Section: Harry Potter
Pairing: Voldemort/ Tom Riddle Jr. X Harry Potter
Genre: Romance/Supernatural
Summary: The summer after his fourth year Harry gets the memories and abilities of two different people who lived in different times. When he makes sense of them, realizes that his life can never be easy.
Warning: Reincarnation, Slash, Incest, Necromancer! Seer! Harry, Mentions of Mpreg


It was not a happy day, or night, for Harry Potter. It was only a few minutes from his birthday but unlike other teens his age, he was not thrilled by the idea. How could he? He had to watch his fellow champion being killed because of his own stupidity. The fiasco of the Tri – Wizard Tournament had only been a few weeks ago and he had carelessly been carted off back to his relatives' house as soon as possible. He had not even been given time to recover and mourn properly before he was thrust in that prison.

It was not only because of Cedric's death that the young teen was in a bad mood. He had been having nightmares of the event every night. Not only that but he was also starting to black out during the day for no apparent reason, having strange flashes of images and feelings going through him.

Like usual, it was all Voldemort's fault. He knew that those 'blackouts' had started when the man had touched him in the graveyard. That was when something had snapped inside his mind and he had seen the first flash of images that had been disjointed and incomprehensible. Voldemort was always the start of his problems, just like when he had killed his parents which left him to live with his horrid relatives and to become famous.

Harry Potter definitely hated his life. It was one big horrible joke by Fate.

As midnight struck, the black-haired teenager was taken by surprise as a searing pain reared its ugly head behind his eyes. He blacked out.

He was seven when his brother and he ran away from their burning mansion after watching his parents getting killed by the villagers, only because they were different. They lived alone, travelling from village to village for a few years and teaching themselves to control their gifts to survive.

He was thirteen when the two met another wizard. His name was Godric and he was sixteen like Salazar, his brother. Godric decided to follow them in their travels since he too had nowhere to go. He became slightly jealous when Salazar and Godric became such quick friends.

A year later the three met two girls, witches, who lived alone in a cabin in a forest. Rowena was eighteen and the oldest among them. Helga was a year younger than Godric and Salazar.

The five lived in the cabin together for two years before the others decided to build a school of magic, which would also be a refuge for wizards and witches like them.

It took them five years to make the school, a castle, out of pure magic. Salazar, Godric, Rowena and Helga became known as the official Founders though he too had helped in its constructions and plans. However, he did not mind since it made his brother happy to keep him out of the attention, and thus the danger.

A year later he started to love his brother in a completely different way than before; a way he should not be feeling towards his own brother. Thus he started dabbling in necromancy in secret to get his mind off his feelings. It did not work.

After a few months Salazar kissed him before roughly pushing him away. His brother started to ignore him. A couple of days later Salazar announced to the other Founders and him at dinner his wish to find himself a wife to bear him heirs. He went deeper into necromancy when he confronted Salazar, admitting his abnormal feelings and getting cruelly rejected afterwards.

For months they fought regularly and before they knew it, one day their fighting evolved into kissing which evolved into more. The next day Salazar announced his engagement to a girl from a rich pureblood family at breakfast. He met the personification of Death when his magic exploded because of his pent up anger, betrayal and hurt.

Salazar and he danced around each other for a whole year during Salazar's Courtship until his wedding with the pureblood girl, Ethelinda. That night, instead of spending it with his new wife, he spent it with his brother after lots of shouting and cursing and hexing. From that day on Salazar laid with him behind his wife's back.

Two months later, Ethelinda announced her pregnancy and nine months later delivered a son. A year later she delivered another son. Salazar still went behind her back to lay with him, no one being the wiser.

Two years later Death told him that Salazar and he were soul mates. He wanted to be with Salazar but the older refused because they were brothers. It did not stop the older of the two to sleep with him though. He still managed to convince Salazar to participate in a ritual with him on Samhain that would allow their souls to find each other in the next life.

A year later he found himself sick often and when Salazar found out, he made a diagnostic spell and found him pregnant. In a fit of rage, Salazar shot a spell at him to make him lose the child, completely ignoring his begging and pleading.

A few weeks later he had grown depressed and distant. He went down to the village for a walk in the hopes of clearing his mind and found himself ambushed by a group of mundanes. He was killed.

His name was Hericles Slytherin.

Harry barely registered that he was still in his room at the Dursleys and that the morning light began to filter into his room when another searing pain slammed into his head. He lost consciousness again.

He always knew that he was different from his family. He knew things before they happened; things he should not know. He also had flashes of another life and it confused him greatly. It was not until he was older that he knew that he was a Seer.

At eleven he went to Hogwarts with his cousins. There he met him: Tom Riddle – the one who had been haunting his dreams. He had always known that he was a reincarnation, and just like that he knew that Riddle was also one; the reincarnation of his soul mate. He never tried to become close to the other how ever much he wanted to.

But it would seem like the Fates wanted them together anyway. In their third year they got a small project to work together for Ancient Runes. Before they knew it they became close and in their fifth year they were a couple.

Tom knew that he was a Seer; he was the only one who knew. He also knew that they had both been reincarnated, though he refused to tell Tom just who they had been. He knew what was going to happen to the both of them; he knew that he would die young and that Tom would become a Dark Lord. He made sure to tell Tom that he would find him again though, in his next life. Tom never knew that his lover would die young. When it happened he would be taken by surprise and the grief and anger would make his sanity snap.

The day it happened he was not scared. He just regretted having to leave his lover behind even if he knew that they would see each other again. He left their house that morning after laying with Tom one last time in their bed and went to the muggle side of London. When that random muggle attacked him with a knife for money, he remained calm, calm until he died again.

His name was Heri Black.

When Harry woke up his head was throbbing with a massive migraine. With a groan, he sat up in his lumpy bed and rubbed his forehead. Hearing shuffling of feathers and hooting, he looked up to find owls waiting for him with his mail. He ignored them.

He knew that what had happened was very important. He had gained the memories of his past lives. He should be confused but with his knowledge as Hericles Slytherin and Heri Black, he could understand the situation more. The necromancer part of him knew how life and death, and souls worked, and the Seer part of him had already Seen it anyway.

'But now what to do…?' he silently asked himself. He could hardly continue his life as Harry Potter as if nothing had happened. With the memories of his past life he was a new person anyway.

With his memories, his powers – those of a necromancer and of a Seer – were unlocked. They had always been there, dormant. He knew that those abilities always followed a soul even through death.

'Speaking of death…' he thought as he bit his lower lip before he sat down, crossed – legged in the middle of the room.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breathe. 'I don't have anything for a proper ritual but I hope He will still hear me and will not mind.'

"Guardian of the Souls and Deliverer of Judgment," he intoned. "I call thee from The Beyond. Hear my voice and plea for assistance."

He waited. He did not move.

Then he felt it.

The very air around him weighted down on him and he could literally feel the power coming to him. It felt so familiar and comforting that he felt like sobbing. He opened his eyes to see the shadows around the small room writhe and flicker before they gathered together and a figure appeared at the center.

The figure was tall, taller than a normal human, maybe even taller than Hagrid. He – because the being was a he – wore an old-fashioned cloak that had rips, tears and holes at the bottom where the shadows seemed to flutter around. A hood was drawn up, covering the horrid skeletal head and bony fingers held onto a scythe as tall as the figure.

Harry breathed a sigh of relief and felt his heart soar in happiness at seeing the familiar figure. He could not help stumbling to his feet and rushing at Him, practically tackling Him as he buried his head into that hard stomach. White, bony finger carded through his hair and he cuddled closer, his hands clutching at the tattered cloak. If he was anyone else, Harry would have already dropped dead; no one could touch Death and remain alive after all. But Harry was His favourite and would remain so.

"You have called upon Us," a mixture of voices neither male nor female, old nor young, whispered, giving an eerie effect. "Speak child and We shall answer."

Looking up at the powerful entity through his eyelashes, Harry said, "The influx of magic on my birthday made me remember my previous lives like I knew it would." He paused and bit his lip anxiously before continuing, his voice taking on a slight hysterical edge, "what shall I do now? He hates me as Harry Potter. If – If – If I try to approach him, he will try to kill me. He k-killed our child! What is to say he won't hurt me!? I can't – I won't be able to bear with it if he hurts me! I want him! I want to be with him again but I am scared! So scared… please, Death! Make the pain go away! Please! Please…" Harry let out a few sobs, clinging to the powerful entity tighter.

"Hush, child," were the whispered words as Harry suddenly felt drowsy and his fingers slackened from their hold on the tattered cloak. "When you wake up, everything shall be taken care of."

Harry barely had the time to register the words before his vision darkened and he lost consciousness.