Chapter one:

You and your best friend were enjoying the last day of summer vacation. " So are you ready for tomorrow?" She asked you. " Well its unavoidable " is the only thing you could answer. Your friend nodded in agreement. " You know Monica, I just don't understand on how they benefit by bulling me" you told her. Monica just told you to forget about them and then she added " Hey shouldn't you call your parents? you have barely called them the hole summer and I think they would like to spend some time with you before school starts" " that's true but when I leave your house it means that summer is really over. I don't want it to end just yet" you truthfully answered. " I don't want it to end either" Just when she finished talking your phone rang. " hello" " hey honey we are on our way to pick you up, get you things ready" " Okay dad I will see ya in a bit" " bye" Youhung up. " are they on their way?"

" Yah, well better get my stuff together" " Hyun Jae your laptop is in my room I think" " okay thanks" You went from floor to floor gathering your things, most of them were in the attic, since you slept there, even if Monica's mom offered you a room on the main floor you still preferred the attic.

" HYUN JAE YOUR PARENTS ARE HERE!" You went down with all you bags that you had brought at the beginning of the summer.

" Bye Monica, see you tomorrow, thank your mom when she gets back" " I will, and yep see ya tomorrow" with that you followed silently your parents into the car.

" Mom did you get a chance to buy my books?" " No I will buy them this weekend I just have so much work to do" " Hyun Jae can't you just be patient?" " Appa!" " he's right sweetie and if you would have comme home earlier you could have bought them yourself" " Omma, are you serious?" " it's been a while since you have called me that" " So what did you guys do this summer?" " We worked alot and I went bowling with my friends a couple times" " ya well while he was out having fun I was packing" Just after she said that your mom covered her mouth. " Packing? why?" " She was packing our stuff for our camping trip, we went camping for a couple of weeks" " cool, we also went camping" " In what camping site?" " Well it was in the middle of the forest close to Monica's cottage" " You didn't get lost?" " No mom we left marks on the trees so we would find our way back" The truth is that you did get lost, you forgot to put the marks on the trees for like half a kilometre, starting from 1/4 way through . But you didn't want to scare your mother, she tends to over exaggerate things . " Sweetie we painted the front and side door this morning so can you use the back door for the next week?" " Sure dad".

You went directly in your room without paying attention to your surroundings. You started playing Overdose by EXO at max volume. Silently singing along you put your stuff away, you also made sure you had everything you needed for school tomorrow. While doing that you found 10 notes, one for each teacher and one that said " Hyun Jae these are notes for your teachers, DO NOT read them and don't forget to give a note to every one of your teachers at the beginning of class. Mom and dad".

You have learned over the years not to question why your parents do some stuff. Some questions are better to stay without answers. So you just put a note in every one of your binders. By that time you decided to put on your favourite playlist which was made out of Ft Island songs, cn blue songs, EXO songs and super junior songs. You sang along to every song.

" Honey come outside, supper is ready" " I'm coming!". Your parents liked to eat outside when it was nice out. You sat down, and told your parents about your summer, on how you got a flat tire just after the border coming back from the states, on how you thought Monica was going to faint when you arrived at Disney. All kind of other stuff. Soon it was time to go sleep, your parents didn't want you to miss your bus to hell on the first day.

The next day when you arrived to school, the first thing you saw was the groupies coming your way. "do you really need to pester me on the first day of school?" " Well we just missed you and we wanted to know if you had a nice summer" " Oh just leave me alone already, I don't need your torturing when the teachers will be harassing me until Friday wondering if I have my books. Just give me a week" " Mmm a week seems reasonable, considering you hadn't got a break in two years so, deal a week." " deal" you two shook hand to close the deal.

You went skipping to your locker. Your best friend looked at you weird. " Hyun Jae are you ok?" " yep I'm totally fine" " Since when are you so happy to go to school?" " Since the groupies decided that they would leave me alone for a week" " Really?! that's awesome!" Monica said in an exited tone. " I know" you said in the same tone. " How are your parents with the hole divorce thing?" " well I haven't been paying attention to them so I will tell you tomorrow" " ok let's get to class, we don't want to be late" " Yeh !" " There you go again" " Sorry" Then you pouted all the way to class.

Math class never seemed so interesting, since you forgot to give the note before class you gave it just before leaving.

" What's with the note?" " I don't know, my parents told me to give them to each of my teachers" " what do they say?" " Aish Monica! I don't know my parents told me not to read them" " well thats weird, they normally don't hide anything from you" " true, but it probably says something about the divorce" " Your right, but you should pay close attention to them just to be sure that nothing is up" " Of course I will, it wouldn't be like me if I didn't know wouldn't it". The rest of the day went without any problems. You just found the teachers reactions a little odd after reading the note. Some of them raised an eyebrow and looked at you, others just gave you a warm comforting smile.

After school you did your homework and went around the house watching on how your parents behaved when they thought they were alone.

The next day you made your report to Monica. " So what happened last night?" " Well they were acting weird, weirder than usual, especially when I was around." " That tells me that they are hiding something from you" " Yeah that is what I'm thinking, but it could also just be the fact that they are no longer a married couple who live under the same roof" " true enough". You spend the rest of the day calmly not having another thought about your parents behaviour.

When you got home you bumped into something, that something turned out to be a box. A box marked Rob's winter clothes. you mumbled to yourself " What is this? its really weird." You looked around you to see if there were any similar boxes. There was some marked Rob's action figures or robs kitchen stuff. You ran upstairs.

" Appa!" " What is it sweetie?" " why is there all kind of boxes with your name on it?"

Your parents glanced at each other.

" You better sit down" " Your scaring me now" " Your dad found a place to stay and a new job" " Oh Good, you were scaring me with your slow tone and everything. Good for you dad!" " Thanks but here is the thing it's not very close " " well it will be a long car ride when I go to your place, no biggy" " You