Chapter 10 – Vivienne

It was one of those days again. After the whole of Skyhold had been 'quarantined', the Inquisitor had been rather studious in his attempts the pretend that whatever was going on, wasn't going on. Until Vivienne. It had started off normally as days at Skyhold go. It was one of the days where an inspection occurred in Skyhold, and so the Inquisitor had been wandering all over Skyhold, talking to anyone and everyone about anything and everything. It was remarkably boring for the Inquisitor, but it was necessary to make sure that everyone was doing their duty. It was also a good time for the Inquisitor to be able to mingle with his followers.

It wasn't until his shirt fell off for the third time that the Inquisitor figured out it was happening again. All throughout the day, things seemed to go horribly wrong for him. His clothes just wouldn't stay on, and he apparently couldn't stay on his feet, falling over almost constantly in often embarrassing places, climbing back to his feet to the sound of laughter with a red face every time. At mid-day, he collapsed at the head of the table in the main hall for the lunch he often shared with his closest friends. Cullen glanced at him with a grin from his left and Cassandra just openly scoffed from his right. The Inquisitor sighed.

"I'm assuming you've heard then," he said miserably, letting his head fall onto the table with a loud, painful thud. Another snort escaped Cassandra. He knocked his head against the table again.

"You know its Vivienne, yes?" Leliana asked from her place next to Cassandra. The Inquisitor lifted his head and frowned at her.

"What?" He asked, eyes narrowing at the sorceress that sat at the other end of the table.

"She's been following you all day," Varric chimed in, leaning over Cullen to join to conversation. "Also, the things that have been happening can't have happened without some form of magic." He pointed out. He held up a hand when the Inquisitor tried to talk.

"It's not Dorian, because he's been with me most of the day going over runic additions to Bianca." The Inquisitor deflated at his words. Cullen smacked him on the back, nearly sending the Inquisitor face first into the table again.

"She'll get bored eventually," he chimed, reaching for the food that began to arrive. Cassandra and Leliana laughed.

"No she won't," they chimed simultaneously. The Inquisitor groaned, slipping down in his seat, earning an alarmed look from a red-faced Cullen. Another thud.

The Inquisitor had spent the rest of the inspection looking over his shoulder, making him all the more prone the Vivienne's pranks. He'd fallen into a water-trough after tripping over an invisible leg, only to get promptly smacked and threatened with death by Leliana when he tried to walk into her office, dripping wet and miserable. By the time the inspection was finished the Inquisitor had fallen over more times than he could count, and there was an ongoing bet throughout Skyhold regarding which item of clothing he would 'drop' next. The Inquisitor trudged through the main hall, clothes filthy and hair drenched. He froze in place as his eyes fixed on an elegant figure standing by the door that led to his chambers.

"You." He said, eyes narrowing.

"Hello," she said cheerfully, smiling at him.

"You!" He repeated, hands on his hips as he glared at her. She laughed, throwing her head back.

"I think we have established this fact, have we not?" She asked, walking up to him.

"Why?" The Inquisitor almost whined his glare softening slightly at her smile, one of the few true ones she rarely shows.

"Because," she leaned in uncomfortably close. She reached a hand up to his face, gently cupping his cheek. His eyes went wide and he tried to stumble back as she slowly drew her face close to his. His face erupted with colour when she stopped with their lips barely a centimetre away from each other. He could feel her breath brushing his mouth as she spoke and it took him a couple of seconds to register her words.

"You're so cute when you blush, my dear." She drew back and strode across the hall to the library. The Inquisitor was frozen in place, and for once, he was speechless.

It's been a while haha. Anyway, this one isn't really a turn on, but it's very Vivienne I believe. I'm sure you all guessed it, so I won't bother with the lots of dots thing that I'm fond of. She likes blushing, so she's been embarrassing our poor Inquisitor all day. Sigh. Poor guy. Anyway. Until next time, which hopefully won't be as long as last time -_-. *shifty glances*

Also, I don't know how many of you know, but I have a multichapter of DAI, it's a bit darker, but most of you might enjoy it. Especially if you like Inquisitor!Whump