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You may have wondered what it would be like to be inside a game. To be able to do all those special moves that main characters tend to do. Or to save the world from some sort of impending doom. I know I have. But in the end, that is just some wishful thinking. There is no way than we can get inside a game; it is just not possible.

So when I saw a health and mana bar hovering over my head in my reflection, I only had one response.

"What the hell!?"

Hyoudou Issei – Level 1

The Gamer

I raise my hand over the top of my head and to my surprise my hand passed right through the bars and the text. What the hell is this supposed to be? Don't tell me that my life really got turned into a game!

"That can't be right. Maybe I'm just hallucinating from having spent the entire night playing eroges."

Having finished my morning rituals, I walked out of the bathroom. I walked down the stairs to the ground floor, only to be frozen at the entrance to the dining room.

Misa Hyoudou – Level 8


Ichiro Hyoudou – Level 7

Salary man

Hanging above the heads of my parents were their names, along with their levels.

"Ah, Issei. You are awake." Mome said once she noticed me, bringing me out of my stupor. "Come on. Sit down and have your breakfast."

I autopiloted through the majority of breakfast, trying to understand what was going on. Did I play so many games that my mind finally snapped? They always did say that playing too many games was bad for health. I was so occupied with this that I didn't realize I was running late for school.

"Oh shit!" I quickly put on my uniform before grabbing my bag and running out. I was already pretty late for school, and if I didn't make it in time, I would surely be chewed out by Souna Kaichou. I still don't understand why the student council president has to check up on late comers personally anyway.

I was brought out of my musings when a blue window appeared out of nowhere in front of me, making me jump backwards.

Quest Alert

Don't be late: Get to Kuoh Gakuen on time

Make sure that you get to school in time, or suffer the wrath of the student council president. You have twenty minutes to get there.

Completion Award: 500 Exp

Increase reputation with Souna Shitori

Completion Failure: Decrease Reputation with Souna Shitori

Punishment – Stand outside the classroom while holding buckets of water

Yes – No

Realizing that even if I pressed 'No' on the screen, I would still probably get the punishment if I'm late. So I accepted the 'Quest', as it were, before breaking into a sprint. I managed to make it just in time too. A timer had started the moment I accepted the quest, and by the time I had burst through the gates, there was only thirty seconds left on it. I was already out of breath, and was panting harder than a dog.

"Ah, Hyoudou-kun." I turned around to see Souna Kaichou standing by the gate. "It seems that you made it just in time. Now I won't get to punish you with the new rules that came into effect recently.

A shiver ran up my spine at the nonchalant way in which she talked about punishing me. Her black hair and spectacles, along with the cold look on her face made for a strict image; an image she had no trouble living up to.

I got to the classroom moments before homeroom started, with the teacher right behind me. Once the class began, I was unable to keep my mind on the lecture, so I began thinking about what had happened after I reached school. Once I had arrived just in time, a quest completion message was displayed, letting me know that I had succeeded. There was also another message, something which interested me greatly.

Your VIT has increased by 1.

Did that mean that not just health or levels, I also had stats? How am I supposed to check them? In a game, there would be a menu, or a button, on the Heads Up Display. From the looks of it, the only thing that showed up was people's names and levels. The only health bar I could see was mine. But if this really is similar to a game, there must be some way to check the stats. Since there is no graphical interface, it must be gesture or voice activated. And since it would be retarded to go around swinging one's hands to open menus, it must be voice activated.

At this point, there was a ping, a sound used regularly in games as an alert, and a new window appeared.

You have created a special skill by a special act.

By carefully shifting through the data at hand to find proper information, you have created the skill [Observe].

Observe – Level 1 – Exp 0.0%

Information is power. With the right information, you can turn any adverse situation in your favor. Without it, you may flounder like a fish without water. Observe your surroundings carefully to find important information. The higher the level, the better information you will get.

Passively Increase INT by 10%

Passively Increase WIS by 10%

MP cost – 5

Okay… So by figuring out that the commands are voice activated I created a skill? Sweet! Let's see how it works. Let's try it on the book. "[Observe]" I whisper the command, and to my delight a window pops up.

English for High School

A regular textbook used to teach English to High School students.

That was… underwhelming. Maybe I should have tried it with something more interesting? I know! I'll try it on the teacher. "[Observe]"

Tsubasa Kondo – Level 7

English Teacher

Tsubasa Kondo is an English Teacher at Kuoh Gakuen. He is 35 years old and is happily married.

Well, I suppose that's as far as I can get with just a Level 1 skill. Now, before anything else can sidetrack me, let's check out the stats like I originally wanted. Stats are usually found in the status screen, so here goes nothing. "[Status]" To my delight, a window opened immediately, displaying my stats.

Hyoudou Issei – Level 1

The Gamer

Hyoudou Issei is a sophomore at Kuoh Gakuen. He is famous for his unbridled lust for the female body, and his unyielding love for breasts. He is known as the Oppai Baka amongst the student body, and is hated by the general female populace.

Hey now! That's a little uncalled for! No matter how much truth it has, the description shouldn't be so rude.

HP 200/200

MP 40/50







Points 0

Money 500

From the looks of it, I spent some MP while using the Observe skill. Other than that the stats seem to be quite evenly distributed, although from the looks of it, my mental stats are lower than my physical stats. Does that mean that even this, this ability of mine is telling me that I'm stupid?

In any case, my life is not going to be the same again, for better or for worse.

Author's Note

What is this? Am I working on a new story? Yes I am. I recently got around to reading "The Gamer" Manhwa, and I really, really liked it. I actually read some fanfiction crossing over Naruto with The Gamer before reading the actual manhwa, but that's just details. So, I thought 'You know what. Why not cross over High School DxD with The Gamer?' And the result is this chapter. Obviously this is going to get really close to OOC territory as The Gamer ability means that Issei will behave somewhat differently than in cannon, but that's the beauty of fanfiction. I don't have to adhere to the cannon too much in the first place.

If you want to try out the stories which inspired me, here they are:

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