Eons ago, when the world was still young, there existed two titans, the Bionis and the Mechonis.

For some reason, these two titans, larger than any living creature history had ever known and would know, were locked in an intense combat.

Both sides fought relentlessly and refused to yield, so the fight went on for a very, very long time… until all that was left were their lifeless corpses, locked in the position they were last in as proof of their last stand…

"Are people really going to buy something like that?" asked Snake while watching the airplane's television, which was showing a program that talked about the history of the Bionis and the Mechonic, the former of which they were on their way to.

"That's the legend passed down by the inhabitants of the Bionis and the Mechonis," Ganondorf told him. "Most of them believe that the humanoid-shaped continents they lived on once used to be alive."

"Just a bunch of stories made up in a time when people were superstitious and willing to believe anything…" said Snake, unconvinced.

"This world is full of strange and extraordinary things, so you'll never know," Ganondorf told him, "but perhaps we'll learn more from the people of the Bionis when we get there. Firsthand information is more reliable and believable than other sources."

Just then, there was an announcement. "We are now reaching our destination, so everyone please fasten your seatbelts and start putting away your properties."

Ness looked out the window to see if he could see their destination, but because it was located in front of the plane, he wasn't able to see much, other than what appeared to be the side of a large mountain.

If he was able to see clearly what that thing was, he could see that it was a gigantic humanoid-shaped landmass, and standing directly in front of it was another humanoid-shaped landmass that was metallic in appearance. Both the "landmasses" appeared to be holding swords, which were connected to each other in ways that looked like they were trading blows.




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Chapter 1
The Vacation Begins

Wuhu Island, a popular vacation resort…

While one group of Smashers went to the Bionis, another group went to Wuhu Island instead.

This group consisted of Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Pichu, Jigglypuff, Lucario, Kirby, Fox, Falco, Pit, Palutena, Gunner, Brawler, and Swordfighter. They also brought their pet parrot Parry.

After they were done with the procession one performed after arriving at a different country, the Smashers looked for their luggage, and when they were done, they made their way through the airport, looking for their tour guide.

"That must be the one!" said Luigi, pointing at a small group of people holding up a sign that said they were the tour guides from a particular travel agency, the same one the Smashers got their tickets for this place from.

The Smashers walked up to them, and Mario asked them, "You are from Happy Traveling Agency, right?"

"Yes we are!" one of the tour guides said. "You are the ones who chose our agency, right?"

"Right!" replied the plumber.

"That's great! Is this all of you?" asked the tour guide.

Mario turned around and checked to see if all of them were here, and then he told the tour guide, "Yes, theez eez all of uz!"

"All right! Let's head over to the bus and go to your hotel at once!" the tour guide happily said to them. "We'll make sure that you have a great four-day stay here!"

"I can't wait to get the fun started!" said Palutena with enthusiasm. "This is my first time vacationing on the surface!"

"I am sure you will like it on the surface, Lady Palutena!" Pit told her.

"Let's hope your clone is enjoying his time at the Bionis too," said Palutena. "While that place is intriguing, I feel like I'm going to have more enjoyment here."

The airplane carrying the other half of the Smashers had finally arrived at the airport of the Bionis. The airport was located on a floating island that was hovering over Eryth Sea, a large body of water comparable to a sea located on the head of the Bionis.

The Smashers who came to the Bionis consisted of Dr. Mario, Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, Young Link, Toon Link, Pikachu, Captain Falcon, Samus, Marth, Ness, Game & Watch, R.O.B., Popo, Nana, Dark Pit, and Snake. G&W also brought his pet turtle Blackshell.

"Nice airport! Probably one of the more beautiful ones I've seen!" commented Captain Falcon while looking around the interior of the place.

"What are all those people with wings on their heads?" asked Pikachu, looking at such a kind of people walking around.

"Those are High Entia," Ganondorf told him. "They are a commonly seen species on the Bionis. They can indeed fly using those wings."

"A pretty weird location for the wings if you ask me… Can their heads support the weight of the rest of the body?" asked Nana.

"They have no problems with that," the Gerudo told her, "at least from what I've seen on videos…"

"I think we found our tour guide," said G&W, pointing at a relatively young man with neatly trimmed black hair wearing white clothing with intricate patterns, and he was holding a sign that told people from a travel agency called Happy Traveling Agency to come over to him. "And I think he looks very familiar… Too familiar…"

When the Smashers went over to him, he was surprised and said, "Wow! It's you guys! I didn't expect to see you people again!"

"Do we know you?" asked Popo.

"Yeah, I remember him," said Captain Falcon. "He's our tour guide when we were invited by Roy to Lycia."

"I'm so glad that you still remember me!" said the tour guide. "You remember my name, right?'

"Nope," said the racer bluntly.

"Oh, c'mon! It's very easy to remember!" the tour guide told him. "It has to do with my occupation, remember?"

"He's just kidding, I think," said G&W. "Your name's Toor Gyde. How can anyone forget that name?"

"Yeah! How can anyone forget a name like that!" said the tour guide. "Thanks for remember my name!"

"I really don't remember your name," said Captain Falcon.

"It's all right…" said Gyde. "At least somebody did… So anyway, is this all of you?"

Captain Falcon looked around himself and then said, "Yeah, I'm sure this is all of us."

"Good! Then let's head for the bus now!" said Gyde as he turned to point at a bus that was slightly visible just outside the exit. "I'll make sure that you people…" He turned around as he was saying that, only to find that the Smashers were no longer in front of him. When he turned to the bus, he saw them walking there without him. "Some things never change, don't they…?"

"And thus life began to appear on both the Bionis and the Mechonis," Gyde explained to the Smashers as they were riding the bus. "Organic life appeared on the former, while mechanical life appeared on the latter."

Despite his enthusiasm in explaining to the Smashers the history of the two islands, none of them were listening at all; they were all looking out the window and talking about the things they saw out there instead.

"I really want to try out driving those flying vehicles myself!" said Captain Falcon while looking at the hovering vehicles on the street.

"I wonder what sort of weapons they use here," said Snake, looking at a weapon store.

"They have an arcade center here as well!" commented Ness while looking at a building with glowing signs.

"They're really flying using the wings on their heads!" commented Pikachu when he saw airborne High Entia.

"Hey! I think I saw my own kind on the sidewalk just now!" said G&W.

Since this wasn't the first time he got ignored by these people, Gyde was used to this, but he still felt like wanting to grab their attention, so he asked them, "Are you curious about my clothing? This is…"

"The High Entia's clothes sure have some fancy designs!" said Samus while noting the clothes the people of the place were wearing.

"So yeah… I'm wearing clothing worn mainly by High Entia…" said Gyde. "Anyway, we are now on the way to…"

"I wonder how our hotel looks like," asked Young Link.

"I do know it's located at a place called Latael Shore. Sounds like a beach," replied Toon Link.

"Well, the travel brochure did show us that it is on a beach," Ness reminded him.

"Like the kids said, we're going to your hotel located at Latael Shore," said Gyde. "Latael Shore is a part of Eryth Sea, but despite being called a sea, it's different from normal seas in the way that…"

"Rather than being connected to the ocean," R.O.B. told the children, "it's located on the head of the Bionis, thus making it an inland sea."

"What your robotic buddy said…" said Gyde, trying not to sound annoyed that what he wanted to said got finished by someone else. "We'll spend about thirty minutes at that place, and then we'll go to…"

"I really want to see the Nopon soon!" said Nana. "They look so cute from pictures and videos! I want to pick one up!"

"We're planning to go to their settlement today, so you'll get your chance!" Popo told her.

"Right, we're going to the settlement of the Nopon today," said Gyde. "That place is called…"

"Their village is called Frontier Village," Popo told his twin sister.

Suddenly, the bus came to a stop in front of an intersection, and the Smashers noticed that everyone outside had stopped moving as well, at least not going across the intersection. "What happened?" asked Dr. Mario.

Some motorcycles then went across the street in front, and Gyde said, "I know! It's the…"

"It would appear that someone of high position in this country is coming through this way, hence the reason everyone stopped moving," interrupted R.O.B.

"That would be the empress, right?" asked Captain Falcon.

"Yes, most definitely Empress Melia Antiqua," replied the robot.

At this point, Gyde felt like throwing his arms into the air and scream, "That does it! You be your own tour guides instead!" But he restrained himself from doing so.

Meanwhile, the Smashers at Wuhu Island had reached their hotel and also finished checking into the place.

"Nice place they've got here!" Kirby commented while looking around the lobby.

Just then, an employee of the hotel came rushing over to the front desk and said in panic, "The king of Dream Land is here!"

Hearing this, the receptionist immediately called for more employees to come and prepare a proper welcome for that V.I.P. Needless to say, the Smashers were very surprised to hear that the king of Dream Land was coming. "Dedede is coming?" asked Kirby.

"Wow… What a surprise!" commented Fox.

No sooner after news spread throughout the lobby, several employees were lined up at the sides of the front of the entrance. The door then opened, and the sound of trumpets could be heard coming from the outside, not to mention a high-pitched voice telling people to make way for the king and bow down to him.

Eventually, four Waddle Dees came into the hotel, carrying over their heads a palanquin, in which the penguin-like king of Dream Land, Dedede, was seated on. Following them was the king's loyal knight, Meta Knight.

Everyone bowed down in the presence of the king, except for Kirby, who simply raised his stubby arm into the air and said, "Hi!"

Dedede looked at him with an annoyed look and said, "You just can't bring yourself to show any respect to me, can't you?"

"Surprised to see you here!" said the pink puffball, ignoring what he said.

"It is a surprise to see you all here as well," said Meta Knight while looking at the Smashers. "I assume that you are here for vacation."

"Yeah," replied Kirby, "and I assume the same for you too?"

"Of course! A king has to have enjoyment in fun places after all! What better place than to come to the one called the king of vacation resorts, Wuhu Island?" replied Dedede. "Anyway, since we know each other too well, I'll forgive your lack of respect for the king, which is punishable by imprisonment. Now please excuse me as I allow myself to be checked into the room."

While Dedede's men were helping him getting checked into the hotel, Palutena asked, "He is a royalty, isn't he?"

"Do you know him, Lady Palutena?" Pit asked her.

"News of the surface don't really come that often to the sky, but things like who the world leaders there are usually do, so yes, I have indeed heard of him, but this is my first time seeing him in the flesh," replied the goddess. "Funny how I bowed down to him just now, since my position is higher than his."

"You are a goddess after all," said Pit.

"Oh well, nothing wrong with acting civilian-like, right?" said the goddess with a smile.

"Who rides a palanquin indoors?" Kirby asked Dedede from behind out loud.

"I do!" the king replied in an equally loud voice.

As everyone was going to go to his or her rooms, Bowser told the others, "You guys go on ahead first. I'm waiting for some people."

"Who are you waiting for?" Mario asked him.

"I invited some people over as well. Since I haven't seen them in a while, I figured that it would be a good idea to meet them in a place where we can have a fun and happy family reunion," he replied.

"Family reunion? I think I know who you're talking about…" said Mario.

"DADDY!" shouted a child's voice all of a sudden. A smile appeared on Bowser's face as he turned to the entrance when he heard that, and he saw a short, anthropomorphic turtle with a spiny shell running towards him as fast as it could.

"Son!" Bowser happily said with his arms wide open, and the aforementioned turtle tossed himself into his arms to embrace him. "I miss you so much!"

"Me too, daddy!" said the smaller turtle.

Suddenly, a group of seven anthropomorphic turtles rushed into the place and gathered around Bowser, all of them with looks of happiness on their faces. "Lord Bowser! It is an honor to see you again!"

The other Smashers were surprised by the sight of this, especially the Mario Brothers, Peach, and Yoshi. "Wow! I almost forgot about them!" said Luigi.

"Yeah, I totally forgot that Bowser has eight children!" said Yoshi.

"Only Junior is his son by blood, while the others are adopted," Peach corrected him.

The turtle with a green palm tree-like hair turned to the aforementioned Smashers first, and then the rest did so at the same time. "Aha! We finally meet again! Am I correct in saying that you made Lord Bowser's life a living hell while he was with you people?" asked that turtle, Iggy.

"We will avenge him if you laid a hand on him!" said the one with a light blue Mohawk, Larry.

"Anyone who hurts Lord Bowser shall face my wrath!" said the one with pink sunglasses while punching his palm, Roy.

"You won't get away with hurting my daddy!" said the one with a bib, Bowser Jr.

"Calm down, everyone," Bowser told them. "Nothing bad happened between us while we were together. Those are all of the past. Anything bad they did to us is all forgiven now. They are no longer our enemies."

"If Lord Bowser says so, I will honor his decision," said the one with a large amount of dark blue hair, Ludwig. "But know that this does not necessarily put us on friendly terms!"

While Bowser chatted with his children, Fox said to Mario, "So these are the children of Bowser I heard about?"

"Yez," said Mario. "Back when we were living in da Mushroom Kingdom and on bad-a terms with Bowza, he usually sent them to mess with uz."

"Looks like they haven't really forgiven you people yet," said Fox.

"I can see that-a," said Mario. "I'm sure they'll eventually let-a go of da past like their fatha."

While walking through the lobby, Luigi looked at the newspapers on a newspaper rack and noticed a particular headline. Taking that particular newspaper off the rack, he read through the headline, and then Donkey and Diddy went up to him in curiosity. "What are you reading?" asked the former.

"There's going to be an exhibition about some kind of suit created by an inventor named Atrocitin Evilene Nefariton," replied the plumber. "Some kind of suit that allows you to fly and do superhuman things, it seems…"

"Sounds cool!" said Diddy. "Are they going to sell this to the public?"

"Says nothing about that here," replied Luigi. "Why don't we go and see this exhibition tomorrow?"

"I'm in!" said the spider monkey.

"I'm in too! This soup must be so delicious that it made the headlines!" said Donkey while licking his lips, obviously mishearing what Luigi said. "Can't wait to try it out myself!"


There you have it, the first chapter of my new story! This chapter could be longer, but I want to save some things for the next chapter so that I will have things to put in it. I still hope you like what you read here.

Please note that series portrayals are changed in my Super Smash Bros. series in order to make them fit into this universe I created and also to make up for my lack of knowledge on certain things. Even though I did research on Xenoblade, I do not consider myself to be well acquainted with it yet, so please keep in mind what I said previously if you encounter stuff about the series portrayed incorrectly.

You are free to provide me with information on that game if you want to too!

In case some people don't remember, Toor Gyde is my OC who first appeared in my Negima/Smash Bros. crossover Magister Saga. He's actually based off a character in Crayon Shin-chan. That character is a tour guide for Shin's family when they went on a trip to a country I forgot, and Gyde getting ignored by the Smashers, if I remember correctly, is a trait originally found in that character.

I own Parry, Blackshell, Toor Gyde, and Atrocitin Evilene Nefariton.