Author's Note: This story has been hovering around in my head for a while, and after some fun brainstorming with CelticAngel86, I decided to attempt to turn it into a story. It was originally a 3 Chapter PWP (Porn Without Plot), which is one of the reasons why I haven't bothered writing this prologue out properly. My impatience will most likely be my downfall one day lol. Hopefully I'll get motivated to write a decent beginning at some point.


This story contains POTENTIAL TRIGGERS for any person who has been traumatised through some form of sexual harassment and/or assault. I am fully aware that this is NOT acceptable behaviour in real life and I myself most likely would not enjoy being put in this situation and I would never wish it on anyone else, nor would I condone these kinds of actions toward anyone else in real life.

This is meant to be a work of FICTION ONLY to be read as such. If you do not like reading such material, exit this page and go find something more to your tastes. There are plenty of fantastic works written by authors FAR more talented than I which are well written and highly enjoyable to read, without any of the content you will find in this story.

If any person who has experienced some form of sexual harassment and/or assault continues with reading this and experiences triggering because of it, I humbly apologise, but you were warned.

There will be a TRIGGER WARNING like so at the top of every chapter that contains anything which has the potential to trigger someone with real life history in this content. (Again I sincerely apologise for any bad memories I inadvertently raise in people who read my story despite my warning not to).

For those who are part of a BDSM community, or in a relationship/s of that kind, I do understand that this story is NOT a factual representation of BDSM. Any kinks used in this story are understood to be classified as abusive for the most part and therefore not technically BDSM, despite using some of the same activities. It is understood that BDSM – proper BDSM – is always consensual and when it is not consensual it is not BDSM, simply sexual abuse.

I hope you enjoy it for what I meant it to be. A study in masochistic/sadistic bondage/discipline relationships, Stockholm, Uncle Tom and Lima Syndromes, and the realities of war of all eras, with a little slightly unorthodox attempt at romance and a bushel of lemons on the side.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything except my OC.


This is a story wherein the dwarves are led by Thorin, crowned King, in his attempts to conquer all the lands East and North of Erebor – which was never attacked by Smaug. The events of the Hobbit never happened. Thror, Thrain, Frerin, Dis and Fili's father Vili are all dead. Always at his side are his nephews. Fili, the eldest and next in line to the throne, is also a General in Thorin's army. Kili commands the Archers and takes part in the training of new recruits in both archery and swordsmanship. He is also Captain of Thorin's Elite Guard, a small, hand-picked group of the King's best warriors, barring Fili because he is the Royal Heir.
Thorin conducted many raids and full-scale wars with neighbouring kingdoms and provinces, cutting down almost all who stood in his path. After one rare, though particularly disappointing defeat in the East, Thorin withdrew his troops and focused all of his forces on the small but so far elusive and seemingly indestructible Tribes of the Withered Heath, who lived on land which sat atop a very large deposit of mithril.
Unbeknownst to the Dwarven King, a young woman from another universe had stepped through a worm hole and found herself in what at first seemed to be the world of her favourite book and subsequent film series…. Though drastically changed history-wise. She had been taken in by the Tribes of the Withered Heath and in return worked among them to earn her keep. When she showed an interest in swordsmanship and archery, they gladly taught her, hoping she could assist the snipers in the defence of their homeland when Thorin next attacked, which they were certain he would.

The day of the attack came, and the Tribes took their positions. Disaster struck in the form of miscommunication; Thorin's sudden decision to attack with his entire army hadn't been relayed to them by their spy, who had unfortunately been discovered and slain. Though they had the advantage of the high ground, the dwarves swamped them through sheer force of numbers and a new military tactic – known to us as the Roman Tortoise – which protected many of the main forces from the snipers. The Tribes were routed in four days, though when it began to look particularly grim the leader had ordered a complete evacuation of all elderly, women and children, sending two hundred soldiers to escort them out and far away from the battle.
Sky had been ordered to go with them, but she doubled back to help in any way she could…. And also because she really wanted to catch a glimpse of Thorin….
And see him she did. Right up close and personal. Far too close and personal…. Not that she thought one would ever be able to describe him that way, but then, this was a different Thorin to that most courageous and noble dwarf….


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