Okay. This is a series of short one-shots that I will be doing, regarding all the characters of Dragon Age: Inquisition. The Inquisitor in this story is a male human. Yaoi dislikers don't be scared. There's no actual... YOUKNOWWHAT. Just awkward incidents in which The MALE Inquisitor accidentally turns on each member of his company/advisers. This is because, each of them (In my mind...) has a strange turn on that whenever it happens, be it a male or female or whatever. And our poor inquisitor unfortunately stumbles upon each of these turn on's. At the end of each one-shot I will state what the turn-on is for the character, so try to guess. :) Okay. We'll start with Cullen:

Didn't Mean to Turn You On 1: Cullen

A gentle knock at the door made the work-weary Inquisitor jump in his seat, head jerking around towards the door. Cullen stood with a sheepish look on his face, hands placating held out in front of him.

"Sorry, sorry. Didn't mean to scare you," he apologised with a wry grin gently easing his body through the doorway. The Inquisitor sighed softly, slumping boneless in his chair and rubbing a hand over his aching eyes.

"Don't worry about it. Just… tired. Apparently that makes me edgy." The Inquisitor responded, opening cerulean eyes as Cullen neared, turning back to his precariously balanced mounds of paperwork.

"And here I thought I got a lot of paperwork," Cullen marvelled, peering over The Inquisitor's shoulder.

"I came to check up on you," Cullen said, leaning back. "You missed dinner, so everyone was worried."

"Wait… What time is it?" The Inquisitor asked, eyes widening in shock as he spun around to face Cullen again. Cullen placed a hand on his shoulder, laughing.

"Don't worry about it, it's…" He trailed off, frowning at his hand. "Your shoulders as so tense. I have never even seen muscles this rigid before. Doesn't it hurt?" Cullen asked, unconsciously squeezing his fingers in a gentle massage. The Inquisitor shrugged, shoulders rotating under Cullen's hand.

"It's not so bad. It's more of a-" The Inquisitor was cut off as Cullen's hand tightened, massaging The Inquisitor's shoulder firmly. The Inquisitor groaned softly, head tilting forward involuntarily.

"What was that?" Cullen asked, straining to hear what The Inquisitor had said.

"I didn't say anythi-" The Inquisitor was cut off again as a far louder, deeper groan left his mouth. He felt Cullen's hand clench reflexively in a jerk, dragging yet another rough groan from his throat. Cullen's hand jerked away from his shoulder as the Commander stumbled back slightly. The Inquisitor slowly turned in his seat, eyes slightly hooded from (non-sexual) pleasure.

"Cullen…" He started. Cullen's face was flushed bright red and he refused to look The Inquisitor in the eye.

"I-I have to go…" Cullen stuttered stumbling down the stairs in his haste. The door slammed behind him. The Inquisitor stared at the closed door in confusion.

"Was it something I said?"

Well, that was Cullen's. The answer is... (Drumroll please)...



Sexual Noises! Such as moaning and groaning!

Haha until next chapter. Which is... Josephine!