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"Harrison Porter?" Hermione frowned at Harry, "That's a terrible alias,"

"No no hear me out," Harry said raising his hand, "It's so obvious that no one would think that I would use it,"

"So security in audacity?" Hermione asked she remained unconvinced.

-Scene Break-

"America?" Harry asked, a look of incredulity on his face.

"It's ideal Harry, The American Ministry's infrastructure has been in decline since the Wars, I know that Ruissie has had to send obliviators to help them police their territories, and more importantly you are not a celebrity over there," Hermione said, raising a finger with each point, "Over there nobody would blink twice at some nobody making something unique,"

-Scene Break-

"A few thousand muggle pounds," Harry said, "A few people were feeling a little bit generous after I offered some assistance,"

Hermione scratched her nose, "That's no where near enough to do anything. Will the Goblins convert galleons to muggle money? I've got a fair sized stack in my vault,"

Harry shook his head, "Nope, best they'll give you is a few tenners for a sack of galleons, but not much more."

"That's... unfortunate. We might have to start smaller than I thought Harry," Hermione squeezed the bridge of her nose. She quickly flipped through the papers on the table, "Patents or something intangible like programing?"

-Scene Break-

Harry eyed the five cards fanned in his hand. A wand, a Thestral, a Warlock and two Witches, only two cards shy from winning the round. He drew another card from the deck, pointedly he ignored Teddy's not so subtle glances at the card as he slid it across the table, his godson trying to see the underneath of his new card.

Transparent hands rose up to cover Teddy's eyes. Teddy gave an indignant grunt his brown hair greying and shortening. "Mum! I wasn't cheating!"

Teddy shivered as a transparent finger rubbed against his earlobe, "Sure you weren't honey,"

Ignoring Tonks and Teddy's by play Harry lifted the corner of the card. Harry resisted the urge to frown. Externally he smiled adding the useless Thestral to his losing hand.

"What's got you bothered Harry?" Andromeda asked, dark eyes watched him intently, feeling he had spent enough time avoiding what he had come to talk about she was fooled by neither his deception nor his stalling.

Harry discarded the Warlock atop the free pile, he glanced up, his gut wrenching as he saw the worried face of Teddy and Nymphadora. Nervous, Harry scratched the back of his neck. "Nothing bad Andy, I can't enjoy a game of Macbeth with my godson?"

Nymphadora smirked at the familiar faint twitch in her mothers cheek. Andromeda's lips pursed, "You don't like Macbeth Harry. Any other day Teddy has to near about twist your arm to get you to play with him, except today"

Teddy nodded in agreement with his grandmother, his light blue eyes shifting to a dark green.

Dropping his cards to the table face down, Harry sighed giving Teddy a glance, "Well, when you put it like that… Me and Hermione we found something big Andy. It's something I don't think you would believe me if I told you straight, you'd probably think I was crazy or something. You have to see it to believe,"

Andy ran her tongue along the inside of her teeth, "W-"

"It's not Merlin's underpants is it?" Tonks interjected, leaning forward in her excitement she phased partially into Teddy's back. Teddy shivered at the numbing sensation spreading down his body. "Because I could believe that,"

Tonks pulled back from Teddy whispering, "Sorry baby,"

"Nymphadora!" Andromeda snapped, Tonk's eyes widened at the rebuke, her lengthy hair curling into a tight perm.

"What?" She asked her mother. She batted her eyes at her mothers scowl, innocent and twice as big as normal and perfectly circular.

"That was disgusting and completely inappropriate," Andromeda's nose scrunched in disdain, relaxing her scowl she turned back to Harry. Hesitant she asked, "It's not that is it?"

"No," Harry said. "It's nothing to do with underpants,"

She nodded satisfied with his answer, she ignored Tonk's sound of disappointment, "When do you wish to show it? Not now is it?"

Harry shook his head, "Um no later in the week was the plan,"

"Is it close by?" Tonks asked, her hair shifting wildly between curly and straight. Harry hesitated trying to think of how to let her down gently.

"Not really, sorry Tonks," Her shoulders sagged slightly.

"S'kay Harry," Her white hair hung limp, "I guess I can stay here and watch Teddy,"

"Hey!" Teddy spoke up his hair spiked up and turned red, frowning he stared at his mother, "I'm not a baby anymore. Why can't I come?"

"Because Edward Remus Lupin I said so!" Teddy blanched his face whitening and hair drooping at Andromeda's shout.

Andy turned back to Harry, "I'll be there Harry,"

-Scene Break-

Green fire swelled inside the ornate silver and brick fireplace. The coloured fire spilled over the grate Andromeda stepped from the swirling green flames with not a hair out of place. Brushing a thin layer of soot her eyes swept the sparsely decorated walls of her family home. The portraits, the few still affixed to the wall, no doubt protected by their owners own spells were covered in a heavy black cloth.

A well-dressed house elf popped in existence beside Andromeda, pulled from her musings she raised an eyebrow as she regarded the smartly dressed elf in a muggle suit.

Large wet eyes blinked at her, "Whiskey be tellings you Mr Potter on his way,"

Nodding, its message delivered Whiskey vanished with a pop leaving Andromeda alone again.

"Much nicer than mother's pillow," She muttered. Staring at the vacated spot the elf had stood she turned her head to the hallway as she heard an unusual pitched sound.

Unsure of whether to investigate the oddity or it ignore it, her ruminations were cut short as Harry stepped into the arrival room ending Andromeda's conundrum. Across the room Harry smiled, "Andy!"

"Harry," She said, nodding in Harry's direction. "I apologise for my slight earlyness,"

"No problem, this way," Harry gave her a one sided hug. He led her through the dark wood stained hallways, in the corner of the doorways small runes flashed. They stepped into what she recalled as the family dinner room. Andy blinked at the massive grey ring patterned onto the room's floor, the family meeting room she had attended many a Saturday lunch was devoid of the monstrously large familiar table and chairs only the unusual ring pattern painted to the floor occupied the room.

She raised a questioning eyebrow as Harry led her into the centre of the circle. Before she could ask the purpose of the circle was, the painted rings below let loose a scream. Four massive glowing rings shot forth from the floor surrounding them. As they reached her heads height, she felt everything disappear in a flash of light.

It had been years since she had cause to draw her wand but old instincts had her fingers wrapped around the comforting hilt of her wand as the light began to fade.

"Andy wait!" Harry yelled. Her wand grasped tight in her hand she froze in her draw at the sound of Harrys voice. Blinking she looked at the changed room the dark stained timber walls had been replaced by gaudy yellow and some sort of thick and bulky decoration.

Through a narrow corridor ahead of her between four imposing statues she could see a dozen or so other people, the majority of them sporting a familiar shade of red hair.

Her wand still held tight she narrowed her eyes at Harry, "This is some variation on the Room of Desires you mentioned in Hogwarts? An illusion?"

Harry shook his head keeping an eye on her partial drawn wand, "No, I'm sorry I didn't think to warn you, Whiskey was a little premature in his activation. It's a form of teleportation. We aren't in Grimmauld Place anymore."

Andy nodded.

"Much too comfortable to be a proper form of transport," She sniffed, pocketing her wand she stepped from within the rings and began to walk, her heels clicking, down the corridor and to whatever had the Weasley's all captivated so.

Harry sighed in relief before he followed behind her into the Tel'tak's cockpit.

As he entered the narrow passageway, behind him the rings flared to life again. Flashing a bright white light the brightness faded to reveal Hermione standing next to Bill and a heavily pregnant Fleur. Stepping over the rings Fleur rubbed her thin slippers against the embedded ring, nodding in satisfaction, she turned to join Hermione and Bill walking through the narrow corridor.

Bill's forehead crinkled as he looked at the raised hieroglyphs, "They don't make any sense Hermione, its an incoherent mess," He rested a hand on the wall," This section here is for protection for ear worms and night terrors. Then here it shifts to the history of some sort of water deity and their rise from a primordial soup,"

"At least a third of the symbols are nonsense," His frown deepened as he examined the walls, "The harmonics required to anchor any of the spells the walls list with the runes here… Frankly I'm surprised the walls haven't melted already,"

"I don't think the creators designed it for anything other than aesthetics," Hermione said, Bill shook his head muttering about rich idiots slapping together something that looks cool. Stepping into the cockpit Bill made his way towards his mother and sister standing at the bulbous controls. Fleur gave a sound of appreciation at the cockpits interior.

"No down a bit, more to the left Dad," George said as Andromeda approached behind the two arguing Weasley's. George and Arthur leant against the window trying to locate the Burrow.

Arthur shook his head, he tapped a finger to the glass, "Trust me it looks like one of those frozen muggle maps, the Burrow is more to the right, look near those green patches… Hello Andy"

She nodded to Arthur before peering through the viewport, her eyes widened at the suspended blue and green orb, "What, is that?"

"That," Arthur said, pointing towards the sight filling the window, "Is our planet,"

Andromeda raised an eyebrow. "Are you positive? It's really quite ugly,"

"Harry!" A voice said from behind him. A heavily pregnant Fleur wrapped Harry in a one armed hug, her protruding stomach pushing against his hip. "Hermione says you have found a spaceship!"

Andromeda sniffed sending a frown at Harry. Behind Fleur and Harry, Hermione offered an apologetic small smile, "She asked where the circle would take her,"

"Why didn't we think of that Dad?" George asked. Arthur shrugged he had no answer to Georges question. Molly shook her head and Ginny giggled.

Crossing the cockpit floor George sidled up to Bill, he faux whispered loudly enough for everyone to hear, "Harry didn't tell us you know, said it was a big surprise that we wouldn't believe it then he shows us the window over there. What do we see but Bloody home floating away from us."

"And it's not a trick, I checked," He cut in before Bill could say anything tapping a small yellow spoon in his chest pocket.

"We aren't on the planet anymore, technically we are in an almost geosynchronous orbit," Hermione said, giving the golden spoon a curious look. The two Weasley's gave her a blank look, "We are a long, long way from Earth,"

"Oh!" Fleur exclaimed. Catching sight of the image of Earth behind Andromeda and Arthur, her eyes widened. She waddled over to the window a tight grip on his gloved hand she half pulled Harry behind her. She pushed her nose to the glass, "I know that beach, it has the most friendly mermaids,"

"They had the most wonderful full body massages,"

Slipping out of Fleur's embrace Harry pulled Hermione aside, his voice low he asked, "Ron?"

Hermione shook her head.

"Won't be able to make it, he was coming but something happened in the Ministry he hasn't been back since the Minister called him in," Her eyes focused on her shoes, she frowned "Something big is going on in the auror departments, something hush hush. Even Percy can't get away…"

Hermiones forehead wrinkled, she sighed, "I'll have to fill him in when he gets back,"

Harry nodded, bumping his shoulder to hers. They stepped back to the others by the blue and red controls.

"So Harry did you bring us up here to just show off your new toy?" George said, prompting a snort of laughter from Bill. Fleur jabbed a narrow elbow into Bills side.

"Not quite," Hermione said, "Remember how we said we found this space ship? Well there are Aliens out in space. And they are not at all friendly,"

"When you say you found it…" Molly said slowly, "You found it on Earth didn't you?"

Ginny gasped, "The aliens are on Earth?"

"Yep," Harry nodded, "We were wondering if we could get some help with that,"