if he knows everything, he's a spy for Dumbledore and I trust him. Besides, I think getting my mum's memories out is more important."

"But… Harry…" Ron stopped at Hermione's face. Harry needed this.

"Oh alright!" he said grumpily.

"It's just, he might be 'good' and all, but there's still the chance he'll laugh in our face just to spite us!" explained Ron.

"It's a chance I'm willing to take," replied Harry determinedly.

"Come on," said Hermione, putting her empty sundae cup down. "Let's go get our books and things."

After an hour, Hermione finally dragged the gawking young men away from 'Quality Quidditch Supplies' and headed to the Leaky Cauldron where the rest of the Weasleys were eating dinner.

After tea, they flooed back to the burrow to meet three school barn owls who had been waiting for them to return. One was delivering all the Weasley's letters, one for Hermione and lastly Harry.

Hermione was made a prefect much to her utmost delight along with Harry who was to be the male prefect of Gryffindor. Harry couldn't believe he was chosen to be prefect of the school and home he loved. The twin's way of celebrating was to let off dozens of wizarding fireworks.

Ron only laid a hand on Harry's shoulder solemnly saying he really pitied him, no more rule breaking or sneaking to the kitchens, much to the amusement of Hermione.


On the morning before September the first no-one hardly saw much of each other at all because everyone (except Mr. Weasley and Percy who were at work and mrs. Weasley who was doing housework,) had shut themselves in their rooms doing some last minute packing for Hogwarts.

Harry was busy rearranging his invisibility cloak to cushion the pensieve in safety in the secret compartment when Ron spoke up.

"Seeing that pensieve reminds me… why did you give Shishmack the Wizard's Honour Belt?"

"The… WHAT?!"

"Wizard's Honour Belt, you allowed a goblin use of your first name."

"What's so bad about that?" asked Harry, now re-folding his 'Weasley jumper.'

"Nothing, I s'pose. It's a very rare thing, hardly any wizards or witches EVER give a goblin, even one they've known for years, honour belts. Although I suppose I should've guessed you would. Growing up with muggles and all."

"Well, I don't understand why, but yeah. I also let another Goblin… er…. Woodoll, call me Harry, I still don't see the problem in that…"

Ron's eyes went wide. "TWO Goblins? Oh Merlin, Harry… one is unheard of, but TWO! In one day? Wait! Did you just say Woodoll?" asked Ron, eyes wider than before.

"Yeah…" answered Harry cautiously.

Ron hung his head and groaned.

"Harreeeey! Woodoll's the worst goblin you could've chosen for an honour belt! I met him once when he gave dad is gold ribbon for his extra pay he received for the ministry! Clumsy, bumbling, eager to please! And way too young!"

"47 is not young! And what's a gold ribbon?"

"It is young for a goblin Harry. A gold ribbon is kinda like a muggle receipt. It's a golden thread of magic with all the magical signatures and numbers and such."

"I don't see why letting a goblin call you by your first name is such a big deal?" exclaimed Harry.

"The Wizard's Honour Belt is more than just letting a goblin use your first name, allowing them use of your given name is an honour for a goblin, and in that honour they must do something in return and when they have done something adequate enough, they are released from the belt, more of a band than a belt really, and keep the Wizard's Honour of using your given name."

"Are you saying that Woodoll is going to be another Dobby?" asked Harry wearily, a look of apprehension spreading over his face.

"Probably not, they have very different personalities, Woodoll at least won't get you nearly killed but… I don't know, he sure is pretty clumsy, eager to please, probably couldn't keep a secret to save his life, extremely 'un-goblin-like' who are the most secretive of sorts… but I heard there was something strange with Woodoll when he was born. The reason why he is under Shishmack's care is because of it, as Shishmack is ancient and is currently the most respected and oldest living goblin in existence today. The thing about the belt is that the goblin can choose when he wants to be rid of the belt and just have the honour, so for all we know, it could be twenty years yet."

But a sentence kept coming back to Harry. "No, he kept saying stuff like 'you won't regret it' and things, the way he is, I'll be surprised if he hasn't sone anything before tomorrow, especially how trouble seems to find me 'round every bend!" said Harry pointedly.

Ron had a sympathetic look on his face. "I feel sorry for you mate!" he said, shaking his head slightly.

"Oi!" Fred stuck his head around the door. "Mum's wants to know if you have finished packing, we're leaving in 20 minutes!"


Dashing through King's Cross Station and onto platform 9 ¾ , the trio along with the twins and Ginny clambered aboard the Hogwarts Express, the trio searching determinedly for an empty compartment.

With Crookshanks dozing on her lap, Hermione's eyelids kept fluttering as if she was trying to keep awake.

"You alright Hermione?" asked Harry concerned as Ron rifled through the pile of sweets on the empty seat.

"Hmmm? Oh, yeah. It's just I'm so tired! I kept waking up in the middle of the night thinking I'd forgotten to do my Arithmancy essay! I don't believe I got more than two hours sleep," she replied, stifling a yawn.

"Well, if you want to go to sleep, I'll go and sit next to Ron so you can lie down here?" suggested Harry, raising en eyebrow suggestively.

"Oh no! I'll be fine! Don't worry!" assured Hermione, seeming pleased and flattered by his concern.

The train ride went on in much the same fashion and they were yet to be graced by Malfoy and his cronies.

"I think we got 'em last time. Won't be messing with us for a while!" grinned Ron.

"Ye…" Harry was cut off when something soft dropped on his shoulder. Hermione was breathing deeply, asleep, leant against his shoulder. He didn't have the heart to disturb her.

Ron was looking at him with something akin to envy. Harry, having noticed it asked,  "I thought you didn't like Hermione that way?"

Ron quickly met his gaze. "I…" he was cut short when the compartment door slammed open and a pretty girl with flaming red hair all clad in Hogwarts robes and the Hufflepuff house crest emblazoned on the breast pocket ran in and slammed the door harshly so that the glass pane rattled dangerously.

She had hazel eyes and a few scattered freckles on her nose, though not many.

"Sorry," she said breathlessly. "Ernie had a huntsman spider on his trunk and Malfoy came in and enlarged it and I've only just got away!"

Ron's jaw had slackened and he quickly shut it, stuttering a reply.

"I…. Er…. I hate spiders," thinking of nothing else to say.

"Really? Me too! They're so creepy! They way they scuttle along with hairy legs and clicking pincers," she shuddered and extended a hand. "Susan Bones,"

Ron took it. "Ron Weasley."

"Oh yes! I've heard about you. Especially your twin brothers!"

Ron's ears went pink.

A few flying blurs sped past the window of the door. Susan's gaze flickered to them. "Guess the coast's clear. Well thanks for letting me hide, I'll… see you around?" she looked pointedly at Ron.

Ron nodded and Susie opened the door, peeked around it and slipped down the aisle, shutting it on her way.

"I don't!" replied Ron, truly meaning it this time. Harry grinned.

"I know Ron," smiled Harry, happy for his friend.

"What's that supposed to mean?" asked Ron defensively, blushing slightly.

"Oh come on Ron! You should ask her out! I know the feeling is mutual, and besides, you kept missing your both" he looked at the chocolate frog in Ron's left hand pointedly.

Ron stuffed the frog in his mouth, effectively avoiding Harry's suggestion. He didn't want to know what Susie must have thought about the frog.

Harry smiled down at Hermione, still sleeping soundly against him, her hair was all splayed out, one hand clasped on Harry's arm, the other one rested on Crookshanks whom was also asleep.


The train lurched to a stop and after gently shaking Hermione awake and stretching his slightly stiff shoulder, Harry led them to a carriage, missing Hermione's blush, and she, his.

Rushing inside, out of the rain, the thunder clashed like symbols and the lightning lit up the entire great hall in an eerie glow.

Finding their seats at the Gryffindor table they waited as the new first years were sorted into their respective houses and Dumbledore stood up, his glasses glinting. After the usual warnings about the forest and the additions to Filch's extensive 'list' he went on to the situation with Voldemort.

The first years look absolutely terrified and indeed they were not the only ones. The vast majority of those in the great hall looked so scared and vulnerable, Harry was only more determined to do what he could to help Dumbledore.

Finally they dug into the food that had magically appeared and fell into the conversations that were going on around them.

----------end of chapter----------

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